Pelican news


5/21/2019Pelican premiere new song
2/7/2017The debut solo album from Pelican guitarist Trevor de Brauw can now be streamed in its entirety.
2/1/2017Pelican guitarist Trevor Shelley de Brauw has debuted another song from his new solo album.
1/18/2017Pelican guitarist Trevor Shelley de Brauw is streaming a new solo track.
10/11/2013The new Pelican album can be streamed in its entirety.
8/13/2013Pelican has premiered a new song.
4/10/2012The new Aeges album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
4/4/2012The new Pelican EP can currently be streamed in its entirety.
1/26/2012A track from Pelican's forthcoming EP is now online.
5/21/2010Pelican's song, "The Creeper," will appear in the season finale of CSI: Miami next Monday.
1/6/2010Pelican's video for "Final Breath" is now available online here.
10/20/2009Pelican's forthcoming Southern Lord release can now be streamed here.
8/24/2009Pelican has debuted a track from their upcoming full-length.
5/21/2009Pelican has posted a track from their upcoming EP.
11/13/2008Pelican's new video for "Lost In The Headlights" can be seen here.
4/29/2008Pelican has cancelled their May 1st (SC) and May 2nd (NC) shows due to a "family death and resulting funeral."
2/5/2008A full clip of Pelican performing the track "Sirius" live can be found he
1/3/2008A trailer for Pelican's new DVD can be seen here.
6/13/2007Pelican's new album, "City Of Echoes," sold roughly 3,000 copies in its first week.
5/18/2007Pelican's new album "City Of Echoes" can be streamed in its entirety.
2/17/2007A track from Pelican's upcoming album is now online.
10/28/2006Pelican's "GW" was used as the soundtrack to an interesting video created by Temmi Okkerse.
11/19/2005Cave In and Pelican will be touring Europe together from February 1st until March 8th. Dates will be forthcoming.
6/21/2005The upcoming Pelican album is now available online in streaming format.
4/14/2005Two members of Pelican have been playing in Chord, a band tagged as "A revolving line-up. One chord." Check out an MP3 Pelican will be touring Europe from July 30th until August 16th. Look for dates soon.


4/15/2020Pelican postpone tour dates, release new live album
9/19/2019Lord Mantis set to release first new LP in 5 years
4/11/2019Pelican announce new album, premiere lead single
3/2/2019Pelican, Cloakroom tour dates
2/27/2019Pelican set to release first new music in six years
10/4/2018Pelican begins recording new album
6/12/2018Isis to reunite for Caleb Scofield benefit
5/3/2018Migration Fest 2018 announced
4/5/2018Sunn O))), Pelican members launch band, stream demo
7/12/2017Pelican, Jaye Jayle tour dates
5/31/2017INTRCPTR (Pelican, 5ive) set to release debut
5/2/2017Pelican, Inter Arma tour dates
12/19/2016Psycho Las Vegas 2017 adds 36 bands
11/29/2016Pelican guitarist announces debut solo album
11/23/2016Pelican releases new live album
1/7/2016Pelican announces European tour dates
9/24/2015Goatsnake, Pelican mini-tour
12/3/2014Pelican announce new EP, debut track with vocals
8/22/2014Tusk vocalist passes away
5/12/2014Southwest Terror Fest 2014 lineup announced
4/8/2014Southern Darkness Festival lineup takes shape
3/26/2014Pelican, Tombs, Nothing tour dates
8/28/2013CMJ Music Marathon 2013 announces initial lineup
7/10/2013Pelican announce new album, tour dates; debut song
7/10/2013Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 lineup announced
5/31/2013Pelican to release new EP this summer
3/21/2013Pelican to enter studio in June
3/7/2013Pelican announces new guitarist
10/30/2012Pelican prepares new album
9/20/2012Maryland Deathfest 2013 lineup
9/2/2012Sunn O))) cancels Australia tour with Pelican
8/15/2012ÆGES announces new 7"
8/14/2012Sunn O))), Pelican tour (Australia)
7/19/2012Maryland Deathfest XI takes shape
6/26/2012Pelican loses founding member
2/9/2012ÆGES album set for release; new song debuted
1/10/2012Pelican to release new EP
12/9/2011Aeges (Pelican, etc.) signs with The Mylene Sheath
11/16/2011Pelican tour (UK)
9/6/2011Aeges (Pelican) debut set for release
6/14/2011Pelican tour dates
6/11/2011Power Of The Riff shows announced
3/23/2011Hawthorne Street Records signs ÆGES (Pelican)
8/12/2010Pelican anniversary box to surface in Oct.
9/3/2009Pelican, Black Cobra announce U.S. tour
8/4/2009Pelican finishing up new album
2/10/2009Pelican prepares new album
2/7/2009Pelican, Tombs tour dates
2/6/2009Pelican signs with Southern Lord Recs
10/5/2008Pelican robbed in Italy
9/4/2008Pelican, Kayo Dot, Steve Brodsky tour
8/22/2008Pelican news and notes
8/20/2008These Arms Are Snakes/Pelican split update
7/22/2008Pelican, Torche tour (Europe)
2/8/2008Thrice, Circa Survive, Pelican tour
12/27/2007Pelican, Unearthly Trance, Black Cobra tour
10/22/2007Pelican set to release DVD/CD
9/25/2007Pelican, High On Fire tour (UK)
9/18/2007These Arms Are Snakes, Pelican to release split
8/6/2007Pelican tour dates (Japan, Australia)
7/1/2007Pelican, Clouds tour dates
6/7/2007Pelican tour dates
2/21/2007Pelican news and notes
1/28/2007Pelican tour schedule
1/25/2007Hydra Head Records SXSW showcase
12/9/2006Pelican to enter studio next week
8/31/2006Pelican, Daughters, Ken Mode dates (Canada)
7/15/2006Pelican news and notes
4/22/2006Pelican news and notes
3/25/2006Pelican and Mono tour
12/30/2005Cave In and Pelican tour (Europe)
12/1/2005Taste Of Chaos Tour dates
11/6/2005Pelican tour schedule (UK)
9/9/2005Opeth tour schedule
6/15/2005Pelican, Big Business, etc. tour
6/5/2005Pelican and Big Business tour
5/11/2005Pelican and Mono mini-tour (Japan)
4/19/2005Pelican news and notes
3/18/2005Pelican line up dates
3/10/2005Pelican finish new album
1/14/2005Pelican news and notes
10/1/2004Pelican making progress on new album
6/22/2004Southern Lord Records inks Lair Of The Minotaur
6/22/2004Pelican set to tour Europe
2/28/2004Pelican spring tour dates
1/29/2004Pelican and Floor split
1/3/2004Tusk preparing new full-length
9/29/2003Pelican side-project records second album
8/26/2003Pelican records debut full-length
7/10/2003Hydra Head "Champions of Sound" tour