Saviours news


10/10/2015Saviours has premiered another new song.
8/8/2009Saviours has replaced Doomriders on Kylesa's upcoming tour.
9/22/2005Tracks from the new Saviours 12" have been posted online.


2/23/2016Stumpfest 2016 lineup announced
1/6/2016Saviours tour (Europe)
9/15/2015Corrosion Of Conformity, Saviours, Mothership tour
9/1/2015Saviours announce new album, premiere song
7/24/2015Day Of The Shred Festival 2015 announced
2/13/2015High On Fire, Saviours mini-tour
2/4/2015Saviours sign with Listenable Records
1/16/2014Southern Lord signs Obliterations
9/10/2013Church of Misery announces North American tour
11/20/2012Mondo Generator, Saviours, Wino tour dates
9/22/2012Corrosion of Conformity, ASG, Saviours tour dates
9/18/2012Clutch announces holiday mini-tour
2/5/2012Saviours tour dates
10/19/2011Saviours, Ramming Speed tour dates
7/18/2011Weedeater, Saviours, Bison BC, Fight Amp tour
8/15/2010Municipal Waste, Saviours tour (Europe)
7/16/2010Saviours records material for new EP
5/1/2010Ozzfest 2010 announced
10/6/20093 Inches Of Blood, Saviours, Holy Grail tour
6/17/2009Saviours recording new album
6/4/2009Trap Them, Skeletonwitch, Saviours tour
5/17/2009Saviours set to record new album
3/8/2009Saviours recording new material
8/29/2008Saviours adds new guitarist
6/12/2008Iced Earth, Into Eternity, Saviours tour
1/18/2008The Sword, Saviours, Black Cobra tour (UK)
10/18/2007High On Fire, A Life Once Lost, Saviours tour
10/5/2007Saviours set to release EP
10/2/2007Witchcraft, Saviours tour
8/8/2007Saviours signs w/ Kemado Records
7/27/2007Black Cobra tour dates
7/26/2007Saviours tour dates
2/9/2007Saviours tour schedule
6/9/2006The Sword tour schedule
6/2/2006Doomriders, Coliseum, Saviours, etc. dates
3/9/2006Saviours set to tour, release new album
2/16/2006Saviours and Kalas dates
11/18/2005Saviours finish album, set to tour