Joey Sturgis news


4/30/2021Attack Attack! issue new single
12/8/2013Joey Sturgis proteges Conquer Divide have uploaded a lyric video for their new single.
6/14/2012A new Of Mice & Men song has made its online debut.


1/6/2016Rise Records signs Make Them Suffer
6/15/2015Miss May I announces new album
5/31/2015Female metal band Conquer Divide announce debut
12/14/2014Blessthefall prepares new album
4/25/2014Attila set to record new album
4/22/2014Annisokay signs with SPV/Steamhammer
1/7/2014Emmure begins recording new album
1/2/2014Crown The Empire set to record new album
7/22/2013InVogue Records signs akissforjersey
7/9/2013Shreddy Krueger announces debut, premieres single
6/10/2013Blessthefall album set for release
3/25/2013Born of Osiris set to record new album
3/25/2013I See Stars recording new album
3/20/2013Famous Last Words album set for release
1/30/2013Attila set to record new album
6/13/2012Everyone Dies In Utah album set for release
5/23/2012A Hero A Fake announces new album
1/20/2012Emmure re-signs with Victory Records
12/6/2011Before Their Eyes album set for release
11/29/2011Emmure prepares new album
11/25/2011The Word Alive prepares new album
9/19/2011I See Stars recording new album
7/14/2011Attila album set for release
6/22/2011We Came As Romans album set for release
3/11/2011The Devil Wears Prada set to record new album
10/13/2010Velocity/Rise signs The Air I Breathe
9/2/2010Emmure set to record new album
3/15/2010A Plea For Purging recording new album
12/15/2009Rise Records signs Scarlett O'Hara
11/12/2009I Am Abomination enters studio
10/2/2009Confide cancels European tour
9/22/2009We Came As Romans album set for release
7/29/2009Standby Records signs Castle Grayskull
6/9/2009Rise Records signs The Color Morale
4/30/2009For The Fallen Dreams records new album
4/16/2009Equal Vision Recs signs We Came As Romans
12/8/2008Rise Records signs Miss May I
11/17/2008A Plea For Purging prepares new album
9/6/2008Oceano set to record debut
12/11/2007Kingston Falls enters studio
12/8/2007Woe Of Tyrants prepares new album
6/14/2007For The Fallen Dreams sign w/ Rise Records
5/30/2007Liferuiner signs w/ Rise Records
3/2/2007Tribunal Records signs From The Shallows
8/21/2006At Daggers Drawn completes new album
6/23/2006Challenger Recs signs At The Throne Of Judgment