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J. Robbins

11/29/2019 Clutch release cover of CCR classic 'Fortunate Son'
8/11/2016 The Sword to release acoustic version of latest album
10/8/2015 Self Defense Family to release new EP
6/2/2015 The Sword announces new album
9/30/2014 Coliseum recording new album
9/30/2014 Coliseum's van stolen and crashed outside studio
7/24/2014 Bridge Nine Records signs War On Women
7/16/2014 Bridge Nine to release Moral Mazes 7"
9/5/2013 Eulogy Recordings signs Very Americans
7/17/2013 Black Anvil recording new album
12/5/2012 Texas Is The Reason announces anthology
12/3/2012 Lemuria set to record new album
10/11/2012 Coliseum recording new album
6/10/2012 Hostage Calm recording new album
6/6/2012 The Sword set to record new album
9/29/2011 Coliseum announces new EP
10/9/2009 Coliseum news and notes
8/4/2009 Ruiner announces new EP
6/19/2009 Ruiner set to record new album
5/5/2009 Clutch finishing up new album
2/17/2009 Clutch set to enter studio
2/6/2009 Ruiner news and notes
12/9/2008 Bakerton Group (Clutch) album set for release
9/24/2008 Poison The Well set to record new album
9/24/2007 Paint It Black completes new album
9/19/2007 Snapcase to reunite for benefit show
6/12/2007 Modern Life Is War completes new album
5/23/2007 Paint It Black prepares new album
2/11/2007 Killing The Dream to record new album in May
2/9/2007 Modern Life Is War signs w/ Equal Vision
4/7/2005 Textbook Music formed, signs two bands
11/13/2003 Liar's Academy records new album
2/17/2003 Fairweather set to enter studio
1/13/2003 Black Cross name, deal w/ EVR now official
11/17/2002 Black Widows news and notes
10/26/2002 Tabula Rasa signs with A-F Records

News Tidbits
5/2/2020 Clutch share new studio recording of 2001 track 'Smoke Banshee'
3/20/2020 Clutch release new studio recording of 'Willie Nelson'

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