Goatwhore news


4/3/2018Goatwhore has been added to Satyricon's upcoming tour of North America.
11/21/2017Goatwhore is streaming a new song called "Command to Destroy."
6/21/2017Goatwhore has premiered another new song from their upcoming LP.
5/24/2017Goatwhore is streaming a new track.
10/26/2015Video: UFC fighter Josh Barnett circle pits to Goatwhore.
7/27/2015Ritual Killer, featuring current and former members of Goatwhore, has debuted a new track.
7/9/2015Here's some new earnings and attendance for Warped Tour, Atreyu, In Flames, Defeater, and many others.
11/23/2014Carcass and Goatwhore music was featured in a scene from CBS show 'Elementary' this past week.
10/16/2014Goatwhore's new video for "Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed" is now online.
7/17/2014First week chart numbers for new Goatwhore album revealed.
7/14/2014Goatwhore has unveiled their new video for "Baring Teeth For Revolt."
6/12/2014Another new Goatwhore song can be heard online.
5/30/2014Goatwhore has unveiled the first new song from their upcoming album.
3/1/2013Terror and Goatwhore have been added to the New England Metal & Hardcore Fest 2013 lineup.
2/22/2012The new Goatwhore album sold roughly 3,100 copies in its first week.
7/21/2011Goatwhore has entered the studio to begin recording their next album.
9/14/2010Goatwhore will enter the studio this winter to record their fifth album.
8/13/2009Goatwhore's new video for "Apocalyptic Havoc" is now available online.
7/2/2009Goatwhore's latest, "Carving Out the Eyes of God," sold roughly 2,600 copies in its first week, debuting at #190 on the Billboard 200.
5/20/2009A new Goatwhore song has been made available online.
3/22/2007A Goatwhore live video from late last year has been posted.
10/12/2006Goatwhore will replace Dog Fashion Disco on the upcoming Cattle Decapitation tour.
9/29/2006Goatwhore's video for "Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult" is now online.
9/5/2006Goatwhore's new album, "A Haunting Curse," can be streamed online in its en
7/28/2006A track from Goatwhore's upcoming album is now online.
12/3/2004You can now download the video for Goatwhore's "Blood Guilt Eucharist" here.


2/24/2021Goatwhore recording new music
12/22/2020Goatwhore announce livestream concert
6/21/2019Goatwhore, Ringworm tour dates
3/16/2019Psycho Las Vegas 2019 lineup finalized
1/23/2019Austin Terror Fest 2019 announced
1/21/2019Brews And Bruise 2019 announced
10/9/2018Goatwhore, Cloak, Great American Ghost shows announced
8/15/2018Goatwhore to headline 2018 Metal Alliance Tour
8/1/2018Arch Enemy cancels North American tour
5/3/2018Dying Fetus announces tour of Europe, UK
5/1/2018Arch Enemy, Goatwhore, Uncured tour
1/22/2018Satyricon announces final U.S. headlining tour
10/19/2017Sepultura, Goatwhore, Obscura to tour Europe
7/10/2017Ozzfest Meets Knotfest 2017 announced
5/30/2017Venom Inc, Goatwhore, Toxic Holocaust tour announced
5/16/2017Goatwhore, Anciients tour announced
5/3/2017Goatwhore announce new album, premiere song
4/24/2017Full Terror Assault 2017 announced
1/30/2017Amon Amarth, Goatwhore announce U.S. tour
12/13/2016Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation, Goatwhore tour
10/26/2016Crowbar, Goatwhore tour dates
10/12/2016Goatwhore recording new album
7/19/2016Goatwhore tour dates
2/20/2016Goatwhore mini-tour
9/8/2015The Black Dahlia Murder, Goatwhore, Iron Reagan, Entheos tour
7/16/2015Goatwhore, Black Fast tour dates
4/21/2015GWAR-B-Q 2015 lineup takes shape
4/8/2015Goatwhore, Ringworm, Black Breath, Theories tour
3/2/2015Fort Worth Metal Fest 2015 lineup announced
2/25/2015Free Press Summer Festival 2015 lineup announced
1/18/2015Psycroptic, Goatwhore tour (Australia)
12/19/2014Skeletonwitch, Goatwhore tour (Europe)
12/4/2014Season Of Mist signs Ritual Killer
8/28/2014Goatwhore tour dates
7/17/2014Samhain, Goatwhore tour dates
7/11/2014Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Malevolence tour (Europe)
5/2/2014The Summer Slaughter Tour 2014 dates announced
5/1/2014GWAR-B-Q 2014 to feature Hatebreed, Body Count
4/24/2014Summer Slaughter 2014 lineup announced
3/26/2014Goatwhore announce new album title, release date
3/10/2014Goatwhore completes new album
1/23/2014Texas Independence Fest lineup announced
1/13/2014Metal Alliance Tour 2014 announced
1/11/2014Metal Alliance Tour 2014 lineup, dates leak
1/10/2014NEMHF 2014 adds Acacia Strain, Carnifex, more
1/3/2014Goatwhore to begin recording new album
12/28/2013Metal Alliance Tour 2014 to include Behemoth
10/20/2013Goatwhore prepares new album
7/12/2013South By So What?! Fall Edition announced
6/7/2013Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Fest linup
3/2/2013The Casualties announce North American tour
2/15/2013Goatwhore, 3 Inches of Blood announce more dates
2/1/2013The Casualties, Goatwhore, Havok tour dates
1/25/2013Goatwhore, 3 Inches of Blood tour
9/24/2012High On Fire, Goatwhore tour
8/22/2012Goatwhore tour dates
4/23/2012Summer Slaughter Tour 2012 dates
2/24/20123 Inches of Blood, Goatwhore tour (Europe)
2/20/2012Goatwhore added to Summer Slaughter 2012
1/20/2012The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Volumes tour dates
1/9/2012Goatwhore unveils album details, new song
1/3/2012Goatwhore, Hate Eternal, Fallujah tour
12/23/2011Hate Eternal, Goatwhore tour
11/16/2011Lock Up, Goatwhore, Strong Intention tour dates
11/7/2011Goatwhore records Motorhead cover for Decibel
7/28/2011Exhumed, Goatwhore, Cephalic Carnage tour
4/21/2011Goatwhore prepares new album
8/29/2010Watain, Goatwhore, Black Anvil tour
8/26/2010The Black Dahlia Murder, Goatwhore tour
7/31/2010Goatwhore, Graves Of Valor tour dates
5/1/2010Ozzfest 2010 announced
4/28/2010Goatwhore, Revocation tour dates
3/29/20103 Inches Of Blood, Goatwhore tour (Canada)
1/29/2010Goatwhore, Enfold Darkness tour dates
9/20/2009Goatwhore, Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch (Europe)
9/16/2009Municipal Waste announces fall tour
6/23/2009Goatwhore singer joins Suicide War
4/22/2009Goatwhore set to release new album
4/5/2009Goatwhore, Abigail Williams, etc. tour
2/11/2009Amon Amarth, Goathwhore, Skeletonwitch tour
1/26/2009Obituary, Goatwhore, Krisiun, etc. tour
8/12/2007Exodus, Arsis, Goatwhore, Warbringer tour
5/8/2007Excess Of Evil Tour (Goatwhore, etc.) cancelled
3/5/2007Marduk, Enslaved, Goatwhore, etc. tour (Europe)
3/3/2007Goatwhore tour dates
1/3/20071349, Goatwhore, Nachtmystium, etc. tour
11/2/2006God Forbid, Goatwhore, Mnemic, Arsis tour
2/22/2006Goatwhore recording new album
1/16/2006High On Fire, Goatwhore, Watch Them Die tour
11/18/2005Goatwhore prepare new album
9/8/2005Benefit planned for Crowbar, Soilent Green, etc.
2/1/2005Goatwhore in search of new drummer
11/10/2004Goatwhore to record album in March
9/4/2004Kataklysm, Napalm Death, Goatwhore, dates
7/21/2004Goatwhore signs w/ Metal Blade Records
6/17/2004Cattle Decapitation and Goatwhore dates
2/2/2004Goatwhore loses drummer