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News Tidbits
3/31/2016 Mirrors For Psychic Warfare (Neurosis, Buried At Sea) have premiered the first new song from their debut EP.

12/4/2020 Eyehategod premiere first new track in 7 years
10/4/2020 Dead End America (Eyehategod, ex-QOTSA) to release debut EP
11/21/2019 Bloodlet debut new song, to release EP in December
9/19/2019 Lord Mantis set to release first new LP in 5 years
4/19/2019 Harms Way release new remix EP
3/21/2019 Darkthrone to release new album in May
3/9/2019 Spirit Adrift announce new album, premiere song and video
4/25/2018 The Lion's Daughter announce new album, debut song
4/16/2018 Translation Loss Records to release debut Amarok album
4/10/2018 Black metal 'supergroup' Twilight set to release final EP
6/7/2017 The Atlas Moth recording new album, sign with Prosthetic
3/18/2017 Gigan set to record new album
1/28/2017 Without Waves album set for release, new song online
8/25/2016 Planes Mistaken For Stars announce new album 'Prey'
2/3/2016 Tombs announce new EP, premiere song
11/12/2015 Bloodiest announce new album, premiere song
8/29/2015 Corrections House announces new album
8/11/2015 Relapse Records signs Brain Tentacles
3/25/2015 The Lion's Daughter recording new album
3/10/2015 ex-Lord Mantis, Abigail Williams members form band
12/14/2014 Vattnet Viskar set to record new album
7/31/2014 Valkyrie (Baroness) signs with Relapse Records
7/29/2014 Minsk begins recording new album
6/24/2014 Black Tusk announces new 7"
6/12/2014 Relapse Records signs Anatomy Of Habit
3/11/2014 Eyehategod album set for release; new song online
11/12/2013 Coffinworm finishes recording new album
11/11/2013 Lord Mantis recording Profound Lore Records debut
4/29/2013 Gigan set to record new album
4/15/2013 Nachtmystium goes on hiatus
3/28/2013 Indian completes new album
2/3/2013 Batillus album set for release
1/16/2013 Relapse Records signs Lord Dying
1/3/2013 Corrections House (Eyehategod, Neurosis) launched
9/26/2012 Doomsday completes debut album
9/10/2012 Bison B.C. completes new album
9/4/2012 The Swan King set to record album, announces EP
7/31/2012 Twilight adds Thurston Moore, joins Century Media
6/12/2012 Bison B.C. recording new album
5/9/2012 Yakuza recording new album
4/6/2012 Nachtmystium to release limited edition 7"
1/18/2012 Sonic Unyon Metal signs Mares of Thrace
1/10/2012 Pelican to release new EP
7/16/2011 Relapse to release Chris Connelly solo album
6/9/2011 Brutal Panda Recs to release Dark Castle LP
2/1/2011 Batillus' debut full-length set for release
12/21/2010 American Heritage album set for release
12/15/2010 Indian album set for release
11/13/2010 Bruce Lamont solo album set for release
11/10/2010 Seventh Rule Recordings signs Batillus
10/18/2010 Dark Castle: two vinyl releases confirmed
10/18/2010 Seventh Rule Recs signs The Swan King
10/5/2010 Indian recording Relapse debut
9/1/2010 Willowtip Records signs GIGAN
8/2/2010 Krieg album set for release
6/20/2010 Unearthly Trance album set for release
6/17/2010 Relapse Records signs Circle of Animals
6/4/2010 Relapse Records signs Cough
5/4/2010 Zoroaster completes new album
4/7/2010 Nachtmystium album set for release
3/10/2010 Zoroaster recording new album
2/26/2010 Unearthly Trance set to record new album
2/23/2010 Relapse Records signs The High Confessions
2/8/2010 Lair Of The Minotaur announces label, new album
1/11/2010 Nachtmystium enters studio
11/19/2009 Init Records signs Wolvhammer
10/13/2009 Sweet Cobra completes new album
10/2/2009 Zoroaster signs with E1 Music
9/12/2009 Raise The Red Lantern album set for release
8/30/2009 Yakuza set to record new album
7/23/2009 The Gates Of Slumber completes new album
5/14/2009 YOB completes new album
4/14/2009 Nachtmystium set to release new EP
2/20/2009 Yakuza prepares new album
2/13/2009 Seventh Rule Recs signs Lord Mantis
2/2/2009 Javelina set to enter studio
1/29/2009 Minsk recording new album
1/19/2009 Stinking Lizaveta set to release new album
6/2/2008 Black Market Activities signs Sweet Cobra
4/8/2008 The Gates Of Slumber completes new album
10/25/2007 Unearthly Trance completes new album
9/14/2007 GIGAN signs w/ Index Entertainment
9/12/2007 Yakuza records track for Syd Barrett tribute
6/20/2007 Across Tundras news and notes
3/28/2007 Yakuza completes new album
2/28/2007 Indian prepares new releases
2/19/2007 Sweet Cobra news and notes
2/14/2007 Yakuza set to record new album
9/21/2006 Rwake set to record new album

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