Malevolent Creation news


12/15/2018Malevolent Creation premieres new track and music video
7/16/2010Malevolent Creation has debuted a song from their upcoming release.


4/23/2020Malevolent Creation part ways with two members
11/30/2018Malevolent Creation premieres first single from new album
11/16/2018Malevolent Creation announces new album
7/7/2018Malevolent Creation co-founder Bret Hoffmann dies
4/21/2018ex-Malevolent Creation vocalist battling colon cancer
3/25/2018Malevolent Creation sign with Hammerheart, ready new album
11/30/2017Malevolent Creation announce new lineup, prepare new album
8/6/2017Fire For Effect (ex-Suffocation, Cynic, etc.) premiere new music
9/19/2016Malevolent Creation cancels tour, bassist quits
7/21/2016Malevolent Creation announces headlining U.S. tour
1/18/2016Texas Independence Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
12/9/2015Florida Metal Fest 2016 lineup announced
11/2/2015Grave, Malevolent Creation tour (Europe)
6/30/2015Malevolent Creation set to release new album
2/18/2015Gruesome (Exhumed, more) set to release debut LP
10/15/2014Century Media Records signs Malevolent Creation
2/26/2014Malevolent Creation: "We've fired our gay drummer"
5/24/2012Malevolent Creation tour (Europe)
1/8/2012Krisiun, Malevolent Creation tour (Europe)
12/16/2010Malevolent Creation, Full Blown Chaos tour
6/22/2010Malevolent Creation tour dates
6/8/2010Malevolent Creation rejoined by original bassist
6/2/2010Exodus, Malevolent Creation, Holy Grail tour
4/29/2010Malevolent Creation finishes next album
3/23/2010Malevolent Creation set to record new album
7/7/2009Malevolent Creation tour (South America)
10/8/2008Malevolent Creation cancels European tour
9/24/2008Malevolent Creation working on new album
9/21/2007Malevolent Creation, Light This City, etc. tour
8/7/2006The Domination Tour 2007 (Europe)
3/6/2006Malevolent Creation update
12/3/2005Bolt Thrower, Nightrage, etc. tour (Europe)
6/3/2005Malevolent Creation, Origin, Animosity tour
5/1/2005Malevolent Creation, Origin, etc. dates