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6/9/2023 Exmortus release "Beyond The Grave" single
2/20/2023 Vio-lence announce Exmortus and ex-Rings Of Saturn members as touring replacements
8/10/2022 Exmortus join Nuclear Blast, release single
11/20/2019 Exmortus total van and trailer in accident
9/8/2019 Exmortus to release new EP in October
9/6/2019 Death Angel headlining North American tour
5/29/2019 Allegaeon, Exmortus, Reaping Asmodeia mini-tour
2/18/2019 Venom Inc., Exmortus, Homewrecker tour dates
8/6/2018 Obituary, Exmortus tour dates
5/29/2018 Exmortus, The Absence, Hatchet tour
1/5/2018 Exmortus recording new album
9/14/2017 Darkest Hour, Warbringer, Exmortus tour dates
2/4/2017 Warbringer, Havok, Exmortus tour dates
12/20/2016 Havok, Exmortus, Extinction AD tour
8/23/2016 Children Of Bodom, Abbath, Exmortus tour announced
6/1/2016 Holy Grail, Exmortus, Spellcaster to tour U.S.
7/15/2015 Exmortus finish recording new album, announce tour
6/3/2015 Warbringer, Enforcer announce North America tour
5/23/2015 Exmortus set to record new album
8/11/2014 Knotfest adds bands (Napalm Death, Satyricon, etc)
7/21/2014 Arsis announces North American tour
5/19/2014 Flotsam and Jetsam, Exmortus, Hatchet tour dates
1/20/2014 Destruction, Krisiun announce North American tour
1/12/2014 Exmortus, Lich King tour dates
10/8/2013 Prosthetic Records signs Exmortus
8/21/2013 Dark Tranquillity, Omnium Gatherum, Exmortus tour
1/25/2009 Bonded By Blood, Exmortus, Witchaven tour

News Tidbits
10/24/2019 Exmortus premiere new track
10/8/2019 Exmortus release 'Beetlejuice' cover
9/15/2019 Exmortus share new song and video
5/5/2018 A new Exmortus track (and video) is now available online.
2/13/2017 Exmortus has released a new music video.
4/23/2016 Exmortus has released a new video for "Let Us Roam."
12/1/2015 Another new Exmortus song is available online.
9/23/2014 Exmortus' new video for "Metal Is King" is now online.
6/25/2014 Exmortus is featured in a new Virgin Mobile commercial.
3/3/2014 Exmortus has uploaded their new video for "Foe Hammer."

12/14/2023 Lambgoat's Albums of the Year 2023

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