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Fucked Up

6/10/2024 Fucked Up announce new album, share lead single "Stimming"
4/1/2024 Fucked Up deliver new single, "Being Annoying"
10/25/2022 Fucked Up announce next album, share music video
9/12/2022 Fucked Up issue video for title track of Oberon EP
7/26/2022 Fucked Up announce new Oberon EP, share single
6/17/2021 Faith No More announce shows with Fucked Up
5/14/2021 Riot Fest 2021 lineup announced
4/9/2020 Power Trip, Fucked Up members launch band, debut song
11/21/2018 Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival 2019 announced
4/20/2015 F*cked Up announce tour dates, premiere new song
3/6/2015 F*cked Up to release new EP through Deathwish Inc.
3/19/2014 F*cked Up tour dates (Europe)
3/18/2014 F*cked Up to release new album in June; debut song
8/6/2013 Terror, Fucked Up, Code Orange Kids tour dates
6/26/2013 East Coast Tsunami 2013 lineup announced
6/18/2012 FYF Fest 2012 lineup announced
6/12/2012 Riot Fest in Philadelphia, NYC, Toronto, Dallas
11/7/2011 F*cked Up going on hiatus
8/27/2011 F*cked Up, Wavves tour dates
4/1/2010 Fucked Up sued for defamation
11/29/2009 F*cked Up tour dates
10/22/2009 Fucked Up to release singles compilation
12/8/2008 Fucked Up tour dates
6/16/2008 F*cked Up signs with Matador Records
11/27/2007 Fucked Up to release holiday/charity 7"
5/31/2007 Fucked Up tour schedule
2/28/2007 Fucked Up tour dates
11/21/2006 Fucked Up tour (Europe)
11/3/2006 Fucked Up cancels U.S. shows
7/7/2006 Fucked Up tour dates (west coast)
6/18/2006 Fucked Up prepares to release debut album
3/28/2006 Jade Tree Records signs Fucked Up

News Tidbits
2/8/2021 Fucked Up unveil opening track of new EP
3/8/2017 The new F*cked Up EP can now be streamed in its entirety.
10/29/2015 A video of Fucked Up covering Alanis Morissette can be viewed here.
6/4/2015 F*cked Up has debuted an "interactive" music video for "Year of the Hare."
4/29/2014 F*cked Up has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
12/11/2009 Fucked Up has unveiled their version of "Do They Know It's Christmas," featuring Tegan and Sara, David Cross, and others
1/28/2009 Fucked Up's singer was recently interviewed by Fox News.
7/10/2008 Matador has posted a track from Fucked Up's forthcoming album.
1/23/2007 A video of Fucked Up's recent performance on MTV Canada is now online.
6/28/2006 Jade Tree has posted a song from the new Fucked Up album (out on 10/10).

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