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News Tidbits
4/15/2021 Hannes Grossmann (ex-Necrophagist, Obscura) debuts new solo track
10/27/2014 Decrepit Birth drummer Samus has posted a video for his one-man cover of the Necrophagist track, "The Stillborn One."
10/3/2009 A new Necrophagist full-length is tentatively slated for an April 2010 release.
11/15/2006 Necrophagist and Misery Index will tour Europe together in February.
9/9/2006 Necrophagist will tour the UK and Ireland October 13th through the 23rd. Venues will be announced shortly.
1/21/2006 Necrophagist, Ion Dissonance, Arsis, and Alarum will be touring Canada from June 1st until June 10th. Dates will be forthcoming.

6/19/2020 Enterprise Earth surprise release new EP
11/21/2017 Howling Sycamore sign with Prosthetic, debut new song
12/5/2014 Alkaloid unveil Indiegogo campaign, new song
1/12/2014 Arsebreed complete new LP w/ Necrophagist drummmer
2/22/2012 Pestilence replaces drummer, bassist
10/26/2010 Necrophagist guitarist launches solo project
4/1/2009 Summer Slaughter Tour dates
3/15/2009 Summer Slaughter Tour 2009 announced
7/17/2008 Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Veil Of Maya tour
6/6/2008 Summer Slaughter Canada dates
4/25/2008 Summer Slaughter Canada announced
4/24/2008 Necrophagist adds new drummer
4/8/2007 Necrophagist announces new drummer
4/6/2007 Summer Slaughter Tour announced
3/16/2007 Necrophagist announces departure of drummer
2/1/2007 Necrophagist, Origin, Misery Index tour (Europe)
11/30/2006 Necrophagist, Ion Dissonance, Skinless, tour
11/22/2006 Necrophagist, Misery Index, etc. dates (Europe)
11/13/2006 Nightmare Before Xmas Fest lineup finalized
10/14/2006 Necrophagist, Skinless, Ion Dissonance dates
9/19/2006 Necrophagist dates (UK/Ireland)
8/20/2006 Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, etc. tour
5/31/2006 Necrophagist cancels Canadian dates
2/28/2006 Necrophagist, Arsis, Neuraxis, Alarum tour
2/21/2006 Necrophagist announce new guitarist
2/20/2006 Cattle Decapiation, Necrophagist, etc. tour
2/18/2006 Necrophagist, Arsis, Alarum, etc. tour (Canada)

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