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Ether Coven

8/5/2022 Ether Coven debut latest video ft Howard Jones
7/12/2022 Ether Coven releases second single off of upcoming album
6/1/2022 Ether Coven sign with Good Fight Music, debut new single feat. Dwid of Integrity
11/30/2021 Ether Coven, Gillian Carter tour dates
7/30/2021 Ether Coven surprise release new EP
7/14/2021 Remembering Never and Ether Coven frontman shares update on cancer battle
12/9/2020 Ether Coven, Remembering Never vocalist's cancer in remission
8/15/2020 Ether Coven frontman issues update on cancer battle
3/3/2020 Remembering Never, Ether Coven frontman battling cancer
11/27/2019 Ether Coven announce new album, premiere lead single
11/17/2019 Ether Coven, Barishi co-headlining tour announced
5/7/2019 Ether Coven re-release LP, finishing up new album
11/13/2018 Ether (Remembering Never) signs with Century Media
4/18/2017 Ether (Remembering Never) debut video, set to release new LP

News Tidbits
6/30/2020 Ether Coven share new video
4/4/2020 Ether Coven debut new video
1/2/2020 Ether Coven (Remembering Never) unveil new track
12/12/2019 Ether Coven share new track
6/10/2019 new Lambgoat podcast episide featuring Mean Pete of Remembering Never, Ether Coven, Bishop
5/1/2013 Ether, featuring members of Remembering Never, has made their new album available for free download.

8/2/2022 Peter Kowalsky (Ether Coven, Remembering Never): Six Songs To Die With

6/10/2019 Pete Kowalsky of Ether Coven & Remembering Never

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