Innerstrength Records news


5/21/2020Crafting The Conspiracy sign with Innerstrength Records
3/29/2020Erabella sign with Innerstrength Records, debut new song
4/19/2019Zombie Apocalypse announce first new record in 15 years
4/17/2019Violent Life Violent Death debut song, announce new EP
1/19/2019Violent Life Violent Death signs with Innerstrength Records
11/5/2018Samsara signs with Innerstrength Records
12/18/2016Sunlight's Bane to release new album in February
12/16/2016Innerstrength Records signs Bungler
10/17/2016Innerstrength Records to release Sunlight's Bane debut
10/9/2016Innerstrength Records signs Machinist
4/23/2016Innerstrength Records signs Wicked World
2/23/2016Misgiver signs with Innerstrength Records
2/15/2016Innerstrength Records to release new Advocate album
10/16/2014Innerstrength Recs to release Black Knives album
9/7/2014Innerstrength Records signs Insvrgence
6/20/2014Innerstrength Records signs Domination
3/21/2014GhostxShip signs with Innerstrength Records
1/2/2014Innerstrength Records signs Life For A Life
9/9/2013Havenside signs with Innerstrength Records
7/20/2013Innerstrength Records signs Menace
8/3/2012Innerstrength Records signs The Insurgence
1/14/2012The Analyst to record new EP
11/6/2011Innerstrength Records signs I Killed Everyone
11/1/2011Innerstrength Records signs Dead Channels
9/25/2011Innerstrength Records signs Concrete
9/14/2011Innerstrength Recs signs Mummified in Circuitry
1/13/2011Heal These Wounds signs w/ Innerstrength Recs
12/30/2010Innerstrength Records signs Grimus
7/18/2010Innerstrength Records signs Die Strong
6/8/2009Innerstrength Recs signs Of Salt And Swine
3/10/2009Innerstrength Recs signs Dissever The Tyrant
3/3/2009Innerstrength Records signs Labyrinthe
12/13/2008Innerstrength Records signs Chyme
8/26/2008Innerstrength Records signs Exesion
3/10/2008Innerstrength Records signs Through The Fire
10/22/2007The Analyst signs w/ Innerstrength Records
8/10/2007All Out War prepares new EP
5/23/2007Innerstrength Records signs Within The Ruins
10/8/2006Innerstrength Records signs The Storm
6/29/2006Waking Judea signs w/ Innerstrength Records
6/19/2005Innerstrength Records signs Ethereal Collapse
11/4/2004Innerstrength Recs signs The Zimmermann Note
5/27/2004Shallow Water Grave signs w/ Innerstrength Recs
10/23/2002Asherah signs with Innerstrength Records