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3/28/2024 Oceano to headline Toledo Deathfest 2024, line up announced
3/25/2024 Oceano announce North American tour ft The Last Ten Seconds Of Life and A Wake In Providence
2/19/2024 Oceano announce 'Depths' 15th anniversary tour dates
2/15/2024 Oceano announce a trio of 15-years of 'Depths' Midwest shows
1/31/2024 Oceano reveal two headline dates in Indiana and Wisconsin
12/19/2023 Issues to be joined by Volumes, Oceano, & more on final shows
12/7/2023 Oceano confirm new album, merch, and shows coming in 2024
8/29/2023 Oceano vocalist Adam Warren "taking the reigns of Oceano", new music could be band's "Magnum Opus"
5/19/2023 Oceano drop from Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Warforged, and Tracheotomy tour
5/12/2023 Oceano cancel June touring plans including Toledo Deathfest, Signs of The Swarm to replace
4/8/2023 Oceano announce Midwest shows with VCTMS and Hive
4/3/2023 Oceano share Summer tour dates ft Through The Eyes Of The Dead and Tracheotomy
2/23/2023 Oceano, The Convalescence, VCTMS and more to play Toledo Deathfest 2023
8/16/2022 Oceano return with heavy single "Mass Produced"
7/11/2022 Carnifex Announce Dead In My Arms 15 Year Anniversary Tour with Spite & More
6/9/2022 Oceano, Entheos, Worm Shepherd tour dates
6/2/2022 Kentucky Irate Fest 2022 lineup takes shape
4/20/2022 Decapitated, Despised Icon co-headlining tour of Europe, UK
10/29/2019 Oceano announce headlining shows
10/22/2019 Born Of Osiris, Oceano, Car Bomb tour dates
3/26/2019 Oceano, AngelMaker, Prison tour dates
2/28/2019 Carnifex, Oceano, Prison tour dates
8/28/2018 Annihilation 2018 lineup takes shape
8/14/2018 Whitechapel announces 'This Is Exile' 10-year tour
6/6/2018 Chelsea Grin, Oceano, Kublai Khan announce European tour
1/29/2018 Carnifex, Oceano, Spite, Winds Of Plague tour
1/22/2018 Texas Independence Fest 2018 announced
1/22/2018 New England Metal And Hardcore Fest 2018 takes shape
11/2/2017 Carnifex, Oceano, Aversions Crown to tour Europe
6/6/2017 Summer Slaughter 2017 lineup announced
5/31/2017 Oceano scores their highest sales debut to date
5/10/2017 Oceano, Despised Icon teased for Summer Slaughter 2017
3/29/2017 Oceano announces new album
2/19/2017 Oceano, Slaughter To Prevail, Aversions Crown tour
2/17/2017 Oceano signs with Sumerian Records
2/8/2017 Oceano recording new album
9/16/2016 Whitechapel, Oceano tour dates
8/18/2016 Suicide Silence, Whitechapel tour dates finalized
8/8/2016 Suicide Silence, Whitechapel announce more tour dates
7/18/2016 Whitechapel, Suicide Silence reveal first round of tour dates
7/11/2016 Suicide Silence, Whitechapel to co-headline North American tour
6/23/2016 Forty Winters announce new album, premiere song
5/2/2016 The Acacia Strain, Oceano, Knocked Loose tour
3/8/2016 Oceano, Traitors announce tour
3/3/2016 Bay Area Death Fest 2016 lineup announced
2/10/2016 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest adds more bands
7/15/2015 Oceano, Make Them Suffer tour dates (Europe)
6/10/2015 Enterprise Earth unveils new record label, song
5/27/2015 The All Stars Tour 2015 officially unveiled
5/21/2015 The All Stars Tour 2015 lineup revealed?
4/24/2015 Veil Of Maya, Revocation, Oceano, Entheos tour
3/31/2015 For The Fallen Dreams cancels tour dates
3/11/2015 For The Fallen Dreams, Oceano, etc. tour dates
1/23/2015 Texas Independence Fest 2015 lineup announced
1/15/2015 Oceano, Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Lorna Shore tour
1/12/2015 Oceano to release new LP in March; new song online
12/31/2014 Demolisher vocalist Adam Warren quits band
10/1/2014 South By So What?! 2015 announces new bands
8/23/2014 The Last Ten Seconds Of Life drop off tour
8/22/2014 Oceano drops off tour
6/3/2014 I Declare War, Oceano, TLTSOL, Barrier tour
4/3/2014 Broken Hope, Oceano, etc. tour cancelled
3/10/2014 Oceano, Come The Dawn mini-tour
3/6/2014 Oceano to miss Canadian dates of Broken Hope tour
2/6/2014 New England Metal Fest adds Sam Black Church, more
1/29/2014 Oceano, Within The Ruins, Barrier mini-tour
1/17/2014 Oceano, Broken Hope, Fallujah tour announced
12/9/2013 South By So What?! 2014 adds 46 bands to lineup
12/2/2013 Chimaira, Iwrestledabearonce, Oceano tour dates
11/28/2013 Chimaira, Iwrestledabearonce, Oceano tour
11/23/2013 Oceano to miss last few dates of tour
11/17/2013 Demolisher (Oceano) announces December tour
10/27/2013 Oceano frontman Adam Warren joins Demolisher
9/5/2013 Bleeding Through, Winds Of Plague, Oceano tour
8/30/2013 Bleeding Through to tour U.S. in November
8/23/2013 Oceano tour (Australia)
7/22/2013 Oceano, Sworn In, Reflections, Adestria tour dates
5/1/2013 All Shall Perish, Oceano, Within The Ruins tour
4/28/2013 Oceano replaces guitarist
1/28/2013 Oceano prepares new album, debuts new song
12/20/2012 Scion A/V announces Earache Records label showcase
10/25/2012 Oceano cancels tour of Australia
8/13/2012 Iwrestledabearonce, Oceano, Vanna tour
7/13/2012 Iwrestledabearonce, Oceano, Vanna tour (Europe)
6/6/2012 Straight Line Stitch recruits ex-Oceano guitarist
5/8/2012 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 tour dates
4/18/2012 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 lineup takes shape
4/1/2012 Oceano not breaking up, writing new album
2/4/2012 Serpents (ex-Oceano) announce new members
1/5/2012 Oceano breaking up
1/4/2012 Oceano frontman leaves band
8/15/2011 Oceano, Legend, Thick As Blood mini-tour
6/27/2011 Never Say Die! Tour (Europe) announced
4/12/2011 Serpents (ex-Oceano) to shoot new video
2/10/2011 Carnifex, Oceano, Tony Danza Tapdance tour
12/9/2010 Oceano, For The Fallen Dreams, etc. dates
12/2/2010 Oceano announces West Coast tour
10/13/2010 Oceano shooting new video
9/28/2010 Oceano, Chelsea Grin, Attila tour
8/24/2010 Chelsea Grin taps Oceano frontman for tour
8/15/2010 Whitechapel, Impending Doom, Oceano tour
6/24/2010 Oceano enters studio
6/15/2010 As Blood Runs Black, Oceano to headline tour
3/25/2010 Oceano prepares new album
3/22/2010 Ex-Oceano guitarist joins Thick As Blood
2/5/2010 Bleeding Through, Born Of Osiris, etc. tour
2/2/2010 Oceano guitarist quits band
1/21/2010 Oceano to begin recording
9/24/2009 Winds of Plague, Stick To Your Guns, Oceano tour
7/21/2009 Emmure, Stick To Your Guns, Oceano tour
4/30/2009 Oceano cancels tour dates
4/27/2009 Oceano, The Autumn Offering tour dates
3/27/2009 Oceano, Burning The Masses, etc. tour
2/28/2009 Oceano shoots new video
1/18/2009 Oceano cancels shows following accident
1/6/2009 Oceano dismisses guitar player
12/11/2008 Too Pure To Die, Catalepsy, Oceano tour
11/25/2008 Oceano, Breathing Process, Suffokate tour
9/6/2008 Oceano set to record debut
8/1/2008 For The Fallen Dreams, American Me tour dates
7/4/2008 Earache Records signs Oceano

News Tidbits
6/11/2021 Distant release video for new track featuring Adam Warren (Oceano)
5/19/2017 The new Oceano can be streamed in its entirety.
5/12/2017 Oceano has debuted a new song titled "Lucid Reality."
4/22/2017 Oceano has unveiled a new track.
4/5/2017 Oceano has premiered the first new song from their upcoming album.
3/19/2015 The new Oceano album can now be streamed in its entirety.
2/20/2015 Oceano has unveiled another new track from their upcoming album.
1/26/2015 Another new Oceano song is available online.
10/30/2013 Demolisher has debuted their first new song featuring new vocalist Adam Warren.
10/3/2013 Oceano is streaming their newly released album in its entirety.
9/20/2013 Three new Oceano songs have leaked online.
8/12/2013 Oceano has debuted a song from their new album.
12/10/2011 Rumors suggest that Oceano has broken up.
11/17/2010 Oceano's new album, "Contagion," debuted at #163 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 2,955.
11/4/2010 Oceano has unveiled their new video for "Weaponized."
9/28/2010 Oceano has debuted another new song.
10/14/2009 Oceano's new video for "A Mandatory Sacrifice" can be seen here.
2/11/2009 Oceano has unveiled a track from their new album.

4/30/2013 Oceano interview and performance video from Scion A/V label showcase
5/14/2012 New England Metal and Hardcore Fest 2012
3/6/2012 Kickstarter: fund it or f*ck it?

8/10/2012 Oceano interview

3/6/2024 Adam Warren of Oceano

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