Inter Arma news


6/23/2020Inter Arma debut 'Purple Rain' cover
4/2/2019Inter Arma debut new single
3/6/2019Inter Arma debut new song
2/20/2019Inter Arma share Adult Swim exclusive track
6/30/2016A full stream of the upcoming Inter Arma album is available online.


5/13/2020Inter Arma announce covers record, debut Neil Young cover
3/13/2020Deafheaven postpone 10th anniversary tour
12/10/2019Deafheaven announce 10th anniversary tour
7/9/2019Inter Arma, Creeping Death tour dates
3/7/2019Inter Arma announce headlining U.S. tour
2/13/2019Inter Arma announce new album, premiere lead single
6/8/2018Deafheaven, Inter Arma announce tour of Europe, UK
5/10/2018Inter Arma recording new album
3/19/2018Inter Arma, Earthling tour dates
9/18/2017Inter Arma cancels European tour
5/2/2017Pelican, Inter Arma tour dates
3/28/2017Pallbearer, Gatecreeper announce U.S. tour
1/23/2017Inter Arma to tour Europe
8/22/2016Carcass, Deafheaven to co-headline tour
7/28/2016Inter Arma, Call Of The Void tour dates
4/8/2016Inter Arma, Withered tour
1/13/2016Inter Arma complete new album, announce tour dates
9/9/2015Inter Arma prepares new album
8/17/2015Kylesa, Inter Arma, Indian Handcrafts tour dates
1/21/2015Inter Arma, Yautja tour
9/23/2014Inter Arma, Mantar tour (Europe)
8/18/2014Inter Arma set to release one-song EP
7/12/2014Inter Arma drops off tour
6/8/2014Inter Arma, Bastard Sapling tour dates
3/11/2014Gilead Fest 2014 lineup finalized
2/3/2014Ulcerate, Inter Arma tour announced
12/17/2013Russian Circles to headline U.S. tour
9/9/2013Black Tusk, Inter Arma announce U.S. tour
8/8/2013Inter Arma recording new album
6/20/2013KEN mode announce North American tour
1/15/2013Mutilation Rites, Inter Arma tour dates
8/14/2012Relapse Records signs Inter Arma
3/2/2010Inter Arma tour schedule