Slipknot news


1/14/2020Slipknot share new short film
12/16/2019Slipknot premiere 'Nero Forte' video
8/28/201918 years ago today one of the biggest metal bands in the world released their heaviest album
8/9/2019the new Slipknot album is out and available for streaming
5/18/2019Video: Slipknot perform on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
4/8/2019Falling In Reverse premiere new song and video featuring Corey Taylor (Slipknot)
3/27/2019Slipknot upload vocal teaser for upcoming album
1/25/2019video: Pantera 'Walk' performed by Dave Grohl, Corey Taylor, Rex Brown, Scott Ian, more
9/6/2017A new live clip from Slipknot's 'Day Of The Gusano' is available online.
5/5/2017Slipknot celebrates 1 billion YouTube views with new 360-degree live video.
10/5/2016Korn has shared a music video for "A Different World" featuring Corey Taylor.
9/29/2016Korn has premiered a new song featuring Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor.
9/15/2016Asking Alexandria has debuted their cover of the Slipknot song "Duality."
7/11/2016Video: Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor smacks phone out of fan's hands for texting during show.
6/22/2016Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor has been ordered by his doctor not to headbang or jump during the band's forthcoming tour.
5/16/2016VIMIC, featuring ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, has premiered a new song and video.
3/26/2016Hesitation Wounds (Touche Amore, The Hope Conspiracy, Slipknot) have unveiled a new song.
2/1/2016Kids cover Slipknot and appear in raucous new video reinterpretation for the song "Duality."
10/25/2015Watch Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor slap a WWE wrestler in the face.
10/12/2015Watch Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor lend his scream to a new 'Doctor Who' episode.
10/7/2015Yes, you can now buy Slipknot Halloween masks.
10/5/2015Slipknot's new video for "XIX" has made its online debut.
6/13/2015Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is not yet self-aware.
6/8/2015Slipknot has released their new "Killpop" music video.
6/7/2015Watch elderly people react to Slipknot.
3/5/2015Slipknot: Sock Puppet Parody of "Wait And Bleed."
2/6/2015Korn has now released an official video for their "Sabotage" cover with Slipknot.
1/30/2015Slipknot has debuted a live video for their song "Custer."
1/24/2015Watch members of Slipknot and Korn cover the Beastie Boys song "Sabotage."
12/22/2014An official live video for Slipknot's "The Devil In I" is available online.
12/10/2014Slipknot's percussionist says that moshing has turned into a form of bullying.
12/6/2014Slipknot guitarist Jim Root says the band has never made "a penny" from record sales.
12/3/2014New earnings and attendance data for Slipknot, Slayer, Mastodon, Clutch, more.
10/29/2014The new Slipknot album has topped the U.S. album charts.
10/26/2014Video footage of Slipknot's entire Knotfest performance is available online.
10/18/2014Slipknot is finally streaming their new album in its entirety.
10/17/2014Slipknot has premiered a new track called "Skeptic."
10/16/2014Yet another new Slipknot song has made its online debut.
10/15/2014Slipknot has premiered a new song titled "AOV."
10/14/2014Slipknot has unveiled "Sarcastrophe," yet another new song from their impending LP.
10/13/2014A new Slipknot track titled "XIX" has made its online debut.
10/10/2014A new Slipknot track called "Custer" is now online.
10/7/2014Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor on leak of new bassist's identity: "I was so upset."
9/18/2014Against Me! singer calls rumored new Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg a "shitbag."
9/18/2014Video: Dave Grohl pays tribute to departed Gwar frontman Dave Brockie during Foo Fighters show.
9/17/2014Slipknot singer Corey Taylor's new comments on the firing of Joey Jordison suggest that drugs were to blame.
9/12/2014The new bassist of Slipknot is...
9/12/2014Slipknot has premiered their new music video for "The Devil In I," complete with their new masks.
8/24/2014Slipknot has debuted a new song titled "The Devil In I."
8/5/2014Slipknot's music video for "The Negative One" has made its online debut.
8/1/2014A new Slipknot song titled "The Negative One" has made its online debut.
5/22/2014Here is a video teaser for the Roast On The Range With Corey Taylor.
4/12/2014Strange rumor of the day: Jay Weinberg is the new Slipknot drummer.
3/26/2014The Corey Taylor-led Ronnie James Dio tribute track "Rainbow In The Dark" is now online.
12/31/2013Ex-Decapitated drummer Krimh has posted two audition videos for Slipknot.
8/7/2005Slipknot, As I Lay Dying, and Unearth will be touring together this fall for several weeks.


4/20/2021Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival 2021 announced
12/7/2020Slipknot announce summer 2021 European tour
11/25/2020Slipknot announce first-ever Knotfest Brazil
11/7/2020Slipknot working on new music
5/13/2020Slipknot cancel all 2020 tour dates and events
4/11/2020Slipknot upload entire Download Festival performance
3/5/2020Slipknot cancel Asian tour over coronavirus concerns
2/20/2020Slipknot announce 'Knotfest At Sea' lineup
2/4/2020Slipknot, A Day To Remember, Underoath, Code Orange tour
1/24/20202020 Rock USA festival lineup announced
1/22/2020Rocklahoma 2020 lineup announced
1/20/2020Rock Fest 2020 lineup announced
12/11/2019Slipknot announce first-ever Knotfest UK
12/2/2019Sonic Temple Festival 2020 lineup announced
12/1/2019Knotfest Mexico canceled after fans rush stage
11/15/2019Slipknot announce Knotfest At Sea cruise
8/22/2019Slipknot, Behemoth announce tour of Europe, UK
8/21/2019Slipknot's newest member seemingly identified
8/18/2019Slipknot score No. 1 album in United States
8/5/2019Slipknot debut new track 'Birth of the Cruel'
7/31/2019'Knotfest Meets Forcefest' lineup announced
7/22/2019Slipknot release new song and music video
6/18/2019Slipknot announce 'No. 9 Iowa Whiskey'
5/19/2019Daughter of Slipknot percussionist Clown passes away
5/16/2019Slipknot announce new album, premiere lead single
5/6/2019Slipknot to perform on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' next week
4/23/2019Aftershock 2019 lineup announced
4/8/2019Louder Than Life 2019 announced
3/23/2019Slipknot's Chris Fehn still technically in band, wants to stay
3/18/2019Slipknot part ways with percussionist Chris Fehn
3/14/2019Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn suing bandmates
3/7/2019Metallica and Slipknot to tour Australia together
3/4/2019Slipknot announce 'Knotfest Roadshow' tour w/ Gojira, Behemoth
2/9/2019Slipknot, Behemoth, Gojira to tour together this summer
1/15/2019Slipknot enters studio for new album
11/7/2018Slipknot breaks personal YouTube record with new video
10/31/2018Slipknot releases new single
10/14/2018Slipknot plans summer release for new album
10/11/2018Slipknot drummer hosting charity show ft. Mastodon, etc. members
10/4/2018Slipknot, Hatebreed, Fall Out Boy members donate to Harms Way
9/26/2018Slipknot rumored to be working with Ross Robinson again
6/21/2018Slipknot to begin recording new album this winter
6/21/2018Code Orange releases new EP featuring Corey Taylor
2/15/2018Corey Taylor says new Slipknot album will arrive in 2019
2/12/2018Joey Jordison to drum for Ministry on North America tour
11/1/2017Slipknot has roughly eight new songs written
7/2/2017Slipknot will not perform at Knotfest 2017
6/12/2017Slipknot to release new documentary
3/9/2017Late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray's belongings set for auction
3/2/2017Slipknot writing music for a new record
2/8/2017Slipknot guitarist undergoes spinal surgery
11/22/2016Slipknot members set to begin work on new music
11/11/2016Joey Jordison assailed by ex-bandmate Kris Norris
11/3/2016Vimic (ex-Slipknot) prepares debut album
8/27/2016Slipknot to perform special 'Iowa' concert at Knotfest
8/9/2016Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor responds to Deicide vocalist
8/8/2016Deicide frontman slams Corey Taylor and Slipknot
8/2/2016Deafheaven opening act for several Slipknot shows
6/30/2016video: Slipknot singer falls during show, helped off stage
6/21/2016Joey Jordison says his dismissal from Slipknot was 'cowardly'
6/20/2016ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison open to reunion
6/13/2016Joey Jordison says disease stopped him from playing for Slipknot
6/8/2016Slipknot: rescheduled U.S. tour dates announced
6/3/2016Slipknot frontman undergoes surgery, tour dates postponed
6/1/2016Louder Than Life 2016 lineup announced
5/20/2016ex-Slipknot drummer launches new metal 'supergroup'
5/16/2016Slipknot, Deftones, more to play Knotfest Mexico
5/12/2016Ozzfest Meets Knotfest festival announced
5/5/2016ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison launches new band
3/14/2016Slipknot's 'Knotfest Japan' returns
3/10/2016Hardcore 'supergroup' Hesitation Wounds unveil new LP, song
2/29/2016Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Of Mice & Men dates announced
2/22/2016Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Of Mice & Men tour dates
2/16/2016Chicago Open Air to feature Slipknot, Korn, Meshuggah
2/16/2016Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Of Mice & Men tour
2/5/2016Rock Fest 2016 lineup announced
12/7/2015Slipknot, Lamb Of God, Ghost nominated for Grammy
10/7/2015Slipknot announces European tour
9/28/2015Slipknot frontman recruited for upcoming episode of 'Doctor Who'
9/28/2015Slipknot frontman featured in upcoming 'Doctor Who' episode
8/14/2015Slipknot hope to expand Knotfest in North America
8/3/2015Slipknot bassist released from hospital
8/3/2015Slipknot bassist rushed to hospital mid-show
7/27/2015Slipknot announces fall headline tour
6/28/2015Knotfest 2015 lineup announced
5/26/2015Monster Energy Aftershock Festival 2015 announced
5/26/2015Slipknot to hold Knotfest 2015 in October
5/14/2015Slipknot's Clown reveals new film first look
4/28/2015Slipknot singer Corey Taylor readies new book
3/20/2015Slipknot guitarist charged for knife fight
3/11/2015Slipknot guitarist reportedly stabbed in head
3/9/2015Heavy Montreal 2015 lineup announced
2/8/2015Tenacious D defeats Slipknot, Mastodon at Grammys
1/26/2015Slipknot, Lamb Of God, Motionless In White tour
1/20/2015Slipknot, Hatebreed tour dates
1/18/2015Slipknot, Hatebreed U.S. tour rumored
1/6/2015Carolina Rebellion 2015 lineup announced
12/17/2014Rise Records inks 'supergroup' Teenage Time Killer
12/8/2014Welcome To Rockville Festival 2015 lineup
12/5/2014Mastodon, Slipknot, more nominated for Grammy
12/3/2014Confirmed: Jay Weinberg is Slipknot's drummer
12/1/2014Rock On The Range 2015 lineup announced
10/15/2014Slipknot "camel dung" plans for Knotfest shot down
10/13/2014Slipknot announces European tour
8/25/2014Slipknot, Korn, King 810 announce fall tour
8/25/2014Slipknot album cover, title, release date revealed
8/19/2014Soundwave Festival 2015 lineup announced
8/14/2014Lamb Of God drummer shuts down Slipknot rumors
8/13/2014Lamb of God drummer addresses Slipknot rumors
8/11/2014Knotfest adds bands (Napalm Death, Satyricon, etc)
8/1/2014Slipknot widow's lawsuit against doctor dismissed
7/5/2014Knotfest 2014 lineup revealed
7/3/2014Slipknot finishes recording new album
5/19/2014Dirt Fest 2014 lineup announced
3/21/2014Record Store Day 2014 official release list
3/20/2014Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) to be roasted
1/2/2014Joey Jordison: I was kicked out of Slipknot
12/12/2013Slipknot and drummer Joey Jordison part ways
9/5/2013Scar The Martyr tour dates
7/24/2013Scar The Martyr (Slipknot) reveals full lineup
7/9/2013Slipknot singer robbed of $36K in musical gear
7/3/2013Danzig, Scar The Martyr, Huntress tour dates
6/21/2013Slipknot drummer launches new band Scar The Martyr
7/1/2012Slipknot: health issue keeps guitarist from tour
6/11/2012Slipknot announces 'Antennas To Hell'
6/2/2012Slipknot to headline Knotfest in August
1/25/2012Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2012 line-up
5/24/2010Slipknot bassist found dead
4/2/2010Will Haven recruits Slipknot member
6/22/2009Slipknot, Anthrax, Black Dahlia Murder dates
12/4/2008Dragonforce, Slipknot among Grammy nominees
11/25/2008Slipknot, Coheed and Cambria, Trivium tour
6/6/2008Slipknot, Machine Head, Children of Bodom (Europe)
2/19/2008Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival dates
10/18/2007KOCH Records signs Dirtfedd
10/17/2007Walls Of Jericho recording EP w/ Corey Taylor
4/20/20063 Inches Of Blood demos songs w/ Slipknot drummer
8/26/2005Slipknot, As I Lay Dying, Unearth tour
12/8/2004Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall, Slipknot tour
1/24/2001Slipknot begin recording album
12/19/2000Slipknot to enter studio in January
11/29/2000Slipknot album & side projects
11/9/2000Slipknot pulls video off MTV
10/20/2000Slipknot video premier on MTV
9/16/2000Slipknot cancels shows
8/31/2000Upcoming Slipknot tour dates
8/30/2000Slipknot conquers Kerrang! Awards
8/26/2000Pantera and Slipknot in Mexico
8/22/2000Slipknot Digipak info
8/8/2000Slipknot digipak