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Southern Lord

4/2/2022 Sunn O)))'s Greg Anderson to release debut album as 'The Lord'
2/27/2021 BIG|BRAVE announce new album, debut lead single
11/6/2020 Nails debut previously unreleased track 'Enemy'
10/4/2020 Dead End America (Eyehategod, ex-QOTSA) to release debut EP
3/18/2020 Xibalba to release new album in May
12/28/2019 Power Trip and Southern Lord at odds over record deal
9/20/2019 Southern Lord reissues first two From Ashes Rise albums
9/4/2019 Sunn O))) to release new album 'Pyroclasts' in October
8/30/2019 Sect (Cursed, Undying) surprise release new LP, share video
4/11/2019 Pelican announce new album, premiere lead single
2/27/2019 Pelican set to release first new music in six years
9/13/2018 The Power Of The Riff to return in November
7/30/2018 The Primals set to release debut album
6/14/2018 Southern Lord signs High Command
6/12/2018 The Secret announces new EP
3/22/2018 Baptists announce new album, premiere song
3/16/2018 Southern Lord to release new Vitamin X album
11/1/2017 Centuries announce new album, premiere song
10/11/2017 SECT (Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy, etc.) announces new album
8/25/2017 All Pigs Must Die announce new album, share teaser
7/13/2017 BIG|BRAVE announces new album
7/12/2017 Jesus Piece signs with Southern Lord
6/8/2017 Unsane announces new album, summer tour
5/12/2017 Southern Lord set to release new Circle album
4/20/2017 Southern Lord to release limited Zakk Sabbath live LP
3/28/2017 Darkest Hour to release limited EP for Record Store Day
3/7/2017 Crypt Rot album set for release
3/1/2017 Wolfbrigade to release new album in April
2/15/2017 SECT (Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy, Cursed) set to record new LP
12/13/2016 Darkest Hour announces new album
11/14/2016 Power Trip debut new song, reveal album release date
10/13/2016 Martydod to release new album in November
8/28/2016 Southern Lord signs Lifesick
6/13/2016 Southern Lord to release debut album from Kohti Tuhoa
4/26/2016 Southern Lord to issue Asschapel discography
4/15/2016 Sarabante to release new album in June
4/13/2016 Southern Lord to release new Hissing EP
1/29/2016 Southern Lord to release Like Rats album
9/30/2015 Sunn O))) to release new studio album
9/12/2015 Southern Lord to release new Battalion Of Saints EP
3/6/2015 Goatsnake to release new album in June
2/4/2015 Poison Idea to release new album in April
1/17/2015 Southern Lord to reissue Warhorse debut, final EP
12/4/2014 Poison Idea completes new album
12/3/2014 Pelican announce new EP, debut track with vocals
11/20/2014 Xibalba announces new album
8/20/2014 Today Is The Day reveal LP release date, trailer
6/5/2014 Today Is The Day signs with Southern Lord
4/26/2014 Southern Lord set to reissue Excel debut
4/16/2014 Southern Lord to release new Halshug album
2/21/2014 Southern Lord to reissue Offenders 2xLP
2/5/2014 Southern Lord signs Torch Runner
1/16/2014 Southern Lord signs Obliterations
11/18/2013 Sunn O))), Ulver announce collaborative release
10/6/2013 Coffins, Noothgrush split LP set for release
7/14/2013 A Storm Of Light album set for release
7/10/2013 Pelican announce new album, tour dates; debut song
6/7/2013 Dead In The Dirt set to release debut full-length
5/28/2013 All Pigs Must Die album due out this summer
3/21/2013 Agrimonia set to release Southern Lord debut
3/20/2013 Lair of the Minotaur announces new EP
3/19/2013 A Storm Of Light announces new album
3/6/2013 Southern Lord signs Centuries
12/17/2012 Southern Lord to release new Wartorn album
12/6/2012 Southern Lord to release new Kromosom album
7/19/2012 Southern Lord announces new Poison Idea reissue
6/22/2012 From Ashes Rise to release new EP in July
6/13/2012 Xibalba to release new album in August
6/8/2012 Power of the Riff Festival 2012 announced
6/4/2012 High On Fire to reissue debut
5/31/2012 Southern Lord signs Power Trip
4/16/2012 Southern Lord summer package tour dates announced
4/3/2012 Southern Lord announces summer package tour
2/6/2012 Southern Lord signs Harley Flanagan
1/31/2012 From Ashes Rise records new EP
1/28/2012 Southern Lord signs Martyrdod
1/23/2012 Southern Lord to release new Enabler album
1/10/2012 Pelican to release new EP
12/14/2011 Southern Lord announces Poison Idea re-issues
12/12/2011 Southern Lord signs Wolfbrigade
12/6/2011 Earth announces new album details
11/29/2011 Southern Lord Recs signs Burning Love
11/2/2011 Southern Lord Records signs Loincloth
10/31/2011 Xibalba signs with Southern Lord
8/31/2011 Southern Lord to release Dead In The Dirt EP
7/11/2011 Southern Lord announces limited Sarabante CD
6/7/2011 Xibalba joins Southern Lord Recs roster
6/2/2011 Power Of The Riff Festival takes shape
3/3/2011 All Pigs Must Die sign w/ Southern Lord Recs
7/20/2010 Southern Lord Records signs Nails
5/11/2010 Southern Lord to release Masakari debut
5/3/2010 Southern Lord reissues Goatsnake album
2/28/2010 The Secret signs with Southern Lord
10/16/2009 Southern Lord Recs signs Black Breath
9/12/2009 Boris 7" series announced
4/15/2009 Southern Lord Records signs The Accused
2/6/2009 Pelican signs with Southern Lord Recs
1/12/2009 Wolves In The Throne Room announces new EP
11/30/2008 Southern Lord Records signs Black Cobra
8/8/2007 Southern Lord prepares Om release
4/18/2007 Southern Lord Records signs Weedeater
1/24/2007 Southern Lord Records signs OM
10/12/2004 Earth signs w/ Southern Lord Records
7/12/2004 Goatsnake set to release EP
6/22/2004 Southern Lord Records inks Lair Of The Minotaur

News Tidbits
6/20/2018 Axis of Despair has premiered two new songs from their debut full-length.

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