Kreator news


3/26/2020Kreator issue new song and video
11/22/2017Kreator has issued a new video for "Hail To The Hordes."
1/28/2017Kreator has released a music video for "Totalitarian Terror."
12/16/2016A video for a new Kreator song is now online.
11/18/2016Kreator has premiered a video for the title track of their forthcoming album.
5/29/2012Kreator has uploaded a video featuring audio clips from their forthcoming album.
5/10/2012Kreator has uploaded a trailer for their new record.


4/30/2020Lamb Of God, Power Trip, Kreator members creating new song
11/22/2019Bonded announce debut album, stream new track
9/16/2019Kreator add ex-Dragonforce bassist to lineup
9/3/2019Lamb Of God, Kreator, Power Trip to tour Europe, UK
10/30/2017Kreator, Sabaton announce co-headlining tour
8/31/2017Kreator, Decapitated, Dagoba to tour Europe
7/10/2017Ozzfest Meets Knotfest 2017 announced
12/5/2016Decibel Magazine Tour 2017 tour dates
12/4/2016Decibel Tour 2017 to feature Kreator, Obituary
10/28/2016Kreator to release new album in January
5/11/2016Kreator, Sepultura, Soilwork, Aborted to tour Europe
10/8/2014Arch Enemy, Kreator to release split 7" for tour
6/12/2014Arch Enemy, Kreator, Huntress tour announced
4/16/2014Kreator, Arch Enemy, Vader tour (Europe)
1/22/2014Kreator, Death Angel tour (Australia)
4/30/2013Overkill, Kreator, Warbringer announce fall tour
12/10/2012Kreator to record upcoming show for DVD release
5/29/2012Kreator, Morbid Angel, Nile tour (Europe)
5/9/2012Kreator, Accept, Swallow The Sun tour
4/2/2012Kreator, Accept to tour North America
2/6/2012Kreator album set for release
1/8/2012Kreator recording new album
2/9/2010Kreator signs with Nuclear Blast Records
11/24/2009Kreator, Nachtmystium, Kataklysm, etc. tour
10/4/2008Kreator, Exodus, Warbringer, etc. tour
1/19/2007Celtic Frost, Kreator, etc. tour (Europe)
1/8/2006Napalm Death and Kreator tour
10/19/2005Napalm Death, A Perfect Murder, Undying tour
11/27/2004If Hope Dies, Kreator, Death Angel, etc. tour
9/20/2003Nile, Goatwhore, Kreator, etc. tour