Killwhitneydead news


4/10/2016Drummer Pete Jackson (Killwhitneydead, The Demonstration) is returning to the music world, but he needs your help.
3/5/2014Killwhitneydead has unveiled another track from their upcoming album.
2/5/2014Another new Killwhitneydead song is available for streaming.
5/4/2010Killwhitneydead has posted a cover of the Inside Out song, "Sacrifice."
5/20/2009Killwhitneydead has uploaded ten preview tracks from their new box set.
3/5/2009Killwhitneydead has posted a re-recorded version of their song "If It Ain't Johnny Cash, It Ain't Country."
3/18/2008Killwhitneydead's video for "Just When You Thought I Was Listening" is available onli
12/14/2007Killwhitneydead has posted a holiday track titled "Jingle Hell."
5/10/2007Killwhitneydead, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, From The Shallows, and The Demonstration will tour the U.S. from 7/1 through 8/10. Dates forthcoming.
4/17/2007Killwhitneydead has posted ten new songs online, here and here<
2/16/2007Killwhitneydead has posted two new demo tracks.
1/28/2007During a Killwhitneydead show in North Carolina this weekend, someone apparent
12/3/2006Killwhitneydead has posted their new Christmas single, "Merry Axemas."
2/15/2006Killwhitneydead's video for "Save Your Sermons For Sunday So I Can Sleep This Night Off" has been posted.
1/19/2006Killwhitneydead and The Demonstration are touring the U.S. from 5/27 through 7/1. If you can help with booking, send an email here.
10/24/2005Killwhitneydead have posted a live video for "The Fine & Subtle Art Of Deception."
10/12/2004Killwhitneydead have posted two unmixed versions of new songs. Find them here and A preview track from Killwhitneydead's upcoming album has been posted here.


6/4/2017Killwhitneydead reunion show announced
4/28/2016ex-The Demonstration, Killwhitneydead guitarist dies
4/24/2016ex-Killwhitneydead drummer joins Fear The United
1/30/2014Killwhitneydead LP set for release; debut new song
11/11/2013Killwhitneydead completes new album; due in 2014
11/17/2012Killwhitneydead to release digital collection
9/8/2011Killwhitneydead debuts song, recording album
12/20/2010Killwhitneydead announces new releases
5/1/2010Killwhitneydead, Demonstration tour cancelled
12/2/2009Killwhitneydead prepares new album
10/23/2009The Demonstration bassist leaves band
4/12/2009Killwhitneydead, Wretched, Demonstration tour
11/8/2008Killwhitneydead, Salt The Wound tour
9/15/2008Killwhitneydead working on new DVD
4/10/2008Killwhitneydead, Salt The Wound tour
3/18/2008Killwhitneydead, Carnifex, etc. tour
11/8/2007Killwhitneydead, Bloodjinn tour dates
8/30/2007Killwhitneydead replaces guitarist
5/30/2007Killwhitneydead, Tony Danza Tapdance tour
5/10/2007Killwhitneydead, The Demonstration, etc. tour
4/26/2007The Demonstration news and notes
3/2/2007Killwhitneydead finalizing new releases
9/11/2006Killwhitneydead set to enter studio
5/16/2006Killwhitneydead and The Demonstration tour
7/5/2005Killwhitneydead working on new album
10/3/2004Killwhitneydead record new album
5/10/2004Killwhitneydead set to record another album
2/6/2004Killwhitneydead news and notes
1/24/2004Killwhitneydead to record new full-length
1/14/2003Killwhitneydead progressing with new album
12/4/2002Killwhitneydead working on new album
3/22/2002Killwhitneydead begins recording Tribunal debut