Entombed news


7/9/2018This is one of my all-time favorite death metal albums (I still have it on cassette).
3/25/2017Firespawn (Entombed) is streaming a new track.
7/14/2014Another new Entombed A.D. song is available online.
5/27/2014Entombed A.D. has debuted the first new song from their upcoming album.
11/11/2013A new Entombed song has surfaced online.
5/23/2013Converge has released their "Pound For Pound: The Wolverine Blues Sessions" EP.
6/6/2007Candlelight Records has posted a track from the new Entombed album.


3/8/2021Entombed and Entombed AD vocalist LG Petrov dies
8/9/2020Entombed vocalist LG Petrov diagnosed with cancer
2/24/2019Entombed to release 'Clandestine - Live' in May
5/28/2018Dimmu Borgir announces new bassist
4/16/2018Entombed A.D. recording new album
11/20/2015Entombed A.D. announces new album 'Dead Dawn'
7/1/2015Century Media Records signs Firespawn (Entombed)
6/13/2015Deicide blasts Metal Alliance Tour organizers
6/7/2015Entombed AD kicked off Metal Alliance Tour
6/11/2014Prosthetic Records to release Black Trip album
5/14/2014Entombed A.D. announces new album
3/18/2014Akani (At The Gates, Merauder) announce debut
1/21/2014Entombed splits into two separate bands
9/25/2013Entombed: original lineup to perform w/ orchestra
9/2/2013Entombed signs with Century Media Records
9/2/2010Entombed announces line-up changes
2/10/2010Entombed, Merauder tour dates
8/17/2009Exclusive: Converge album details
7/16/2008Amon Amarth completes new album
3/30/2007Disfear set to record new album
3/21/2007Entombed joins Candlelight Records roster
3/2/2007Job For A Cowboy completes new album
11/30/2006Dismember and Grave tour cancelled
11/9/2006The Absence cancels tour, prepares new album
10/8/2006Death Breath part ways with bassist
8/21/2006Entombed, Dismember, Grave tour dates
11/30/2004Entombed, Crowbar, etc. tour
12/3/2003Disfear recruits Entombed guitarist
3/20/2002Scar Culture to tour N. America w/ Entombed