Machine Head news


11/13/2020Machine Head issue new single
7/9/2020Byzantine, Bad Wolves, Five Finger Death Punch members cover Metallica
2/14/2020Machine Head premiere new 'anti-Valentine's Day' song
1/7/2020ex-Machine Head duo unveil new track ft. Bleeding Through and Megadeth members
8/9/201925 years ago today this legendary debut album was birthed
12/4/2018Video: Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head) makes live debut as fill-in guitarist for Slayer
1/25/2018Yet another new Machine Head song is available online.
1/19/2018Machine Head has premiered a new song (and video).
1/12/2018Machine Head is streaming a new track titled "Bastards."
1/3/2018Machine Head isn't happy with Decibel's review of their new album.
12/18/2017Machine Head has issued a new live video.
12/8/2017Machine Head has premiered a new song and video.
11/30/2017Machine Head has issued a new live video.
1/23/2016Here is video of Phil Anselmo and Dave Grohl, among others, performing several tracks at Dimebash 2016 last night, including Pantera's "Walk."
3/25/2015Here's some new show earnings and attendance data for Slayer, Mastodon, Trash Talk, and more.
3/4/2015Earnings and attendance data for Behemoth, Whitechapel, Gwar, and others.
1/21/2015Machine Head frontman talks racism and calls out All That Remains singer.
11/19/2014The new Machine Head album has debuted at #21 on the Billboard 200.
11/11/2014Machine Head's new video for "Now We Die" is now online.
11/5/2014Machine Head has launched a full album stream of their forthcoming album.
11/3/2014Machine Head has premiered a new song titled "Night of Long Knives."
4/20/2014Machine Head is streaming their new song "Killers & Kings."
4/14/2014A clip of the new Machine Head song "Killers & Kings" is now online.
4/13/2014Machine Head has posted a second production video blog about their forthcoming album.
3/19/2014Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn goes off on the music business.
10/4/2013Machine Head thinks that Avenged Sevenfold may have copied their logo.
7/10/2013Machine Head is the latest band to be (stupidly) called out for using "fake amps."
3/31/2013Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-Fear Factory) is among those auditioning for Machine Head.
6/14/2011Roadrunner Records has unveiled a new Machine Head song.
2/16/2007A song from Machine Head's new album is available online.


6/11/2021Machine Head release new three-song single
8/4/2020ex-Machine Head, Crowbar drummer Tony Costanza dies
6/17/2020Machine Head debut song ft. Killswitch Engage frontman
3/25/2020BPMD (ex-Dream Theater, Machine Head) sign w/ Napalm Recs
10/14/2019Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn slams critics of new song
10/11/2019Machine Head release new song 'Do Or Die'
10/7/2019Machine Head 'Burn My Eyes' anniversary North American tour
9/28/2019Decapitated guitarist Waclaw Kieltyka joins Machine Head
8/21/2019Hideous Divinity detail new album 'Simulacrum'
6/3/2019Machine Head announce 'Burn My Eyes' show in Hollywood
4/10/2019Machine Head premiere video of re-recorded 'Davidian'
3/28/2019Machine Head to release re-recorded version of 'Burn My Eyes'
3/25/2019Machine Head announce 'Burn My Eyes' 25th anniversary tour
3/24/2019Machine Head begin auditioning new members
12/19/2018Sacred Reich rejoined by drummer Dave McClain
12/2/2018Slayer guitarist to miss remainder of tour
11/22/2018Couple booted from Machine Head show for having sex in front row
10/2/2018Phil Demmel issues statement on exit from Machine Head
9/28/2018Machine Head guitarist and drummer quit band
7/10/2018Machine Head announces North American tour
2/22/2018Machine Head to tour Japan, Australia, New Zealand
2/6/2018Machine Head album debuts in Top 100
11/17/2017Machine Head announce new album, premiere song
9/18/2017Machine Head announces North American tour
5/10/2017Machine Head: Rob Flynn 50th 'birthday bash' announced
12/16/2016Phil Anselmo calls out Robb Flynn, Scott Ian
6/1/2016Machine Head announce, stream new single
5/26/2016Machine Head's Robb Flynn reunited with stolen guitars
1/31/2016ex-Machine Head drummer slams Phil Anselmo, Robb Flynn
1/29/2016Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn calls out Phil Anselmo
1/9/20162016 'Dimebash' concert lineup announced
7/6/2015Machine Head announce new 'An Evening With' tour
5/26/2015Logan Mader launches new band Once Human
4/15/2015Machine Head announces European tour
4/2/2015Machine Head tour (Latin America)
11/10/2014Machine Head announce North American tour
10/30/2014Devil You Know cancels European tour
9/29/2014Machine Head seeks "seven men" for video shoot
9/25/2014Machine Head "furious" over leak, debut new song
9/17/2014Machine Head postpones North American tour
8/14/2014Machine Head, Devil You Know tour (UK)
8/13/2014Machine Head detail new LP, Bloodstone & Diamonds
7/28/2014Machine Head, Children Of Bodom, Epica tour dates
7/3/2014Machine Head settles lawsuit with ex-bassist
6/24/2014Machine Head, Children Of Bodom, Battlecross tour
4/9/2014Machine Head tour (Europe)
4/7/2014Machine Head announces U.S. tour dates
3/25/2014Scion Rock Fest 2014 lineup finalized
3/21/2014Record Store Day 2014 official release list
3/12/2014Machine Head announces limited 10"
2/6/2014Machine Head set to record new album
1/20/2014Machine Head sued by ex-bassist Adam Duce
10/2/2013Machine Head signs w/ Nuclear Blast Entertainment
6/24/2013Machine Head announces new bassist
4/11/2013Machine Head demoing new songs
3/27/2013Machine Head begins search for new bassist
3/26/2013Heavy MTL 2013 lineup announced
2/26/2013Machine Head explains why Adam Duce was fired
2/22/2013Machine Head and bassist Adam Duce part ways
11/13/2012Machine Head cancels shows; frontman needs surgery
10/1/2012Machine Head announces live album
9/10/2012Dethklok, Machine Head, Black Dahlia Murder tour
8/29/2012Lamb Of God launches eBay auction for Randy Blythe
8/8/2012Mayhem Festival Cruise cancelled
5/1/2012Mayhem Festival Cruise announced
1/2/2012Machine Head, Bleeding Through members get engaged
11/14/2011Machine Head, Suicide Silence, Darkest Hour dates
11/8/2011Machine Head, Suicide Silence, Darkest Hour tour
7/5/2011Machine Head, Sepultura tour (South America)
4/27/2009Slayer, Megadeth shows announced
8/18/2008Machine Head guitarist collapses on stage
1/9/2008Hellyeah, Machine Head, Bury Your Dead tour
9/6/2007Disney forces Machine Head cancellation
1/20/2007Machine Head records new album