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Into The Moat

11/7/2016 War From A Harlots Mouth accuse Attila of stealing song
6/20/2012 Bringin It Back For The Kids Fest 2 initial lineup
6/27/2010 Into The Moat drummer joins Capsule
1/1/2009 Into The Moat set to release new album
9/5/2008 Into The Moat finishes recording new album
6/25/2008 Into The Moat recording new album
3/14/2008 Into The Moat prepares new album
6/25/2007 Into The Moat news and notes
2/26/2007 Into The Moat update
12/1/2005 Into The Moat seek bassist
8/14/2005 Into The Moat scramble to replace guitarist
7/18/2005 Into The Moat lose bassist
5/18/2005 The End tour schedule
4/16/2005 Soilent Green, Into The Moat, APM, etc. tour
4/4/2005 Into The Moat, Psyopus, Animosity, etc. tour
3/31/2005 Soilent Green, Into The Moat, etc. tour
3/4/2005 Into The Moat, Psyopus, Animosity tour
1/5/2005 Into The Moat, The Acacia Strain, etc. tour
12/2/2004 Into The Moat and Paria tour
11/15/2004 Into The Moat finish recording album
7/21/2004 Into The Moat to record new album this fall
6/30/2004 Into The Moat drops off summer tour
6/14/2004 Into The Moat, Psyopus booking tour
5/12/2004 Into The Moat signs w/ Metal Blade Records
11/23/2003 Glass Casket, Into the Moat mini-tour
9/8/2003 Into The Moat seeking bass player
3/22/2003 Quell mapping out Summer tour
3/4/2003 Into The Moat signs w/ Lovelost Records
2/25/2003 Into The Moat searching for bassist

News Tidbits
11/8/2016 So really, Into The Moat inspired War From A Harlots Mouth, who were ripped off by Attila?
3/19/2014 Meridian Dawn (ex-Nightrage, Into The Moat, etc.) has posted a new song.
7/18/2013 Ex-members of Nightrage, Into the Moat, and Remembering Never recently launched a new band called Meridian Dawn.
3/18/2009 Into The Moat has posted a song from their new album.
11/30/2005 Into The Moat drummer Matt Gossman is now playing guitar and singing for a doom/sludge project called Glacier.
11/28/2005 Into The Moat's new video for "Empty Shell" can now be seen online here.
7/25/2005 Radiation 4's Jose Escobar will be filling in on bass for Into The Moat from August through October.
11/30/2004 Into The Moat have posted a song from their upcoming Metal Blade Records debut here.

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