Erik Rutan news


4/7/2021Cannibal Corpse release play-through video for new song
10/12/2015Hate Eternal frontman Erik Rutan chooses Six Songs To Die With
10/1/2013Ephel Duath has debuted the first new song from their forthcoming release.


2/2/2021Cannibal Corpse replace guitarist, debut new track
10/30/2020Scour debut new track ft. Jason Momoa, Erik Rutan
6/3/2020Cannibal Corpse recording new album
5/7/2019Ether Coven re-release LP, finishing up new album
1/18/2019Cannibal Corpse recruits Erik Rutan for upcoming tours
8/14/2018Hate Eternal announce new album, premiere song
6/20/2018Misery Index recording new album
11/27/2017Black Fast set to record new album
9/7/2017Cannibal Corpse to release new album in November
1/10/2017Tombs begin recording new album
1/9/2017Morbid Angel recording new album, reveal drummer
6/16/2015Hate Eternal founder injures hand, band drops tour
3/26/2015Krisiun recording new album
1/20/2015Black Fast recording new album
10/15/2014Hate Eternal signs with Season Of Mist
3/17/2014Belphegor announces new album title, release date
1/3/2014Goatwhore to begin recording new album
11/12/2013Hate Eternal bassist announces 'Death Metal Xmas'
11/11/2013Tombs begin recording new album
10/19/2013Hate Eternal loses drummer; band writing new album
8/12/2013Rivers of Nihil announces debut album
12/18/2012Devourment set to release Relapse Records debut
12/10/2012Metal Blade Records signs Rivers of Nihil
10/11/2012Ephel Duath prepares new album
6/19/2012Devourment recording Relapse debut
4/7/2012Belphegor to record with Erik Rutan
3/26/2012Madball set to record new EP
1/16/2012Cannibal Corpse completes new album, debuts song
1/9/2012Goatwhore unveils album details, new song
11/28/2011Ephel Duath signs with Agonia Records
11/2/2011Willowtip Records signs Desecravity
9/6/2011Cannibal Corpse recording new album
4/21/2011Goatwhore prepares new album
3/7/2011Lecherous Nocturne set to record new album
12/22/2010Agnostic Front completes new album
11/8/2010Agnostic Front set to enter studio
11/4/2010Abysmal Dawn album set for release
10/6/2010Abysmal Dawn completes new album
7/23/2010Madball issues studio update
6/29/2010Infernaeon completes new album
6/24/2010Morbid Angel recording new album
6/22/2010Madball to release new album this fall
4/29/2010Malevolent Creation finishes next album
4/28/2010Pathology completes new album
4/2/2010Abysmal Dawn set to enter studio
3/23/2010Malevolent Creation set to record new album
2/22/2010Aeon completes new album
2/8/2010Pathology enters studio, adds new members
9/6/2009Annotations of an Autopsy records new album
8/27/2009Through The Eyes Of The Dead album update
7/20/2009Through The Eyes Of The Dead enters studio
4/22/2009Goatwhore set to release new album
4/22/2009Nile to enter studio in June
12/18/2008Through The Eyes Of The Dead update
9/5/2008Into The Moat finishes recording new album
6/25/2008Into The Moat recording new album
2/28/2008The Funeral Pyre records new album
1/25/2008The Funeral Pyre set to enter studio
10/8/2007Blind Prophecy Recs inks From Blood and Burning
10/5/2007Soilent Green signs w/ Metal Blade
6/25/2007Into The Moat news and notes
3/23/2007Through The Eyes Of The Dead reveals new singer
3/17/2007Demiricous set to enter studio
3/12/2007Through The Eyes Of The Dead seeks new singer
2/16/2007Vital Remains new album details
1/18/2007Vital Remains completes new album
1/16/2007Through The Eyes Of The Dead update
1/11/2007Infernaeon signs w/ Prosthetic Records
10/26/2006Vital Remains prepares new album
9/13/2006With Passion prepare to record new album
2/22/2006Goatwhore recording new album
7/20/2005The Binary Code prepare to record demo
5/4/2005The Absence finish recording new album
4/19/2005Hate Eternal complete new album
3/23/2005Metal Blade Records signs The Absence
2/21/2005Soilent Green complete new album
11/24/2004Soilent Green to record album in Jan.
9/15/2003Premonitions Of War set to enter studio
8/23/2002Premonitions Of War news and notes