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No Sleep Records

5/8/2020 Gatherers debut new single, sign with No Sleep Records
8/21/2017 Verse, ex-Defeater members launch band, premiere song
9/29/2015 Shai Hulud announce new EP, premiere cover track
7/23/2015 Shai Hulud reveal new record label, premiere song
4/30/2015 Ghost Key announces new EP
4/9/2015 No Sleep Records signs Ghost Key
8/20/2014 Puig Destroyer (Thrice) signs with No Sleep Recs
8/17/2014 Old Lines announce new album
8/6/2014 Xerxes to release new album in October
4/13/2014 Boysetsfire, Funeral For A Friend to release split
2/12/2014 No Sleep Records signs Old Lines (ex-Ruiner)
2/3/2014 Hundredth EP set for release; new song online
1/13/2014 No Sleep Recs to release '68 (ex-The Chariot) EP
11/7/2013 No Sleep Records signs Daisyhead
10/2/2013 No Sleep Records signs Rescuer
7/2/2013 No Sleep Records signs Maps For Travelers
6/19/2013 TRC to release new album in September
5/8/2013 Xerxes to release new EP in June
4/2/2013 No Sleep Records signs In Between
11/15/2012 No Sleep Records signs State Faults
10/16/2012 No Sleep Records signs Departures
8/7/2012 Early Graves complete new album
7/20/2012 Touche Amore, Casket Lottery split EP announced
6/5/2012 Early Graves sign with No Sleep Records
5/17/2012 No Sleep Records signs TRC
5/7/2012 Lowtalker (Misery Signals) signs w/ No Sleep Recs
1/10/2012 The Casket Lottery signs with No Sleep Recs
12/15/2011 Xerxes album set for release
11/30/2011 No Sleep Recs announces 2012 subscription plan
10/13/2011 Such Gold, A Loss For Words split 7" announced
4/29/2011 No Sleep Records signs Xerxes
12/22/2010 No Trigger to release album w/ No Sleep Records
9/15/2010 No Sleep Records signs The Felix Culpa
6/16/2010 No Sleep Records signs Aficionado
5/21/2010 No Sleep Records signs Former Thieves
9/29/2009 No Sleep Recs, Trustkill announce distro deal
3/25/2009 Monument To Thieves (Adamantium) 7" announced
12/29/2008 The Wonder Years and All Or Nothing split EP
4/22/2008 No Sleep Records to release Touche Amore EP
2/3/2008 No Sleep Records signs La Dispute
1/26/2008 No Sleep Records to release Refused tribute
12/6/2006 No Sleep Records signs The Fire The Flood

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