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God Forbid

1/21/2024 Doc Coyle (God Forbid, Bad Wolves) joined Issues on stage during Anaheim farewell show
11/29/2023 God Forbid to re-issue 'Earthsblood' on Limited 2LP Colored vinyl
9/27/2023 God Forbid to release deluxe reissue of 'IV: Constitution Of Treason'
8/10/2023 Hatebreed and God Forbid announce South Florida date prior to Headbangers Boat Cruise
12/27/2022 God Forbid share pro-shot live video of first show in 9 years, ft Nick Hipa
11/2/2022 God Forbid and Bleeding Through announce a pair of Northeast dates for early 2023
7/18/2022 Nick Hipa to play with God Forbid at reunion
3/14/2022 God Forbid to reunite for first performance in nearly 10 years
2/12/2019 Lamb Of God guitarist reveals live band for solo tour
4/18/2017 Ex-Devildriver, God Forbid, etc. members launch Bad Wolves
11/1/2015 ex-God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle returns in Vagus Nerve
4/8/2014 God Forbid, etc. members form Lead Pipe Cruelty
9/25/2013 ex-God Forbid member Doc Coyle to tour w/ Unearth
8/16/2013 God Forbid calls it quits
7/18/2013 God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle forms new rock band
9/18/2012 Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Thy Will Be Done tour
4/24/2012 5FDP, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Emmure tour
2/22/2012 God Forbid set to shoot new video
2/14/2012 Overkill announces new U.S. tour lineup
2/13/2012 God Forbid announces new album
8/8/2011 Victory Records signs God Forbid
4/9/2010 God Forbid news and notes
1/14/2010 Kittie, God Forbid tour dates
1/14/2010 Throwdown cancels tour, God Forbid steps in
4/28/2009 God Forbid tour schedule (Europe)
3/31/2009 God Forbid guitarist quits band
12/26/2008 God Forbid, Ill Nino tour (Europe)
10/25/2008 God Forbid announces new album title
9/8/2008 God Forbid taps Jens Bogren to mix new album
3/22/2008 Death Angel, Soilent Green, God Forbid tour
3/19/2008 God Forbid completes drums for new album
3/6/2008 God Forbid begins tracking new full-length
1/21/2008 God Forbid wants fans to name new DVD
1/9/2008 God Forbid to enter studio in March
10/30/2007 Stillborn Fest 2008 details
8/29/2007 KOCH Recs to re-release God Forbid albums
8/20/2007 Devildriver, God Forbid tour (Europe)
5/20/2007 God Forbid wrapping up new DVD
2/16/2007 God Forbid tour dates (Mexico, etc.)
2/8/2007 God Forbid to film show for DVD
11/13/2006 God Forbid cancels Canadian tour
11/8/2006 God Forbid, Human Abstract, etc. dates (Canada)
11/2/2006 God Forbid, Goatwhore, Mnemic, Arsis tour
6/28/2006 God Forbid, Cataract, Maroon, etc. tour (Europe)
4/17/2006 Ill Nino, God Forbid, Eyes Of Fire, etc. tour
1/17/2006 Children Of Bodom, God Forbid, etc. tour
12/2/2005 God Forbid complete video, to support Anthrax
11/14/2005 WPO Records to reissue God Forbid debut
11/2/2005 God Forbid seek extras for video
8/11/2005 Meshuggah, God Forbid, The Haunted tour
3/4/2005 God Forbid, Caliban, IDT, etc. dates
2/2/2005 God Forbid album, tour update
1/15/2005 God Forbid to enter studio in May
12/21/2004 God Forbid prepare to begin writing new album
9/18/2004 God Forbid reveal plans for new video
6/30/2004 God Forbid lines up Ozzfest off-dates
3/25/2004 Arch Enemy, God Forbid, etc. tour
3/19/2004 God Forbid, Scars Of Tomorrow, etc. tour
1/26/2004 God Forbid, BHBS, Walls Of Jericho, etc. dates
9/12/2003 God Forbid and E-Town Concrete tour
6/25/2003 God Forbid set to enter studio
6/19/2003 Atreyu, God Forbid, Darkest Hour, etc. tour
6/11/2003 Atreyu, God Forbid, Darkest Hour, etc. tour
4/14/2003 God Forbid dispels Byron Davis rumors
1/19/2003 God Forbid set to begin pre-production
10/19/2002 Sworn Enemy, Arch Enemy, God Forbid tour
7/30/2002 God Forbid lines up tour dates
3/15/2002 God Forbid home and writing new material
1/15/2002 God Forbid set to embark on U.S. tour with Gwar
12/10/2001 God Forbid to join portion of Hatebreed tour
9/26/2001 God Forbid to tour Europe w/ Opeth
8/24/2001 God Forbid cancels Canada dates
8/4/2001 God Forbid added to huge metal tour
6/29/2001 God Forbid involved in van mishap
6/18/2001 God Forbid to tour U.S. with VOD
6/5/2001 God Forbid tour w/ Cradle Of Filth
3/21/2001 God Forbid and Nevermore tour
2/23/2001 Shadows Fall & God Forbid tour
2/12/2001 God Forbid finish debut record
2/2/2001 God Forbid news and notes
1/17/2001 God Forbid new album update
12/12/2000 God Forbid ready to hit studio
11/3/2000 God Forbid album update

News Tidbits
9/9/2014 Ex-God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle explains the death of the 'New Wave Of American Heavy Metal'.
7/13/2012 God Forbid has premiered their new music video for "Equilibrium."
3/19/2012 God Forbid's new video for "Where We Come From" is now online.
3/1/2012 God Forbid has premiered a track from their upcoming full-length.
2/20/2012 God Forbid has launched a "making of" video series for their new album.
2/16/2012 A preview of a track from God Forbid's new album is now online.
9/2/2011 A new God Forbid demo track can be downloaded as part of Victory Records new Labor Day Sampler (Faceb
3/5/2009 God Forbid's new album, "Earthsblood," sold 5,400 copies in its first week, debuting at #110 on the Billboard 200.
2/10/2009 God Forbid's new album can be streamed in its entirety here.
2/5/2009 God Forbid has posted another track from their new album.
12/26/2008 A new God Forbid song can be heard by registering here.
12/4/2008 God Forbid has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
10/20/2008 God Forbid's new cover of the Merauder song, "Master Killer," is online.
9/12/2008 God Forbid has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
6/10/2008 You can watch the trailer for God Forbid's new DVD here.
3/8/2006 God Forbid's video for "To The Fallen Hero" is now online.
11/10/2005 You can check out photos from God Forbid's recent video shoot for "To The Fallen Hero."
10/26/2005 God Forbid's video for "The End Of The World" is now online.
10/18/2005 A God Forbid live video from the upcoming Series DVD has been posted.
9/28/2005 God Forbid's new album sold 8,300 in its first week, debuting at #119 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.
9/13/2005 An ecard for the new God Forbid album is now online.
1/27/2005 God Forbid, Caliban, Full Blown Chaos, and It Dies Today will be touring together through April and into May.
4/28/2004 God Forbid will be filming a video for the track "Antihero" with Dale Resteghini this Sunday at CBC Media in Islandia, NY. Fans are wanted, so go.

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