Razor & Tie news


4/10/2014The new Chiodos album has debuted at #12 on the Billboard 200 chart.


9/26/2018All That Remains to release new album in November
5/15/2018Razor & Tie acquired, now an imprint of Fearless Records
1/26/2018The Sword announce new album, premiere song
4/7/2017The Sword set to release their first live album
10/6/2016Protest The Hero set to release 'Pacific Myth'
8/11/2016The Sword to release acoustic version of latest album
9/15/2015Norma Jean signs with Solid State Records
7/13/2015Crossfaith announce new album, premiere song
6/2/2015The Sword announces new album
5/5/2015Wilson to release Razor & Tie debut in June
4/14/2015While She Sleeps signs with Razor & Tie
2/27/2015Razor & Tie signs Wilson
2/18/2015Sworn In announces new album
12/17/2014Razor & Tie signs Crossfaith
11/20/2014All That Remains reveal album title, release date
9/23/2014Such Gold unveil album release date, new song
9/18/2014Razor & Tie signs Wounds
6/6/2014Razor & Tie promotes Mike Gitter
5/1/2014Razor & Tie signs Finch
1/30/2014Razor & Tie signs Sylar
1/29/2014Kyng album set for release; new song online
1/28/2014Chiodos announce new album 'Devil'; debut song
10/8/2013Lamb of God announces As The Palaces Burn reissue
8/20/2013Razor & Tie signs Kyng
7/24/2013Protest The Hero to release album w/ Razor & Tie
6/25/2013Sworn In set to release debut album
6/13/2013Norma Jean album set for release
5/20/2013Refused singer forms INVSN, signs w/ Razor & Tie
5/15/2013Chiodos signs with Razor & Tie
5/9/2013Razor & Tie signs Sworn In
4/30/2013Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie signs Incredible' Me
2/1/2013For Today's new EP/DVD set for release
11/5/2012Hatebreed album set for release
10/11/2012Hatebreed signs with Razor & Tie
9/6/2012Razor & Tie signs The Seeking
9/4/2012Mike Gitter joins Razor & Tie for A&R
8/30/2012The Sword album set for release
8/29/2012All That Remains' album release date, new song
8/15/2012Defiler album set for release
6/5/2012I Am War (Bleeding Through) debut set for release
5/24/2012Razor & Tie signs Defiler
3/26/2012The Sword signs with Razor & Tie
2/15/2012For Today album set for release
12/26/2011For The Fallen Dreams signs w/ Artery Recordings
12/5/2011I Am War (Atreyu, etc.) signs with Razor & Tie
10/11/2011Shadows Fall signs with Razor & Tie
10/4/2011Razor & Tie signs Such Gold
8/30/2011For Today signs with Razor & Tie
11/3/2009Norma Jean signs with Razor & Tie