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3/30/2016 Death metal 'supergroup' Conflux launched, preview online
2/6/2014 Mass Murder Messiah recruits ex-Neuraxis singer
4/16/2013 Kataklysm recruits ex-Neuraxis drummer as fill-in
2/12/2011 Blackguard, GIGAN, Neuraxis tour dates
12/3/2010 Sepultura, Keep Of Kalessin, Neuraxis, Hate tour
9/29/2010 Deicide, Blackguard, Neuraxis, Pathology tour
9/16/2010 Neuraxis album set for release
4/19/2010 Neuraxis prepares to record new album
1/11/2010 Neuraxis prepares next release
10/26/2009 Neuraxis announces new line-up, shows
7/9/2009 Neuraxis parts with drummer, bassist
10/3/2008 Neuraxis completes new video
8/6/2008 Neuraxis set to shoot new video
5/15/2008 Neuraxis, Fuck The Facts tour
2/19/2008 Neuraxis recording new album
12/17/2007 Prosthetic Records signs Neuraxis
10/27/2007 Neuraxis tour dates (Canada)
5/1/2007 Neuraxis and Martyr tour (Canada)
3/20/2007 Neuraxis singer update, tour schedule
1/8/2007 Neuraxis parts ways w/ singer
12/1/2006 Neuraxis begins work on new album
10/27/2006 Neuraxis adds guitarist, tour dates
8/7/2006 The Domination Tour 2007 (Europe)
7/31/2006 Misery Index and Neuraxis dates (Canada)
7/11/2006 Neuraxis not touring the U.S. this summer
4/5/2006 Neuraxis announce new touring guitarist
1/16/2006 Neuraxis part w/ guitarist, founding member
1/9/2006 Neuraxis and Strong Intention tour
8/15/2005 Neuraxis tour dates
7/16/2005 Neuraxis album details
6/9/2005 Neuraxis finish recording new album
5/4/2005 Neuraxis begin recording new album
10/1/2004 Misery Index and Neuraxis tour (Canada)

News Tidbits
1/4/2011 Prosthetic Records has debuted a track from the new Neuraxis album.
5/23/2008 Neuraxis has debuted a track from their forthcoming release.
5/5/2008 Neuraxis has issued another studio webisode.
3/27/2008 Neuraxis has issued their second studio video update.
9/18/2007 Neuraxis has posted a song from their forthcoming "Live Progression" CD.
8/16/2005 A track from the upcoming Neuraxis album has been posted online.
6/15/2005 Neuraxis are currently booking a September/October U.S. tour. If you'd like to book them, send an email here.

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