Evile news


7/31/2009Evile has posted another track from their upcoming release.
7/14/2009A track from Evile's forthcoming Earache release can be heard here.


2/5/2021Evile return with new album, debut title track
9/16/2020Evile sign with Napalm Records, recording new album
8/12/2020Evile announce new lineup, set to record album
4/30/2018Evile rejoined by Ol Drake, to begin work on new album
8/20/2014Evile announces new guitarist
12/12/2013Ol Drake (ex-Evile) signs with Earache Records
10/21/2013Evile seeks new guitarist
8/30/2013Evile guitarist Ol Drake quits band
1/31/2013Evile set to begin recording new album
11/10/2011Evile tour (Europe)
8/25/2011Evile album set for release
3/17/2011Evile set to record new album
11/16/2010Evile tour dates (UK)
9/4/2010Evile prepares new album
7/10/2010Early Man, Evile, Bonded By Blood tour
5/19/2010Forbidden, Evile, Bonded By Blood tour
12/16/2009Evile announces new bassist
11/30/2009Overkill, Vader, God Dethroned, Warbringer tour
11/24/2009Kreator, Nachtmystium, Kataklysm, etc. tour
11/10/2009Evile tour dates (UK)
11/6/2009Evile auditioning bass players
10/6/2009Evile bassist dies in hospital
5/4/2009Evile recording new album
2/27/2009Evile prepares next release
1/20/2009Evile, Warpath, Mutant tour (UK)
12/8/2008Evile guitarist's jaw wired shut for two weeks
11/20/2008Evile guitarist breaks jaw, band cancels tour
9/18/20083 Inches Of Blood, Evile tour dates (Canada)
9/12/2007Evile, Sanctity tour (UK)
8/8/2007Evile tour dates (UK)
6/6/2007Evile records new album
10/18/2006Earache Records signs Evile