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5/22/2024 Slapshot announce East Coast shows with Ignite, Death By Stereo and School Drugs
5/21/2024 Zoli Téglás (ex-Ignite) rescues pelicans in report on CBS Evening News
1/11/2024 Ignite release new single "Done Digging The Grave" feat Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid)
3/15/2022 Super Friendly Fest 2022 lineup announced
2/18/2022 Ignite debut new single and video 'This Day'
2/1/2022 Ignite announce spring headlining tour dates
1/14/2022 Ignite release new track and music video
11/19/2021 Ignite premiere new song and video 'The River', to release self-titled album in March
9/17/2021 Ignite announce new vocalist, release digital EP
8/30/2021 Ignite recording new album
11/25/2019 Ignite vocalist Zoli Teglas quits band
10/22/2019 Hatebreed frontman to release new Jasta album in December
2/22/2017 Rev Fest 2017 lineup announced
9/20/2016 Ignite tour dates
10/26/2015 Ignite details forthcoming album
9/14/2015 Ignite announces new album
9/10/2015 Ignite, Terror, H2O, Iron Reagan tour (Europe)
5/22/2015 Ignite prepare to release first new LP in 10 years
10/3/2014 Ignite, SNFU postpone co-headline tour
9/24/2014 Ignite, SNFU announce co-headline Canadian tour
8/4/2014 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
6/5/2014 Ignite recording new album
7/11/2013 Rise Records signs War Generation
4/6/2012 Ignite to release first-ever live DVD
11/2/2011 Ignite mini-tour
2/16/2010 Ignite frontman becomes new Pennywise singer
5/18/2008 Ignite tour (Australia)
2/4/2008 Ignite, Terror, Strung Out tour (Europe)
9/23/2007 Persistence Tour 2007 (Europe)
7/2/2007 Ignite mini-tour (West Coast)
2/19/2007 Ignite tour dates (Europe)
1/3/2007 Ignite postpones European tour
12/21/2006 Ignite to release limited tour edition CD
12/4/2006 Ignite tour (Latin America)
11/29/2006 Ignite, Pennywise, Circle Jerks dates
8/2/2006 Ignite, Pennywise, Circle Jerks tour
7/14/2006 Ignite, Modern Life Is War, etc. tour
5/22/2006 Ignite and With Honor tour (Europe)
4/6/2006 Ignite, Blacklisted, Set Your Goals tour
1/23/2006 Comeback Kid, Ignite, First Blood, etc. tour
1/6/2006 Ignite finishing up new album
7/20/2005 Ignite sign w/ Abacus Recordings
6/7/2004 Ignite tour dates

News Tidbits
12/19/2018 Ignite premieres new video, working on new music
12/18/2015 Ignite has debuted another track from their upcoming album.
12/4/2015 Ignite is now streaming the first new song from their next LP.
5/12/2012 A trailer for the Ignite's upcoming DVD release is available online.
10/13/2008 Ignite is preparing to enter a rehearsal studio to write their next album.
7/12/2006 Ignite's video for "Bleeding" is now online.
5/9/2006 The new Ignite album is being streamed by our friends at DecoyMusic, so check that out.
3/13/2006 Ignite have posted two tracks from their upcoming Abacus Recs release.

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