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Full Blown Chaos

6/10/2019 Kohlfest 2019 lineup announced
7/9/2017 Nowhere Fest 2017 lineup announced
9/21/2014 Brick By Brick recruits Full Blown Chaos vocalist
3/28/2012 Frontlines (Full Blown Chaos) records new material
11/14/2011 Full Blown Chaos cancels tour
10/13/2011 Full Blown Chaos, Rose Funeral, Battlecross tour
3/30/2011 Full Blown Chaos postpones European tour
12/16/2010 Malevolent Creation, Full Blown Chaos tour
11/11/2010 Full Blown Chaos album set for release
10/6/2010 Knights Of The Abyss, Full Blown Chaos dates
8/31/2010 Full Blown Chaos signs w/ Ironclad Recordings
8/20/2009 Full Blown Chaos update
6/9/2009 Full Blown Chaos seeks bassist
3/15/2009 Full Blown Chaos, SYNT tour ending early
12/24/2008 Full Blown Chaos, See You Next Tuesday tour
10/31/2008 Full Blown Chaos, Reign Supreme, etc. tour
7/25/2008 Shai Hulud tour cancelled
4/29/2008 Full Blown Chaos, Shai Hulud, Elysia tour
8/19/2007 Full Blown Chaos, First Blood, etc. tour (Europe)
7/13/2007 Obituary, Full Blown Chaos, etc. tour
6/8/2007 Full Blown Chaos signs w/ Ferret Music
2/10/2007 Terror, Full Blown Chaos, etc. tour (Europe)
10/19/2006 Full Blown Chaos cancels tour dates (Europe)
9/15/2006 Hatebreed, Sworn Enemy, Scars Of Tomorrow dates
9/13/2006 Remembering Never, Full Blown Chaos tour
9/1/2006 Soulfly, Full Blown Chaos, Incite, etc. tour
8/2/2006 Full Blown Chaos and Scars Of Tomorrow tour
8/2/2006 Full Blown Chaos drops off Hell On Earth tour
5/11/2006 Full Blown Chaos singer bitten by black widow
1/31/2006 Full Blown Chaos set to record album
1/30/2006 Exodus, Full Blown Chaos, Classic Struggle tour
4/21/2005 Agnostic Front, Full Blown Chaos, etc. tour
9/15/2004 Candiria, Full Blown Chaos mini-tour (Canada)
1/26/2004 Full Blown Chaos new album update
1/18/2004 Six Feet Under, Full Blown Chaos dates
4/10/2003 Full Blown Chaos added to Sepultura tour
2/11/2003 Full Blown Chaos tour schedule

News Tidbits
11/11/2008 Full Blown Chaos has replaced As Blood Runs Black on the upcoming "Santa Slaughter" European tour.
6/26/2007 Full Blown Chaos has posted a song from their upcoming Ferret debut.
7/10/2006 The new Full Blown Chaos album can be now be streamed in its entirety.
6/19/2006 Full Blown Chaos has posted two songs from their upcoming album.
12/28/2004 Full Blown Chaos will be filming a video at Cabot St. in Chicopee, MA on January 2nd.
9/27/2004 Click here to preview the new Full Blown Chaos album, which will be out on 10/19.
5/30/2004 100 Demons, Full Blown Chaos, and Through The Discipline will be touring the US from July 14th until August 26th. Look for dates soon.
2/14/2004 Full Blown Chaos will be one of the groups supporting Chimaira during a run of dates in March.

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