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Jared Dines

11/12/2021 SION feat. ex-Killswitch Engage Frontman Howard Jones and Jared Dines announce debut LP
3/11/2021 SION (Howard Jones, Jared Dines) debut first single
2/27/2021 Howard Jones, Jared Dines reveal name of new band, tease single
7/15/2020 Howard Jones and Jared Dines writing new album together
10/25/2018 Trivium frontman Matt Heafy to miss remainder of tour

News Tidbits
9/22/2020 Howard Jones (Light The Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage) and Jared Dines tease new music
9/8/2015 This is your guitarist. This is your guitarist on drugs.
9/1/2015 This is your drummer. This is your drummer on drugs.
8/27/2015 Here's a shitty deathcore video from Jarrod Alonge and Jared Dines.
6/26/2015 Video demonstration: things fangirls say to musicians.
3/23/2015 Video: 11 ways to hold a bass guitar (aka let's make fun of bassists)
3/3/2015 Watch Jared Dines demonstrate Djent 2015.
1/28/2015 Jared Dines is back with some more alternative genre names, and this time he's got Emmure, Sworn In, and Beartooth in his sights.
1/23/2015 Jared Dines came up with new names for some metal genres that may amuse (or anger) fans of Attila, For Today, more.
1/2/2015 It's recently come to light that the discovery of Djent was actually captured on video.
12/11/2014 Funny video: 11 types of drummers playing classic songs.
12/10/2014 The We Are Triumphant and Jared Dines saga continues.
12/7/2014 Jared Dines, We Are Triumphant, and 'Things sketchy records labels say'.
12/4/2014 Video: 10 ways to hold a microphone (for beginners).

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