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Jonny Craig

1/15/2024 Jonny Craig (ex-Dance Gavin Dance) shoots music videos for new project
7/26/2019 Slaves return with new vocalist, new song
1/24/2019 Jonny Craig kicked out of Slaves
3/13/2018 Jonny Craig reportedly arrested in Arizona
3/30/2017 Slaves frontman Jonny Craig still in the hospital
2/22/2017 Slaves singer Jonny Craig hospitalized, shows postponed
4/13/2016 Jonny Craig issues statement: 'I have a problem'
4/9/2016 Slaves breaking up
8/13/2015 Slaves say they were kicked off Blessthefall tour
7/19/2015 Slaves kicked off Warped Tour 2015
7/18/2015 Slaves and Jonny Craig suspended from Warped Tour
3/3/2014 Artery Recordings signs Slaves (Jonny Craig)
3/2/2013 Artery Foundation announces SXSW Showdown 2013
2/12/2013 Jonny Craig launches Indiegogo campaign for new EP
8/20/2012 Dance Gavin Dance replaces singer Jonny Craig
8/12/2012 Jonny Craig booted from All Stars Tour
5/24/2012 Jonny Craig: I am still in Dance Gavin Dance
2/8/2012 Jonny Craig kicked out of band, still using drugs?
11/1/2011 Jonny Craig released from jail
10/20/2011 Jonny Craig jailed on narcotics charges
4/11/2011 Emarosa ousts singer Jonny Craig
3/8/2011 Jonny Craig (Dance Gavin Dance) issues statement
2/27/2011 Jonny Craig (Dance Gavin Dance) checks into rehab
2/21/2011 Dance Gavin Dance singer scamming people?

News Tidbits
9/20/2017 Video: Slaves frontman Jonny Craig falls on stage, appears to choke fan.
3/25/2015 Here's some new show earnings and attendance data for Slayer, Mastodon, Trash Talk, and more.
2/2/2015 Jonny Craig was selling MacBooks again last week (well, sort of).
6/30/2014 Breaking: some of your favorite musicians like to have casual sex (via Tinder).
8/20/2013 Jonny Craig (ex-Dance Gavin Dance) messed up the National Anthem at minor league baseball game over the weekend.
2/12/2012 Jonny Craig: I love attention.

12/31/2015 25 most read Lambgoat stories of 2015
2/16/2013 Jonny Craig sells, but who's buying?

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