Legend news


2/28/2016Tour manager says LGND and For The Fallen Dreams frontman owes him more than $4,000.
2/18/2013Legend has debuted the first single from their forthcoming album.
6/2/2011Legend has posted a new video for the track "Circle of Friends."
3/31/2011Legend has unveiled another track from their forthcoming album.
3/15/2011Legend has unveiled a track from their forthcoming album (Facebook 'Like' required).
11/15/2010Legend has unveiled a new song.
11/11/2010Legend has issued a studio update via video.
5/1/2010Legend has reportedly parted ways with guitarist Chris Norman.
3/29/2010Legend has unveiled two tracks from their upcoming Rise Records debut.


2/16/2021LGND debut new track ft. The Ghost Inside drummer
12/5/2020LGND (For The Fallen Dreams) debut new song
10/15/2015Legend release new album unexpectedly, premiere song
6/11/2015Legend announces European tour
11/12/2014Legend continues work on new album
10/24/2013Legend adds ex-Acacia Strain songwriter to lineup
2/22/2013For The Fallen Dreams rejoined by Chad Ruhlig
7/24/2012Dr. Acula drops off tour due to illness
5/1/2012Legend, Dr. Acula, Delusions, Bermuda tour
1/16/2012For The Fallen Dreams replaces drummer
12/21/2011Legend set to begin work on new album
8/21/2011Thick As Blood, Legend, The Plot In You tour
8/15/2011Oceano, Legend, Thick As Blood mini-tour
5/22/2011Legend, The World We Knew tour dates
4/26/2011Molotov Solution, Legend, TWWK, Betrayal tour
4/19/2011Attila, In The Midst Of Lions, Legend tour
2/15/2011Lionheart, Legend, Monsters tour
12/10/2010Legend, Dr. Acula, Monsters tour dates
10/22/2010ABACABB, Legend, Wretched tour
8/30/2010War Of Ages, Legend, Contortionist, etc. tour
6/24/2010Legend loses two members
6/3/2010For The Fallen Dreams, Legend tour dates
3/22/2010Legend recruits ex-Bury Your Dead member
3/13/2010Legend parts ways with guitarist
2/14/2010For The Fallen Dreams bassist quits, joins Legend
9/23/2009Endwell, Legend, Continuance tour dates