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5/27/2024 Emmure's Frankie Palmeri and Alpha Wolf's John Arnold end North American tour with shade
5/14/2024 Emmure, Xibalba, Peeling Flesh and more added to New England Metal & Hardcore Fest 2024
2/13/2024 Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri says he is done with Australia
2/10/2024 Darko US release new single "Bunny Suit" and share live in studio performance
1/31/2024 Alpha Wolf announce North American Spring tour with Emmure, Unity TX, and Chamber
11/24/2023 Emmure to tour Australia and Japan this coming February ft ten56. and Sailing Before The Wind
8/22/2023 We Came As Romans announce headlining run with Emmure, Bodysnatcher, and Archetypes Collide
5/12/2023 Fit For A King and Emmure announce Europe/UK run this fall w/ thrown and The Gloom In The Corner
3/14/2022 As I Lay Dying cancel European tour with Dying Fetus, Emmure
2/25/2022 Joshua Travis (Emmure, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza) Announces debut EP, shares new track
1/27/2022 Joshua Travis (Emmure, Glass Cloud, Tony Danza) shares debut solo single
10/8/2021 Impericon Never Say Die! Tour cancelled
9/3/2021 As I Lay Dying announce 'Two Decades of Destruction' European tour with Emmure, more
8/28/2021 Emmure drop off Rebel Rock Fest 2021
8/6/2021 Spite sign with Rise Records, add ex-Emmure drummer to band
7/28/2021 Emmure drummer Josh Miller quits band
6/27/2021 Emmure debut 'new' track
11/3/2020 Emmure on Patreon: 'We tried something and it failed'
11/2/2020 Emmure Patreon deactivated six months after launch
6/12/2020 Emmure name drop fellow bands in new track 'I've Scene God'
5/29/2020 Emmure debut track, to release new album in June
5/27/2020 Emmure to announce new album and release single on Friday
4/24/2020 Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis debuts new track
4/3/2020 Emmure and Chelsea Grin members launch new band Darko
3/13/2020 As I Lay Dying cancel European tour dates
3/13/2020 Emmure debut new song and video 'Gypsy Disco'
2/12/2020 Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri regrets previous lyrics
1/24/2020 2020 Rock USA festival lineup announced
12/18/2019 Inkcarceration Festival 2020 announced
12/17/2019 Emmure announce tour of Europe, UK, Russia
11/7/2019 Emmure frontman soliciting donations from fans to support band
11/1/2019 Emmure premiere new song 'Pigs Ear'
10/31/2019 Emmure to release new song tomorrow
10/22/2019 Hatebreed frontman to release new Jasta album in December
8/19/2019 Emmure recording new album
7/15/2019 As I Lay Dying, After The Burial, Emmure tour announced
1/6/2019 Emmure announces tour of East Asia
12/7/2018 Emmure, Rise Of The Northstar, Obey The Brave to tour Europe
11/2/2018 Emmure and Twiztid to co-headline 'New Years Evil'
8/8/2018 Emmure, Stick To Your Guns tour announced
6/1/2018 ex-Emmure band Painless releases debut single
5/28/2018 ex-Emmure members launch new band, preview music
4/9/2018 Aftershock Festival 2018 lineup announced
3/15/2018 Emmure adds Counterparts, King 810 to tour
3/5/2018 Impact Music Festival 2018 announced
2/16/2018 Attila vocalist and Emmure frontman go at it on Twitter
2/7/2018 Emmure announces headlining tour
12/4/2017 Carolina Rebellion 2018 lineup announced
11/1/2017 Emmure frontman launches record label, announces signing
9/12/2017 Thy Art Is Murder, Emmure, FFAA tour (Australia)
6/15/2017 Emmure, Deez Nuts, Chelsea Grin, more to tour Europe
5/24/2017 Lakeshore (ex-Emmure) signs with Outerloop Records
3/22/2017 Warped Tour 2017 lineup announced
3/14/2017 Emmure's new album debuts in Top 100
2/1/2017 Emmure co-founders launch new band, preview new music
1/13/2017 Emmure album set for release, new teaser online
12/16/2016 Emmure premiere new song, reveal album title
12/13/2016 After The Burial, Emmure, Fit For An Autopsy tour
12/13/2016 Emmure cancels European tour
12/9/2016 After The Burial, Emmure, Fit For A King tour
12/7/2016 So What?! Music Festival adds 12 bands
10/13/2016 Emmure announce new record label, premiere song
10/7/2016 Emmure, After The Burial, Fit For A King to tour Europe
8/15/2016 Emmure, Chelsea Grin to tour U.S. with Attila
8/2/2016 Emmure finishes recording new album
5/24/2016 Emmure, Attila added to Gathering of the Juggalos 2016
4/22/2016 Emmure debuts new lineup
12/23/2015 Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri issues statement
12/22/2015 Emmure members all quit band except vocalist
9/30/2015 Emmure drop off All That Remains, We Came As Romans tour
8/27/2015 All That Remains, We Came As Romans, Emmure tour
8/26/2015 Emmure set to tour Japan
7/28/2015 Emmure drummer working with electronic act
7/23/2015 Metal community reacts to passing of Justin Lowe
6/17/2015 Emmure frontman ailing; band cancels The Gathering
4/18/2015 Emmure added to Gathering of the Juggalos 2015
4/12/2015 Frankie Palmeri not healed; Emmure cancels tour
3/12/2015 Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri back in action
2/27/2015 Emmure frontman told not to scream for two weeks
2/24/2015 Emmure frontman tears vocal cord; show(s) canceled
1/23/2015 Emmure, Caliban, Thy Art Is Murder tour (Europe)
1/14/2015 Emmure names Adam Pierce as drummer
1/2/2015 South By So What?! 2015 lineup finalized
12/15/2014 South By So What?! 2015 announces more bands
12/9/2014 Suicide Silence, Emmure, Within The Ruins tour
11/26/2014 Sylar robbed in Montreal; all their money stolen
11/10/2014 Stray From The Path drops off Emmure tour
8/17/2014 Emmure, The Acacia Strain, etc. tour dates leak
8/13/2014 Emmure, The Acacia Strain tour is happening
7/15/2014 Emmure, The Acacia Strain tour in the works?
7/1/2014 Emmure drummer Mark Castillo quits band
7/1/2014 Aftershock Festival 2014 lineup finalized
5/27/2014 Emmure announces tour of Europe, Russia
3/31/2014 Mayhem Festival 2014 lineup revealed
3/19/2014 Emmure, Upon A Burning Body tour dates (Canada)
3/6/2014 2014 Mayhem Festival lineup leaks?
2/19/2014 Emmure co-founder slams Frankie Palmeri; lawsuit?
2/18/2014 Emmure announces new album
2/17/2014 Skate and Surf Festival 2014 lineup announced
1/30/2014 Never Say Never Fest 2014 lineup announced
1/7/2014 Emmure begins recording new album
1/7/2014 Emmure, Volumes, Thy Art Is Murder tour announced
12/21/2013 Emmure, Volumes, Thy Art Is Murder, Sworn In tour
12/17/2013 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest expands lineup
12/11/2013 2014 Extreme Thing Fest lineup announced
12/7/2013 Emmure set to begin recording new album
11/22/2013 South By So What?! 2014 announces more bands
9/18/2013 Emmure re-signs w/ Victory; new album out in 2014
9/16/2013 Ohio Metalfest lineup announced
9/15/2013 Wisconsin Metalfest lineup announced
9/11/2013 Asking Alexandria, ATR, For Today, Emmure dates
8/2/2013 Asking Alexandria, Emmure, For Today, etc. tour
7/31/2013 Emmure cancels show after tour bus fire
5/14/2013 Never Say Die! Tour 2013 (UK) announced
5/7/2013 Emmure singer Frankie Palmeri electrocuted onstage
4/11/2013 Emmure, Born of Osiris tour dates
3/18/2013 Mayhem Festival 2013 lineup announced
2/6/2013 The Ghost Inside, Emmure tour (Australia)
12/3/2012 Emmure, Chelsea Grin, Attila tour (Europe)
11/19/2012 Emmure, Whitechapel, Unearth, Obey The Brave tour
11/13/2012 Whitechapel, Emmure to co-headline U.S. tour
10/7/2012 Static-X drops off Emmure, Ill Nino tour
9/25/2012 Stillborn Fest 2012 announced
8/29/2012 Static-X, Emmure, Ill Nino tour dates
8/15/2012 Emmure, Static-X, Ill Nino tour
8/8/2012 Emmure's frontman addresses merch store closure
7/6/2012 Parkway Drive, Emmure, Word Alive tour (Europe)
4/24/2012 5FDP, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Emmure tour
3/9/2012 Winds Of Plague tour dates (Europe)
3/8/2012 Emmure tour (Europe)
2/23/2012 Recon set to release new EP
1/20/2012 Emmure re-signs with Victory Records
1/10/2012 Houston We Have A Problem Festival line-up
1/8/2012 Emmure recruits ex-BTBAM, BYD drummer
1/4/2012 Jamboree Music Festival (OH) details
1/3/2012 South By So What?! 2012 takes shape
12/19/2011 We Came As Romans, Emmure, Blessthefall tour
11/29/2011 Emmure prepares new album
11/9/2011 We Came As Romans, Emmure, Attila mini-tour
10/11/2011 Emmure kicks out drummer (drama forthcoming)
6/27/2011 Never Say Die! Tour (Europe) announced
5/12/2011 All Stars Tour 2011 dates announced
5/3/2011 All Stars Tour (Emmure, For Today) takes shape
2/1/2011 Emmure, Winds Of Plague, IWABO tour (Europe)
1/27/2011 Emmure seeks fans for video shoot
1/6/2011 Asking Alexandria, Emmure, Miss May I tour
11/16/2010 Emmure singer launches label, signs Monsters
9/2/2010 Emmure set to record new album
8/23/2010 Attack Attack!, Emmure, Of Mice & Men tour
6/28/2010 Hatebreed, Emmure tour dates (Canada)
5/18/2010 Never Say Die! Tour (Europe) announced
12/18/2009 Warped Tour to include DEP, Emmure, Whitechapel
11/19/2009 Emmure, Terror, After The Burial, etc. dates
11/9/2009 The Mosh Lives Tour II announced
9/21/2009 Emmure, Carnifex, etc. mini-tour (Mexico)
9/14/2009 Acacia Strain, Emmure singers trade blows
8/30/2009 Emmure, Caliban, After The Burial tour (UK)
7/21/2009 Emmure, Stick To Your Guns, Oceano tour
6/22/2009 Caliban, Suicide Silence, Maroon, etc. tour (EUR)
5/14/2009 Thrash and Burn Tour 2009 announced
5/1/2009 Emmure departures confirmed
4/11/2009 Emmure loses two members?
2/25/2009 Emmure prepares new album
2/18/2009 Emmure cancels Canadian dates
1/14/2009 Emmure, Winds Of Plague, Terror, etc. tour
12/8/2008 Massachusetts Winter Meltdown Fest info
11/19/2008 Unearth, Emmure, Impending Doom tour
8/20/2008 Emmure, Too Pure To Die tour dates cancelled
8/11/2008 Bury Your Dead, Emmure, etc. tour (Europe)
8/8/2008 Emmure, Too Pure To Die tour dates (Canada)
8/7/2008 Suicide Silence, Dillinger Escape Plan tour
7/28/2008 Hatebreed, Soilent Green, Emmure tour dates
5/29/2008 Emmure responds to Endwell tour dismissal
5/26/2008 Emmure, A Life Once Lost, Veil Of Maya tour
3/11/2008 Emmure, On Broken Wings, Ligeia, Recon tour
2/2/2008 Bury Your Dead, The Warriors, Emmure tour
1/21/2008 Misery Signals, August Burns Red tour (Europe)
12/30/2007 Darkest Hour, Cephalic Carnage, Emmure tour
11/19/2007 Emmure to record new album in January
10/1/2007 All Shall Perish, FASSW, Emmure, etc. tour
7/21/2007 Misery Signals, Agony Scene, Emmure tour
7/15/2007 Emmure, Carnifex, Unite And Conquer tour
7/7/2007 The Banner, Emmure, The Handshake Murders tour
5/16/2007 Emmure, xDeathstarx, Means tour
5/4/2007 Emmure, Farewell To Freeway dates
8/30/2006 Victory Records signs Emmure

News Tidbits
2/15/2021 Emmure released this album 10 years ago today
7/23/2020 Emmure premiere new animated video
5/11/2020 our interview with Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri is now live
3/23/2019 If our first podcast episode was too long for you, we just added timestamps to the video so you can check out key portions (like the Fronz and Frankie Palmeri beef).
4/23/2018 Emmure has released a new music video.
4/4/2018 Shark Infested Daughters have debuted a new single featuring Frankie Palmeri of Emmure.
4/1/2018 Ev0lution and Frankie Palmeri (Emmure) have responded to Attila with "Callout 3."
2/2/2018 Emmure has released a new video.
4/11/2017 Lakeshore (ex-Emmure) has premiered a new single featuring Karl Schubach (ex-Misery Signals) and Jessie Freeland (Tony Danza Tapdance).
3/21/2017 Lakeshore (ex-Emmure) is previewing a new song featuring Karl Schubach (ex-Misery Signals) and Jesse Freeland (The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza).
3/5/2017 Lakeshore (ex-Emmure) has unveiled their debut single.
3/3/2017 Emmure has unveiled a video for new song "Smokey."
2/16/2017 Emmure has unveiled a new song titled "Flag of the Beast."
6/16/2016 The Browning has debuted a new song featuring guest vocals from Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri.
4/30/2016 Pro-shot footage of an entire Emmure set featuring their new lineup is now online.
4/23/2016 Emmure currently appears to be Glass Cloud with Frankie Palmeri on vocals.
2/11/2016 Adam Pierce (ex-Emmure, ex-All Shall Perish) and Terra Lopez (Sister Crayon) have unveiled a new track.
12/23/2015 Emmure bassist: "If someone is bringing you down... it's time to cut them out, no matter how much you may love them."
3/10/2015 A new Gift Giver song featuring Frankie Palmeri of Emmure is now online.
1/28/2015 Jared Dines is back with some more alternative genre names, and this time he's got Emmure, Sworn In, and Beartooth in his sights.
1/19/2015 Emmure has premiered their new video for "A Gift A Curse."
12/31/2014 Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri says the metal and hardcore scene is "officially over f-cking saturated."
8/29/2014 Emmure and Frankie Palmeri almost had a feud going, this time with Upon A Burning Body, but Palmeri had to ruin it.
6/9/2014 Frankie Palmeri shows off his dance moves in the new Emmure video.
4/30/2014 Move over Emmure, Attila has a really classy shirt too.
4/29/2014 Emmure removes controversial t-shirt from merch website.
4/25/2014 Emmure's latest album, Eternal Enemies, has debuted at #57 on the Billboard 200 chart.
4/14/2014 Emmure's new album, Eternal Enemies, can now be streamed in its entirety.
4/7/2014 Emmure's new video for "Like LaMotta" has made its online debut.
4/3/2014 Another new Emmure song is available for streaming.
4/1/2014 Click here to see the lyrics to the new Emmure song that was originally titled "Bring A Gun To School."
3/18/2014 Another new Emmure song has made its online debut.
3/12/2014 Another new Emmure track has premiered online.
3/3/2014 Emmure has premiered a new song and music video.
2/26/2014 Has Emmure ditched their controversial new song title "Bring A Gun To School"?
2/25/2014 Emmure have released a teaser for their Enemy Lines DVD.
11/27/2013 Emmure dropped off their fall tour but didn't tell anyone due to "bullsh-t music politics."
10/30/2012 Ill Nino's new video for "La Epidemia" has made its online debut. The video (and song) features Frankie Palmeri of Emmure.
9/3/2012 Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri has relaunched his much-maligned Cold Soul clothing line.
7/9/2012 Emmure has unveiled their new video for "MDMA."
4/13/2012 Emmure has been added to this year's New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.
4/9/2012 Another new Emmure song has made its online debut (via lyric video).
3/26/2012 Emmure has premiered their new video for "Protoman."
3/7/2012 Emmure has debuted a song from their next album.
2/3/2012 Emmure's new performance video for "Drug Dealer Friend" is now online.
8/8/2011 Emmure's new video</
2/23/2011 Emmure's new album, "Speaker of the Dead," sold 10,530 copies in its first week, debuting at #65 on the Billboard 200.
2/9/2011 Victory has unveiled Emmure's new video for the song "Solar Flare Homicide."
1/20/2011 Emmure's new single, "Demons With Ryu," can be streamed here.
1/7/2011 Emmure has unveiled an audio clip from their upcoming full-length.
12/20/2010 Emmure's next album, "Speaker of the Dead," has been scheduled for a February 15th release via Victory Records.
8/28/2009 Emmure's new album, "Felony," sold roughly 8,000 copies in its first week, debuting at #60 on the Billboard 200.
8/13/2009 Emmure has posted another new song.
7/21/2009 Emmure has debuted a track from their forthcoming full-length.
4/25/2008 Another track from Emmure's forthcoming release is available online.
4/3/2008 Emmure has posted another song from their upcoming album.
1/22/2008 Bury Your Dead and Emmure will tour the East Coast and Midwest together in March. Dates are pending.
2/20/2007 Emmure has posted another song from their new album.
2/6/2007 Emmure has posted a track from their upcoming Victory Records release.

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