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News Tidbits
8/3/2021 Limp Bizkit and their fans paid tribute to Joey Jordison at a show last night in Iowa
11/10/2019 video: Fred Durst featured in new CarMax commercial
10/21/2019 video: The Wonder Years perform set as Limp Bizkit
7/8/2019 video: Limp Bizkit play portion of new song
10/22/2018 Bring Me The Horizon members were hired to help write the new Limp Bizkit album
10/7/2018 Video: Insane Clown Posse member 'tries' to drop kick Fred Durst during Limp Bizkit concert
8/23/2015 Here's a list of the 250 best-selling music acts of all-time.
6/2/2015 Watch Ed Sheeran sing heavy metal for Jimmy Fallon.
1/28/2015 Here's some new earnings and attendance data for Of Mice & Men, Limp Bizkit, Saosin, Attila, and more.
12/3/2014 New earnings and attendance data for Slipknot, Slayer, Mastodon, Clutch, more.
10/22/2014 I feel seasick already, and I'm sitting at a desk.
8/1/2014 The WORST SONG OF 2014 is now online and ready for your ears.
6/8/2012 Don't touch Fred Durst. He might knock you the fuck out.

8/25/2021 Limp Bizkit cancel all upcoming performances, prepare to release new music
8/7/2021 Limp Bizkit cancel remainder of tour with Spiritbox
8/2/2021 Limp Bizkit debut new track 'Dad Vibes' at Lollapalooza 2021
6/22/2021 Limp Bizkit, Spiritbox tour dates
6/8/2021 Rocklahoma 2021 to feature Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, more
5/19/2021 Lollapalooza 2021 lineup announced
10/18/2020 Rebel Rock Fest 2021 lineup announced
10/15/2020 Rock Fest 2021 lineup announced
9/1/2020 Netflix docuseries to cover infamous Woodstock '99 fest
8/7/2020 Rebel Rock Fest 2021 lineup takes shape
1/24/2020 2020 Rock USA festival lineup announced
1/20/2020 Rock Fest 2020 lineup announced
12/18/2019 Inkcarceration Festival 2020 announced
10/31/2019 Rebel Rock 2020 lineup takes shape
12/10/2018 Musink 2019 to feature Hatebreed, Limp Bizkit, Fear, more
11/11/2018 Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst loses home to California fires
6/27/2018 Self Help Fest Detroit 2018 announced
5/8/2018 Rock Allegiance 2018 festival announced
9/29/2015 Rage Against The Machine bassist: 'I apologize for Limp Bizkit'
2/2/2007 The Esoteric ex-drummer joins Wes Borland band

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