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Rise And Fall

8/16/2015 White Jazz, Lies announce split EP
6/9/2015 White Jazz (Rise and Fall) set to release debut EP
10/9/2014 Rise and Fall drop plans to record new album
5/9/2014 Rise and Fall back in action, writing new music
11/1/2012 Rise and Fall going on hiatus?
2/14/2012 Rise and Fall, Oathbreaker, Secret tour (Europe)
2/15/2011 Rise And Fall prepares new album
2/9/2011 Rise and Fall, Masakari tour dates
8/10/2010 Rise And Fall, Nails, Harm's Way tour (Europe)
9/14/2009 Rise and Fall tour (Australia)
8/27/2009 Rise And Fall, Iron Age tour (Europe)
8/27/2009 Rise And Fall tour
6/22/2009 Rise And Fall replaces drummer
1/23/2009 Converge tour dates
10/1/2008 Rise And Fall prepares new album
7/10/2008 Rise And Fall tour dates
3/23/2007 Rise And Fall preps split 7" with Justice
2/7/2007 Rise And Fall and Iron Age tour
1/24/2007 Converge, Rise And Fall, Animosity tour (Europe)
8/22/2006 Blacklisted and Rise And Fall dates (Europe)
3/18/2006 Blacklisted, Rise And Fall, Guns Up! dates
12/9/2005 Rise And Fall join Deathwish roster
12/4/2005 Doomriders, Rise And Fall, etc. dates (Europe)
8/5/2005 Reflections Records signs Rise And Fall

News Tidbits
5/31/2012 Deathwish Inc. has issued a free Summer 2012 digital sampler featuring Narrows, Victims, and Rise and Fall, among many others.
2/24/2012 Rise and Fall has uploaded their new video for "Hidden Hands."
2/17/2012 Deathwish Inc. has uploaded a track from Rise and Fall's upcoming album.

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