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12/18/2022 Lambgoat's top stories of the week (12/12 - 12/18)
12/18/2015 Lambgoat t-shirts, hoodies now on sale

News Tidbits
9/14/2022 A limited edition Lambgoat shirt is available only at Furnace Fest '22
3/24/2022 Help keep Lambgoat in business and get ad-free browsing and dark mode.
2/28/2022 We've made some improvements to our album release archives.
1/24/2022 here were the Top 15 most-viewed news items on Lambgoat in 2021
8/28/2021 Lambgoat with no ads, dark mode, and forum embeds?
8/4/2021 You want more features and reviews on Lambgoat? Help us hire some writers (and stop seeing ads).
6/30/2021 A new version of Lambgoat will be up very soon. If you have an account here and want to use it on the new site, please ensure that your email address of record is up to date.
3/30/2021 i'll be appearing on a livecast over at Metal Injection for a little bit at 6:10 tonight PM EST if you wanna hear me talk about... uh, not sure
11/29/2020 only 9 hours left in the Lambgoat store Cyber Monday sale (just added items from Veil Of Maya and Gospel, among others)
11/12/2020 i've launched a store to begin selling the thousands of items in my basement (more will be added weekly)
7/21/2020 we finally have a mailing address again, so please send vinyl, CDs, merch and money
7/11/2020 we've updated our 'New Metal Monthly' playlist with over 70 new tracks
3/20/2020 we'll be uploading a bunch of content to our YouTube channel over the next week, so please subscribe
2/10/2020 Our livestream is over, but you can still have a listen here.
2/3/2020 We've got a bunch of live sets coming down the pike on our YouTube channel, so please subscribe.
1/31/2020 we're now posting daily on Instagram, so follow us there if that's your thing
1/27/2020 Check out our livestream, where we spotlight relatively unknown bands. Last night we heard some solid ones, like Teeth, DeathwishKid, and Take Hold.
1/16/2020 Behold! Here are our 2019 Metal Albums of the Year.
11/4/2019 we've posted a new installment of our Spotify playlist
8/6/2019 Don't forget, we regularly update our 'New Metal Monthly' Spotify playlist.
7/15/2019 20 years ago this week I registered the domain name Lambgoat.com (still not sure why). Anyway, if you want to get me a present, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks!
4/26/2019 Here's the latest installment of our 'New Metal Monthly' Spotify playlist.
3/23/2019 If our first podcast episode was too long for you, we just added timestamps to the video so you can check out key portions (like the Fronz and Frankie Palmeri beef).
3/22/2019 We've updated our 'New Metal Monthly' Spotify playlist with the latest and greatest. Have a look.
3/20/2019 Alright, here is the very first episode of the Lambgoat podcast. We'll have a new one every two weeks, so please subscribe.
3/8/2019 The Lambgoat podcast starts this month. Most of these episodes will be filmed too and available on YouTube.
2/21/2019 We've created a new Spotify playlist to help you stay up-to-date with new music.
2/19/2019 Can somebody give me an update on this guy please?
1/14/2019 Yours truly appeared on a new installment of the brainwormradio podcast for an interview all about Lambgoat (I also played two of my favorite songs). Have a listen.
1/7/2019 yo, here are our 2018 albums of the year
9/1/2018 This is what the Lambgoat homepage looked like on December 14, 2001.
3/1/2017 A view from inside the Goat.
1/16/2017 Yet another day of Lambgoat headquarters clean-up.
11/28/2016 Happy Cyber Monday. We have an extremely limited amount of Lambgoat t-shirts and hoodies for sale.
11/24/2016 It was pretty thrilling in Lambgoat's early days to be looking at CDs in Best Buy and stumble upon this.
10/7/2016 A few of the CDs in the Lambgoat collection.
2/7/2016 Here's a portion of the Lambgoat sticker collection.
9/25/2015 Just a friendly reminder: Lambgoat is on Instagram, and we're now going to be posting there more frequently. Please follow us.
1/1/2015 Happy New Year! Here were the top 25 most-viewed items on Lambgoat in 2014.
3/26/2014 Lambgoat has finally launched a YouTube channel. Subscribe now, please, because we've got some cool things on the way.
11/5/2013 Everything you never wanted to know about Lambgoat.
10/12/2012 Good afternoon. If you're a social person, please don't forget to hang with Lambgoat on Facebook.
3/14/2012 The new Every Time I Die album has debuted at #20 on the Billboard 200.
12/28/2011 Check out my "things I enjoyed in 2011" list on the Deathwish Best of 2011 Year End List. I should actually start listening to new music.

1/26/2023 2022 Metal Albums of the Year

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