Intronaut news


3/8/2020Intronaut share new music video
1/29/2020Intronaut unveil new track
12/8/2019Intronaut tease new track
3/22/2016A new Intronaut video is available online.
10/16/2015Intronaut has premiered another new song from their forthcoming album.
9/16/2015The first new track from Intronaut's forthcoming album is now streaming.
11/19/2014The new Cloudkicker and Intronaut album can now be streamed in its entirety.
11/13/2014A live video for Cloudkicker (with Intronaut) has been released.
12/3/2013Intronaut's new video for "Harmonomicon" has made its online debut.
3/11/2013The new Intronaut album Habitual Levitations can currently be streamed in its entirety.
3/2/2013Intronaut has uploaded another new song and a second studio update video.
2/23/2013Intronaut has launched a new video series with studio footage from recording for their new release.
8/4/2012Intronaut has unveiled a brief video featuring material from their next album.
9/28/2010Intronaut has unveiled the second installment of their "In The Valley of Smoke" web series.
9/10/2010Intronaut has formally debuted their new song, "Elegy."
7/29/2010Intronaut has unveiled some material from their forthcoming release.
11/14/2008Intronaut's video for "Australopithecus" is now available online.
9/17/2008Intronaut has uploaded a nine-minute tour report video (this is part 1 of 2).
7/21/2008A track from Intronaut's Century Media debut can be heard here (via MetalKult).
1/5/2008Intronaut has reportedly signed with Century Media Records.
9/10/2007Translation Loss Records has posted a song from Intronaut's forthcoming release, "The Challenger."
1/19/2007Intronaut drummer Danny will be playing with Jesu on their upcoming tour with Isis.
8/3/2006Intronaut's upcoming album can be streamed in its entirety here.
6/20/2006A new Intronaut song is now online.
4/15/2006Intronaut have been documenting the recording process for their new album.
4/4/2006Century and Intronaut are booking a July tour together (routing here). Book them if you can.
5/29/2005Intronaut (Uphill Battle, etc.) have posted an MP3 from their new demo here.


2/9/2021Intronaut working on new album
1/30/2020Psycho Las Vegas adds Danizg, Mercyful Fate, Emperor, more
12/19/2019Intronaut detail new album 'Fluid Existential Inversions'
10/2/2019Cult Of Luna, Intronaut, Emma Ruth Rundle tour
8/28/2019Intronaut recording new album
7/11/2019Intronaut sign with Metal Blade, working on new album
5/24/2018Intronaut fires drummer Danny Walker amid allegations
8/20/2017Future Usses (Intronaut, ex-Mouth Of The Architect) launched
5/16/2017Expulsion (Repulsion, Exhumed) sign with Relapse, debut song
4/5/2017Intronaut cancels tour dates
2/22/2017Intronaut, Bell Witch tour dates
7/25/2016Gorguts to headline North American tour
6/2/2016Shining, Intronaut to tour Europe
4/27/2016Intronaut, Entheos, Moon Tooth tour
1/21/2016The Ocean cancels North American tour
1/5/2016Intronaut, The Ocean, North announce tour
9/30/2015Intronaut on streaming royalties: 'F*ck you, Spotify'
8/20/2015Intronaut to release new album in November
8/18/2015Between The Buried & Me, Enslaved, Intronaut tour
4/13/2015Intronaut recording new album
3/5/2015Intronaut guitarist Dave Timnick joins Rajas
11/20/2014Fear Factory cancel tour to work on new album
10/12/2014Cloudkicker 'Live With Intronaut' set for release
7/28/2014Intronaut announces 10th anniversary tour
1/23/2014Tesseract, Intronaut, Cloudkicker tour announced
12/3/2013Between The Buried And Me, Deafheaven tour
11/5/2013Job For A Cowboy recruits Danny Walker for new LP
9/27/2013Intronaut, Scale The Summit tour (Europe)
8/7/2013Intronaut, Vattnet Viskar mini-tour
7/30/2013Katatonia, Cult of Luna, Intronaut, Tesseract tour
3/20/2013Intronaut, Scale The Summit, MOTA tour
2/10/2013Intronaut, The Atlas Moth, Castle tour (Europe)
12/13/2012Intronaut announces headlining tour dates
11/27/2012Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders tour dates
11/15/2012Intronaut to release new album in March
11/11/2012Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders, Intronaut tour?
10/12/2012Intronaut begins recording new album
8/14/2012Intronaut announce vinyl release of 'Void'
2/13/2012MetalSucks announces SXSW showcase
1/25/2012Black Tusk tour schedule
12/21/2011Intronaut, YOB to tour with Tool
12/12/2011Murder Construct recording debut full-length
10/15/2011High On Fire tour dates
9/7/2011Bereft (Intronaut, ex-Faceless) debuts song
5/18/2011Animals As Leaders, Intronaut, etc. tour
3/22/2011The Ocean, Intronaut, Red Fang tour (Europe)
2/27/2011Translation Loss Records signs Graviton
8/24/2010Helmet, Intronaut, Fight Amp tour
8/18/2010Relapse Records signs Murder Construct
7/21/2010Intronaut taps Tool bassist for new album
6/7/2010Intronaut frontman launches side-project
5/19/2010Cynic, Intronaut, Dysrhythmia tour
4/26/2010Intronaut to record new album in May
12/14/2009Intronaut news and notes
9/14/2009Intronaut to play two shows in India
9/12/2008Intronaut films new video
6/6/2008Intronaut recording new album
4/11/2008Intronaut, Behold The Arctopus, MOTA tour
1/15/2008Intronaut signs w/ Century Media Records
9/17/2007Intronaut, The Ocean, etc. tour (Europe)
8/28/2007Intronaut replaces guitarist/vocalist
7/11/2007Intronaut records new EP
6/13/2007Intronaut tour schedule
2/21/2007Intronaut gets stint on Isis tour
12/11/2006Intronaut stranded in Texas
10/14/2006Intronaut tour schedule
6/14/2006Intronaut tour schedule
2/23/2006Intronaut set to record new album
10/13/2005Goodfellow Records signs Intronaut