Facedown Records news


2/5/2021Bloodlines sign with Facedown Records, debut new song
11/16/2020Fallstar return with new song and album
11/1/2019Nothing Left (For Today) premiere first single from debut LP
10/8/2019What We Do In Secret sign with Facedown Records, debut song
6/22/2018Facedown Records signs Weathered
12/1/2017Sleeping Giant breaking up, announce final album
10/26/2017For All Eternity announce new album, premiere song
10/11/2017War Of Ages announces new album
10/9/2017Your Memorial announces final EP
6/21/2017Facedown Records signs Fleshkiller (Extol)
4/28/2017Facedown Records signs Deathbreaker
2/16/2017Nothing Left (ex-For Today) premiere song, announce debut EP
1/24/2017Facedown Fest 2017 announced
10/20/2016Those Who Fear announce new album, premiere song
8/8/2016Facedown Records signs Comrades
3/19/2016Facedown Records signs Poured Out
2/4/2016Facedown Fest 2016 announced
6/8/2015Facedown Records signs For All Eternity
4/22/2015Facedown Records signs Attalus
2/9/2015Facedown Fest 2015 lineup announced
8/21/2014Gideon announce new album, debut first single
6/6/2014War of Ages announce new album, debut new song
2/12/2014Extol releases deluxe edition of LP, new song
1/22/2014Facedown Records signs Mouth of the South
1/10/2014Facedown Fest 2014 lineup announced
10/22/2013My Epic to release new album in December
10/18/2013Everything In Slow Motion debut LP set for release
4/23/2013Extol to release new album in June
3/29/2013Facedown Records signs Colossus
1/30/2013Facedown Records signs Fallstar
1/16/2013Facedown Fest 2013 announced
11/16/2012Facedown Records signs Those Who Fear
10/3/2012Facedown Records signs Everything In Slow Motion
8/27/2012Onward To Olympas album set for release
7/26/2012Facedown Records signs Ark of the Covenant
5/17/2012Facedown Records signs Letter to the Exiles
4/20/2012Facedown Records signs Altars
3/3/2012War of Ages to release new album in April
2/3/2012Facedown Records signs The Burial
1/27/2012Facedown Records signs Leaders
1/12/2012Facedown Fest 2012 announced
1/3/2012Your Memorial set to record new album
9/14/2011Facedown Recs to release Immortal Souls album
6/13/2011Facedown Records signs Saving Grace
5/26/2011Facedown Recs re-signs A Plea For Purging
4/5/2011Facedown Records re-signs War of Ages
1/25/2011Facedown Fest 2011 announced
1/7/2011Facedown Records signs Gideon
12/7/2010Facedown Records signs Overcome
11/30/2010Facedown Records signs Hope for the Dying
11/16/2010Facedown Records signs As Hell Retreats
10/20/2010Strike First/Facedown signs Gideon
5/19/2010Facedown Records signs Your Memorial
1/6/2010Facedown Records signs In The Midst Of Lions
11/2/2009Facedown Records signs A Hope For Home
10/29/2009Strike First Recs signs Letter To The Exiles
10/6/2009Facedown Records signs Onward To Olympas
1/17/2009Facedown Fest 2009 announced
12/17/2008Facedown Records signs Hands
10/20/2008Facedown Recs announces xDeathstarx re-release
6/11/2008Facedown Records signs Call To Preserve
4/8/2008Dreamt Music/Facedown Recs signs My Epic
2/7/2008Facedown Records signs Take It Back!
1/10/2008For Today signs w/ Facedown Records
1/4/2008Facedown Fest 2008 announced
12/13/2007Facedown Records signs WrenchintheWorks
11/15/2007Facedown Recs imprint signs Thieves & Liars
8/30/2007Kingston Falls signs w/ Facedown Records
8/15/2007Facedown Fest East Coast announced
5/25/2007Facedown Recs announces CD/DVD retrospective
3/31/2007Facedown Records signs A Plea For Purging
3/14/2007Facedown Records signs Remove The Veil
1/30/2007Facedown Records signs Sleeping Giant
1/20/2007Facedown Records signs Impending Doom
1/9/2007Facedown Fest 2007 details
12/12/2006Facedown Records signs Means
4/26/2006Facedown Records secure deal w/ RED
2/28/2006xDeathstarx sign w/ Facedown Records
1/20/2006Facedown Fest 2006 info
12/9/2005Facedown Records signs Flee The Seen
4/9/2005Facedown Records signs xLooking Forwardx
3/16/2005Facedown Records signs Inked In Blood
10/26/2004No Innocent Victim signs w/ Facedown Records
4/25/2004Sinai Beach new album update
3/29/2004Facedown Records signs two bands
1/15/2004Facedown Fest 2004 info
11/18/2003Facedown Recs. signs Bloodlined Calligraphy
9/26/2003Facedown Records forms new sub-label
6/5/2003This Run Through signs w/ Facedown Recs
2/9/2003Facedown Records inks Symphony In Peril
8/22/2002Facedown Records inks The Comeback Kid