Napalm Records news


1/7/2021Napalm Records signs LIVLØS
12/17/2020Napalm Records announces acquisition of SPV
12/15/2020Napalm Records signs with Wolftooth
12/8/2020Napalm Records signs Scar Of The Sun
12/2/2020Bodom After Midnight sign with Napalm Records
11/12/2020Ektomorf announce new album, share lead single
11/9/2020Untamed Heart sign with Napalm Records
10/14/2020Andrew WK signs worldwide contract with Napalm Records
10/13/2020Nervosa announce new album, premiere first single
10/7/2020Napalm Events launches in North America
9/29/2020Napalm Records signs Hiraes
9/16/2020Evile sign with Napalm Records, recording new album
9/10/2020Jinjer announce new live album
9/10/2020Marianas Rest sign with Napalm Records
9/8/2020Napalm Records signs Wizardthrone
8/12/2020Tetrarch sign 'lucrative' deal with Napalm Records
7/10/2020Agathodaimon sign with Napalm Records
7/8/2020Hinayana to release new EP in August
5/27/2020Napalm Records signs Hinayana
5/21/2020Devildriver debut new song, announce double album
3/25/2020BPMD (ex-Dream Theater, Machine Head) sign w/ Napalm Recs
3/7/2020Alestorm to release new album in May
2/29/2020Warbringer announce new album
2/19/2020Napalm Records signs Ektomorf
2/4/2020Candlemass to release new EP in March
10/29/2019Napalm Records signs (0)
8/23/2019Jinjer announce new album, premiere video
8/19/2019Dawn of Disease album set for release
5/17/2019Napalm Records signs Einherjer
5/8/2019Napalm Records signs Crematory
2/7/2019Napalm Records signs 1914
2/2/2019Skyblood (Mats Leven) sign with Napalm Records
12/14/2018Napalm Records signs Sojourner
12/6/2018Candlemass to release new album in February
11/26/2018Sisters Of Suffocation album set for release
11/19/2018Aether Realm signs with Napalm Records
11/15/2018Jinjer to release new EP in January
10/16/2018Dawn Of Disease re-signs with Napalm Records
10/15/2018Oh Hiroshima signs with Napalm Records
8/23/2018Unleashed announces new album
8/15/2018Warbringer set to release new single
8/9/2018Napalm Records signs Imperium Dekadenz
7/5/2018Sisters of Suffocation sign with Napalm Records
6/20/2018Napalm Records signs Konvent
5/30/2018Napalm Records signs Rage Of Light
5/7/2018Dee Snider album set for release through Napalm Records
5/5/2018Unleashed signs with Napalm Records
4/17/2018Candlemass to release new EP
3/27/2018Devildriver details outlaw country covers album
3/15/2018Napalm Records signs Wolfheart
2/14/2018Napalm Records signs Stoned Jesus
2/8/2018Napalm Records signs Alien Weaponry
12/1/2017Tengger Cavalry to release new album in February
10/16/2017Arkona to release new album in January
10/14/2017Tengger Cavalry sign with Napalm Records, premiere song
8/22/2017Moonspell to release new album in November
8/2/2017Napalm Records signs Thy Antichrist
7/24/2017Cavalera Conspiracy announces new album
7/12/2017Satyricon announces new album
5/10/2017Satyricon sign with Napalm Records, recording new album
4/5/2017Napalm Records signs Ye Banished Privateers
2/14/2017Hate to release new album in May
1/26/2017Napalm Records signs Shylmagoghnar
1/23/2017Samael signs with Napalm Records
12/30/2016Life Of Agony to release new album in April
12/12/2016Warbringer set to release new album
9/7/2016Arch Enemy singer signs solo deal with Napalm Records
6/23/2016Warbringer signs with Napalm Records
5/4/2016The Agonist signs with Napalm Records
3/7/2016Napalm Records signs HammerFall
1/14/2016Walls Of Jericho to release new album in March
1/12/2016Life Of Agony announces new album, record label
11/19/2015Devildriver announces new album 'Trust No One'
9/29/2015Valient Thorr signs with Napalm Records
9/16/2015Otep signs with Napalm Records
6/16/2015Huntress album set for release
2/12/2015Coal Chamber announce new album, Rivals
2/3/2015Walls Of Jericho sign w/ Napalm Recs; album on way
12/5/2014Napalm Records signs Product Of Hate
8/12/2014Coal Chamber to release new album with Napalm Recs
4/13/2014Napalm Records signs Crimson Shadows
12/13/2013Cavalera Conspiracy signs with Napalm Records
11/13/2013Legion of the Damned album set for January release
5/28/2013Devildriver to release new album in August
3/21/2013Napalm Records signs Venomous Maximus
1/11/2013Napalm Records signs Legion Of The Damned
6/27/2012Devildriver signs with Napalm Records
10/21/2011Napalm Records signs The Sorrow
10/14/2011Candlemass to release final album w/ Napalm Recs
8/13/2011Napalm Records signs Svolk
12/15/2010Ex Deo (Kataklysm) signs with Napalm Records
11/21/2008Hatesphere signs with Napalm Records