Scars Of Tomorrow news


3/27/2010Scars Of Tomorrow will reunite for a Southern California show on June 5th.
9/17/2006Scars Of Tomorrow has posted two songs from their upcoming album.
9/1/2006Scars Of Tomorrow and Calico System will tour Europe together in January 2007.
6/11/2006Scars Of Tomorrow have posted a new demo track.
12/24/2005Scars Of Tomorrow have posted a new demo track.
7/29/2005Scars Of Tomorrow and Hand To Hand will be touring Europe in February and March 2006.


4/2/2018Letlive frontman Jason Butler launches new hardcore band
3/23/2018Scars Of Tomorrow premiere new song
5/9/2014Bleeding Through, Winds of Plague, Lionheart tour
4/14/2014Scars of Tomorrow reform, sign with Artery Recs
12/17/2013New England Metal & Hardcore Fest expands lineup
12/4/2009Scars Of Tomorrow EP set for release
3/15/2007Scars Of Tomorrow breaking up
1/18/2007Scars Of Tomorrow, xDeathstarx, etc. tour
10/30/2006Scars of Tomorrow, On The Last Day tour (Europe)
10/19/2006Scars Of Tomorrow, Clifton, etc. tour
10/7/2006SS Nova (ex-Scars of Tomorrow) enters studio
9/8/2006Scars Of Tomorrow replaces drummer
8/2/2006Full Blown Chaos and Scars Of Tomorrow tour
4/10/2006Scars Of Tomorrow, Calico System, etc. tour
2/17/2006ex-Scars Of Tomorrow members form The Alchemist
1/15/2006Scars Of Tomorrow to release out-of-print tracks
11/29/2005Scars Of Tomorrow, The Final Burden tour
10/5/2005Scars Of Tomorrow address rumors
9/16/2005Scars Of Tomorrow, Hand To Hand tour (Europe)
6/18/2005Sworn Enemy, Winter Solstice, etc. tour
2/3/2005Scars Of Tomorrow set recording plans
10/2/2004Bury Your Dead, SOT, A Perfect Murder tour
6/10/2004Caliban, Scars Of Tomorrow, etc. tour
5/15/2004Figure Four, Scars Of Tomorrow, etc. tour
4/16/2004Remembering Never and Scars Of Tomorrow tour
3/19/2004God Forbid, Scars Of Tomorrow, etc. tour
1/31/2004Scars Of Tomorrow, Cannae, and BYD tour
12/27/2003Scars Of Tomorrow completes new album
11/11/2003Scars Of Tomorrow and Fate Thirteen mini-tour
10/22/2003Ex-As Hope Dies and Scars Of Tomorrow project
7/15/2003Cannae set for US tour
5/20/2003Scars Of Tomorrow signs with Victory
5/8/2003Scars Of Tomorrow tour schedule
12/26/2002Scars Of Tomorrow finishing up new album
8/17/2002Scars Of Tomorrow news and notes
6/2/2002Scars Of Tomorrow mapping out tour
5/6/2002Scars Of Tomorrow ousts guitarist