Ed Gein news


5/31/2010Ed Gein recently uploaded a new song.
1/25/2006New videos from Ed Gein and Animosity have been posted online.
10/12/2005Ed Gein have posted a track from their upcoming album (out on 11/1).
5/30/2005Ed Gein have posted a new song online.
8/19/2004All Else Failed and Ed Gein will be touring the US from November 20th until mid-December. For booking info, email this dude.
8/5/2004Ed Gein and Lickgoldensky will be touring the US from October 15th into November. Send an email here to book them.
5/15/2004Ed Gein will be recording their debut album for Black Market Activities in late-summer/early-fall.


4/11/2018Ed Gein calls it quits, new band launched
12/19/2016Ed Gein premiere new song, set to release EP
3/16/2010Ed Gein recording new album
2/19/2009Ed Gein regrouping after hiatus
10/27/2007Ed Gein working on new releases
5/23/2007Ed Gein, Genghis Tron, Gaza tour
2/13/2007Ed Gein and Phoenix Bodies tour (Europe)
10/22/2006Syracuse Halloween Bash info
8/10/2006Heavy Heavy Low Low, Ed Gein, The Banner tour
5/12/2006Lords and Ed Gein tour dates
1/21/2006The Number 12, Ed Gein, TTEOTD tour dates
12/8/2005Ed Gein shoot new video
12/2/2005Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Ed Gein tour
10/27/2005Reflux, Ed Gein, August Burns Red tour
8/18/2005Curl Up And Die, Ed Gein, Animosity tour
8/15/2005Ed Gein record new album
2/19/2005Ed Gein prepare new album
9/24/2004All Else Failed and Ed Gein tour
8/28/2004Lickgoldensky and Ed Gein tour
7/8/2004Anodyne and Ed Gein tour
6/9/2004Anodyne and Ed Gein booking tour
3/1/2004Ed Gein joins Black Market Activities roster
1/13/2004Ed Gein van, trailer, etc. stolen
11/11/2003Ed Gein mapping out winter tour
5/11/2003Ed Gein, The Minor Times summer tour
3/31/2003Ed Gein and The Minor Times tour
2/25/2003Ed Gein mapping out Spring tour
1/14/2003Ed Gein to release new EP later this year
11/23/2002Ed Gein & Found Dead Hanging tour schedule
7/17/2002Found Dead Hanging and Ed Gein tour
6/9/2002Ed Gein releasing seven inch in August