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4/28/2016 Kylesa goes on indefinite hiatus
10/21/2015 Irata cancels dates of Kylesa tour due to medical issues
8/17/2015 Kylesa, Inter Arma, Indian Handcrafts tour dates
6/30/2015 Cult Of Luna announces North America tour dates
6/24/2015 The Fall Of Troy announces U.S. tour
3/24/2015 Robotic Empire announces new Nirvana tribute
12/15/2014 Psycho California lineup announced
12/10/2014 Blask Tusk to carry on in wake of bassist's death
4/9/2014 Kylesa announces European headlining tour
12/10/2013 Kylesa announces rescheduled Australia tour
12/7/2013 Kylesa postpones tour of Australia
11/7/2013 Kylesa to tour Australia in December
11/5/2013 Kylesa, Sierra, Jagged Vision (Europe)
8/27/2013 Southwest Terror Fest 2013 announced
8/27/2013 Kylesa forms new record label, Retro Futurist
8/20/2013 Kylesa, Pinkish Black, Sierra announce U.S. tour
3/28/2013 Kylesa announces headline tour of North America
2/26/2013 Kylesa set to release new album
8/28/2012 Kylesa to release rarities collection
5/29/2012 Kylesa tour (Europe)
2/7/2012 Gwar, Kylesa, Ghoul tour dates
12/5/2011 Kylesa mini-tour
11/24/2011 Kylesa, Circle Takes The Square tour (Europe)
8/10/2011 Kylesa mini-tour
7/23/2011 Kylesa cancels tour with Thrice
7/19/2011 Thrice, Kylesa, Moving Mountains tour
4/20/2011 Kylesa tour dates
1/31/2011 Kylesa, Red Fang, Howl join Metalliance Tour
12/20/2010 Kylesa tour (Europe)
12/8/2010 Kylesa, Zoroaster, Rosetta tour
8/12/2010 Kylesa album set for release
8/9/2010 High On Fire, Torche, Kylesa tour
5/27/2010 Kylesa set to enter studio
4/8/2010 Kylesa signs with Season of Mist
3/15/2010 Converge announces European tour
2/22/2010 Kylesa, Dark Castle tour (Europe)
9/10/2009 Clutch, Kylesa tour (Europe)
7/29/2009 Kylesa, Doomriders, Tombs tour dates
6/5/2009 Torche, Kylesa tour (Europe)
5/18/2009 Kylesa tour dates
3/2/2009 Mastodon, Kylesa, Intronaut tour
1/28/2009 Kylesa, Skeletonwitch tour dates
1/7/2009 Kylesa set to release new album
12/22/2008 The Haunted, Nachtmystium, Kylesa tour
12/12/2008 Kylesa, Birushanah tour (Japan)
7/24/2008 Kylesa tour schedule
7/17/2008 Kylesa set to enter studio
12/8/2007 Kylesa, Baroness tour (Europe)
2/15/2007 Kylesa shoots new video
1/29/2007 Kylesa and Genghis Tron tour
1/17/2007 Kylesa, The Hidden Hand tour
12/29/2006 Kylesa bassist injured in bike accident
10/3/2006 Coliseum tour dates
9/18/2006 Kylesa completes video
8/2/2006 Kylesa reveals album details
6/5/2006 Kylesa prepares new releases
3/24/2006 Kylesa tour schedule
2/18/2006 Kylesa find two new drummers
12/13/2005 Kylesa writing new album
9/5/2005 Coliseum, Kylesa, and Torche
6/27/2005 Kylesa looking for new drummer
2/1/2005 Kylesa finish new record
12/10/2004 High On Fire, Kylesa, PMFS tour
9/28/2004 Prosthetic Records reportedly signs Kylesa
7/8/2004 Kylesa tour schedule
6/1/2004 Cream Abdul Babar and Kylesa mini-tour

News Tidbits
10/2/2020 this sludge metal band released their final studio album 5 years ago today
11/3/2015 Kylesa has released a video for "Lost and Confused."
9/23/2015 Kylesa is streaming their forthcoming album in its entirety.
9/9/2015 Kylesa is streaming another track from their upcoming album.
8/23/2015 Kylesa is streaming a second track from their upcoming LP.
7/28/2015 Kylesa has debuted the first new song from their upcoming album.
11/16/2013 Kylesa's new video for "Low Tide" has made its online debut.
6/17/2013 Kylesa's new animated video for "Unspoken" is available online.
5/17/2013 Kylesa's new album can currently be streamed in full.
4/30/2013 Kylesa has unveiled a new song titled "We're Taking This."
4/9/2013 Another new Kylesa song has premiered online.
3/25/2013 Another new Kylesa song is available online.
10/9/2012 A new Kylesa song can now be heard online.
9/25/2012 Kylesa has posted a trailer for their upcoming retrospective release.
10/11/2011 Kylesa's performance on Last Call With Carson Daly is now online.
9/22/2011 Kylesa will perform on Last Call with Carson Daly next Wednesday, September 28th.
11/3/2010 Kylesa's new album, "Spiral Shadow," sold 1,500 copies in its first week of release.
9/1/2010 Kylesa has debuted a track from their next album.
2/25/2009 Kylesa has made another track from their upcoming album available online.
1/27/2009 A track from Kylesa's forthcoming album can be heard here.
12/12/2008 Kylesa has finished recording a new album.
11/23/2007 Kylesa has posted their cover of Pink Floyd's "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun."
4/7/2007 Kylesa's video for "Hollow Severer" is now online.
9/18/2006 Kylesa has posted a song from their upcoming album.

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