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Dying Fetus

3/15/2024 Dying Fetus to head to Europe over the Summer
1/23/2024 Dying Fetus announce headlining North American tour with Full Of Hell and more, release new video
1/7/2024 Dying Fetus joined onstage at FYA 2024 by Colin Young to perform Integrity cover
9/8/2023 Dying Fetus share visualizer of "Raised in Victory / Razed in Defeat"
9/7/2023 Eminem protégé Ez Mil talks death metal ambitions, names top 5 death metal bands
8/18/2023 Dying Fetus add Chamber and Gates To Hell, drop Tactosa from US Fall tour
8/10/2023 Dying Fetus share two 'Make Them Beg For Death' songs, listen to four tracks here
7/25/2023 Frozen Soul present Wrecking Ball Metal Madness event Halloween weekend in Texas
7/11/2023 Dying Fetus announce new album and headlining U.S. tour, share music video
3/15/2023 Dying Fetus present new single, share music video
2/3/2023 Dying Fetus share "Unbridled Fury" music video
1/9/2023 Dying Fetus & Suicide Silence co-headline Chaos & Carnage Tour 2023
10/19/2022 Dying Fetus to tour Europe with Nasty, Cabal, and Frozen Soul
9/2/2022 Dying Fetus share first new song in 5 years
7/6/2022 Knocked Loose, Dying Fetus, Terror, Omerta tour dates
4/25/2022 Dying Fetus to tour Europe, UK in June
3/14/2022 As I Lay Dying cancel European tour with Dying Fetus, Emmure
2/9/2022 Dying Fetus headlining North American tour with Chelsea Grin, Bodysnatcher, more
2/8/2022 ex-Misery Index, Dying Fetus guitarist Bruce Greig dies
1/3/2022 Dying Fetus prepare new album
9/3/2021 As I Lay Dying announce 'Two Decades of Destruction' European tour with Emmure, more
8/10/2021 Dying Fetus headlining fall tour with Terror, Brand Of Sacrifice
7/20/2021 Dying Fetus mini-tour
9/29/2020 Deeds Of Flesh return from hiatus with new album, single
2/19/2020 Dying Fetus announce headlining shows
10/3/2019 Dying Fetus track featured on new South Park episode
5/22/2019 Dying Fetus, Circuit Of Suns mini-tour
1/14/2019 Whitechapel, Dying Fetus, Fallujah announce tour
12/13/2018 Dying Fetus, I AM mini-tour
6/27/2018 Dying Fetus, Incantation, Gatecreeper tour
5/3/2018 Dying Fetus announces tour of Europe, UK
4/16/2018 Dying Fetus drummer exits tour
2/5/2018 Dying Fetus, Thy Art Is Murder, Enterprise Earth tour
1/22/2018 Texas Independence Fest 2018 announced
1/22/2018 New England Metal And Hardcore Fest 2018 takes shape
12/13/2017 Dying Fetus announces headlining mini-tour
9/12/2017 Dying Fetus, Code Orange, Twitching Tongues join Hatebreed tour
7/5/2017 Dying Fetus scores their best sales debut to date
6/6/2017 Summer Slaughter 2017 lineup announced
4/20/2017 Bay Area Death Fest 2017 announced
4/10/2017 Dying Fetus announces new album
2/22/2017 Dying Fetus finishes recording new album
2/6/2017 Hatebreed, Dying Fetus to tour Europe
4/29/2016 Full Terror Assault 2016 lineup finalized
3/7/2016 Metal Alliance Tour 2016 lineup, dates announced
2/25/2016 Metal Alliance 2016 lineup revealed
12/16/2015 Choosing Death Fest announced
6/28/2015 Knotfest 2015 lineup announced
4/9/2015 Dying Fetus announces European tour
7/11/2014 Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Malevolence tour (Europe)
5/2/2014 The Summer Slaughter Tour 2014 dates announced
4/24/2014 Summer Slaughter 2014 lineup announced
3/7/2014 Summer Slaughter 2014 to include Dying Fetus?
9/4/2013 Heaven Shall Burn, Dying Fetus tour (Europe)
8/19/2013 Denver Black Sky lineup announced
8/9/2013 Delaware Deathfest 2013 lineup announced
6/12/2013 Dying Fetus re-signs with Relapse Records
6/12/2013 Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Devourment, Abiotic tour
6/3/2013 Dying Fetus tour (Europe)
5/31/2013 Dying Fetus announces headline tour dates
3/4/2013 Dying Fetus frontman to fill in for Suffocation
11/28/2012 Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Dying Fetus tour
9/25/2012 Dying Fetus, Malignancy, Cerebral Bore tour dates
9/21/2012 Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation tour dates
9/13/2012 Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation, Cerebral Bore
6/18/2012 Dying Fetus, Job For A Cowboy tour (Europe)
5/31/2012 Relapse Records puts full catalog on Bandcamp
4/27/2012 Dying Fetus tour dates (Europe)
3/27/2012 Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, Revocation tour
3/26/2012 Dying Fetus album set for release
1/20/2012 The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Volumes tour dates
12/19/2011 The Faceless, Dying Fetus, JFAC, Volumes tour
12/14/2011 Metal Alliance Tour 2012 dates announced
12/9/2011 Dying Fetus recording new album
12/9/2011 Devildriver, Faceless, Dying Fetus, JFAC tour
5/6/2011 Dying Fetus to release covers EP
11/24/2010 Dying Fetus set to re-issue early albums
11/16/2010 Dying Fetus, Carnifex, AOAA tour (Europe)
8/31/2010 Dying Fetus tour (Asia)
8/10/2010 Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Vital Remains tour
6/4/2010 Dying Fetus, Origin tour dates (Europe)
5/5/2010 Napalm Death, Dying Fetus dates (Australia)
3/24/2010 Dying Fetus, Arsis, Misery Index, etc. tour
12/17/2009 Dying Fetus, Origin, Man Must Die tour (Europe)
9/25/2009 The Faceless, Dying Fetus to co-headline tour
7/25/2009 Dying Fetus shooting new video
4/27/2009 Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus tour (Europe)
4/22/2009 Dying Fetus begins work on new album
4/7/2009 Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus tour (UK)
7/31/2008 Kataklysm, Dying Fetus, etc. tour
7/21/2008 Kataklysm announces headline tour
7/17/2008 Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Veil Of Maya tour
6/6/2008 Summer Slaughter Canada dates
4/25/2008 Summer Slaughter Canada announced
3/15/2008 Obituary, Dying Fetus, Origin tour
2/12/2008 Dying Fetus tour (Europe)
11/9/2007 Year Of Desolation joins Dying Fetus tour
9/25/2007 Dying Fetus, Demiricous, The Absence tour
9/25/2007 Reign Of Vengeance adds ex-Dying Fetus drummer
7/25/2007 Dying Fetus replaces drummer
7/1/2007 Cephalic Carnage, Dying Fetus tour (Europe)
4/7/2007 Dying Fetus, Psyopus, Daath tour
2/28/2007 Dying Fetus completes new video
2/20/2007 Dying Fetus, Bloodshoteye, etc. tour (Canada)
2/17/2007 Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation tour (Europe)
9/28/2006 Dying Fetus begins recording new album
8/25/2006 Dying Fetus set to enter studio
8/20/2006 Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, etc. tour
5/25/2006 Dying Fetus announces new drummer
10/26/2004 Dying Fetus recruits John Longstreth for tour
10/5/2004 Dying Fetus dismiss vocalist
9/7/2004 Gwar, Dying Fetus, All That Remains dates
6/20/2003 Dying Fetus, Skinless, Misery Index tour
12/17/2002 Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal, etc. to tour

News Tidbits
1/29/2021 Entheos share Dying Fetus cover
4/1/2020 Dying Fetus share mini-documentary
8/9/2019 these death metal titans released their debut album 23 years ago this week
2/6/2018 Dying Fetus has released a new live video.
6/23/2017 Dying Fetus are "Death Metal Attorneys."
6/14/2017 Dying Fetus has premiered a NSFW video for their song "Die With Integrity."
6/13/2017 Dying Fetus is streaming a new track from their forthcoming album.
5/17/2017 Dying Fetus has unveiled a new song and video.
4/20/2017 Dying Fetus has debuted a new song and music video.
3/28/2017 Dying Fetus has released a teaser for their upcoming album.
5/4/2016 Dying Fetus scattered the ashes of a fan in the mosh pit during their show last night.
5/29/2015 So, a gynecologist is angry that there are festival posters with the name Dying Fetus on them in his town.
1/15/2013 Dying Fetus has unveiled their music video for "Second Skin."
7/19/2012 An unreleased Dying Fetus song has made its online debut.
6/16/2012 Dying Fetus' new video for "From Womb To Waste" can now be seen online.
5/22/2012 Dying Fetus has made a track from their new album available for free download.
5/10/2012 Dying Fetus has unveiled another song from their upcoming album.
4/17/2012 In-studio episode #1 from the making of Dying Fetus' new album is now online.
4/2/2012 Dying Fetus has premiered a song from their new album.
12/15/2011 Dying Fetus has titled their forthcoming album Reign Supreme.
7/23/2011 Dying Fetus' new limited edition mini-LP is currently streaming here.
7/6/2011 Dying Fetus has unveiled their cover of Napalm Death's "Unchallenged Ha
6/7/2011 Dying Fetus has uploaded their cover of Bolt Thrower's "Unleashed Upon Mankind."
1/6/2011 Dying Fetus has posted two re-mastered early tracks from their forthcoming reissues.
1/6/2010 Dying Fetus has premiered their video for "Your Treachery Will Die With You."
9/11/2009 Relapse has made the new Dying Fetus album available for streaming here.
8/28/2009 Yet another new Dying Fetus song is online.
8/20/2009 Dying Fetus has posted in-studio footage taped during recording sessions for their new release.
8/8/2009 Dying Fetus has uploaded another song from their next release.
7/17/2009 Dying Fetus has unveiled a track from their forthcoming album.
2/10/2007 Dying Fetus has posted a track from their upcoming album.

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