From Autumn To Ashes news


11/26/2014From Autumn To Ashes seems to be hinting at some sort of return.
9/16/2013Get Involved! (ex-Glassjaw, Thursday, From Autumn To Ashes) has made a new song available for free download.
5/15/2008From Autumn To Ashes has debuted a track from their forthcoming live album.
4/4/2007From Autumn To Ashes' video for "Pioneers" is now online.
2/17/2007Former Zao drummer Jeff Gretz is currently playing for From Autumn To Ashes.
12/15/2006From Autumn To Ashes has posted a song from their upcoming album.
8/8/2006From Autumn To Ashes will begin recording their next album in October.
7/4/2006From Autumn To Ashes has posted a new song ("Love It Or Left It").
1/8/2006Goodbye Writer, a group formed by original From Autumn To Ashes guitarist Scott Gross, have posted some new material on
10/10/2005From Autumn To Ashes' cover of "Let's Have A War" (Fear) is now online.
8/19/2005From Autumn To Ashes's new video for "Where Do You Draw The Line" is now online.
5/3/2005From Autumn To Ashes have posted a new song here.
3/31/2005From Autumn To Ashes, in addition to other opening acts, have been dropped from Slipknot's Subliminal Verses tour due to venue time constraints.
9/10/2004The new From Autumn To Ashes video for "Lilacs & Lolita" can be viewed here.


3/3/2020From Autumn To Ashes announce NYC show
1/15/2020From Autumn To Ashes announce first show since 2016
1/2/2020From Autumn To Ashes suggest possible return
12/1/2015From The Autumn To Ashes mini-tour
7/18/2015From Autumn To Ashes singer explains drug charges
7/7/2015From Autumn To Ashes singer arrested for drugs
7/2/2015From Autumn To Ashes cancels tour dates
5/5/2015From Autumn To Ashes announce summer tour
3/17/2015From Autumn To Ashes announces "first show back"
12/18/2014Skate And Surf Festival 2015 lineup announced
11/26/2014Amnesia Rockfest 2015 to include FATA, Refused
2/17/2014Get Involved! (Glassjaw, FATA) EP set for release
8/28/2013Skeletondealer (ex-FATA, Warship) to release EP
3/20/2013Get Involved (Glassjaw, Thursday) to record EP
12/30/2009Warship on indefinite hiatus
4/10/2009Lullaby The Storm (ex-FATA) prepares debut
2/17/2009Ex-From Autumn To Ashes guitarist forms band
8/6/2008From Autumn To Ashes member launches new band
6/9/2008From Autumn To Ashes disbands
4/15/2008From Autumn To Ashes to release live album
3/11/2008From Autumn To Ashes update
1/28/2008From Autumn To Ashes drummer breaks foot
11/10/2007FATA, Number Twelve Looks Like You mini-tour
9/28/2007Silverstein, From Autumn To Ashes, etc. tour
9/6/2007From Autumn To Ashes rejoined by ex-bassist
2/6/2007From Autumn To Ashes, Haste The Day, etc. tour
12/6/2006From Autumn To Ashes singer leaves band
9/25/2006From Autumn To Ashes enters studio
3/25/2006From Autumn To Ashes update
11/9/2005From Autumn To Ashes, Emery, etc. dates
10/20/2005FATA, The Esoteric, Boy Sets Fire tour
7/7/2005From Autumn To Ashes drop off SOTU tour
6/12/2005Rise Against, Comeback Kid, FATA, etc. tour
1/8/2005Ferret to re-issue From Autumn To Ashes debut
10/6/2004Vagrant Records Europe Tour (FATA, etc.)
8/19/2004From Autumn To Ashes update
7/14/2004Killswitch Engage, 18 Visions, FATA tour
4/6/2004Atreyu, From Autumn To Ashes, etc. tour
3/26/2004From Autumn To Ashes loses guitarist
8/15/2003ETID, Cave In, and FATA tour
7/24/2003Every Time I Die tour schedule
6/29/2003From Autumn To Ashes signs w/ Vagrant Recs
6/13/2003From Autumn To Ashes completes new album
11/16/2002From Autumn To Ashes pulls off current tour
10/24/2002FATA, Unearth & The Hope Conspiracy tour
10/6/2002Shadows Fall, Avenged Sevenfold, etc. tour
9/1/2002From Autumn To Ashes tour schedule
8/6/2002From Autumn To Ashes tour dates
6/19/2002Glasseater set for tour of the East
5/6/2002From Autumn To Ashes tour dates
4/13/2002From Autumn To Ashes to tour w/ Shai Hulud
4/11/2002White Trash Thrash Metal Comeback tour
3/14/2002From Autumn To Ashes in van accident
2/27/2002Poison The Well headlining tour schedule
2/14/2002PTW to tour w/ American Nightmare, others
2/13/2002From Autumn To Ashes/Skycamefalling dates
2/12/2002Diecast, From Autumn To Ashes & Unearth tour
2/11/2002From Autumn To Ashes get Warped Tour stint
1/13/2002From Autumn To Ashes set for more touring
1/8/2002From Autumn To Ashes taking break from road
8/30/2001From Autumn To Ashes tour dates
8/4/2001From Autumn To Ashes update
3/17/2001From Autumn To Ashes Northeast tour
3/6/2001From Autumn To Ashes update
2/26/2001From Autumn To Ashes update
1/16/2001From Autumn To Ashes officially signs w/ Ferret
1/14/2001From Autumn To Ashes signs with Ferret