Drowningman news


7/28/2018Drowningman may or may not be playing a reunion show.
1/14/2018I just listened to this record for the first time in more than a decade. Still good.
12/21/2005Drowningman's cover of the Black Flag's "Loose Nut" has been posted.
10/21/2005Silent Drive, Drowningman, and The Hurt Process will be touring Europe together in March/April 2006.
7/1/2005A track from the upcoming Drowningman album is now online.
2/23/2005A new demo song by Drowningman is available here.
9/14/2004Following their dates with DEP, Drowningman will do some touring with Darkest Hour in the US before hitting Europe.


7/14/2014Drowningman reforms for select shows
5/10/2009Silent Drive drummer looking for work
4/9/2006Waiting For A Miracle (ex-Drowningman) seek singer
12/7/2005Simon Brody forming new band
11/15/2005Drowningman news and notes
10/10/2005Drowningman welcome former members
10/4/2005Drowningman, Fight Paris, etc. tour
9/14/2005Drowningman update
7/3/2005Drowningman loses drummer
5/20/2005Drowningman album and tour update
5/1/2005Drowningman, Minor Times, The # 12 tour
3/18/2005Drowningman to release material w/ Thorp
2/17/2005Drowningman record new demo
1/14/2005Drowningman news and notes
11/13/2004Drowningman writing album, recruiting member
10/11/2004Drowningman update
10/7/2004Drowningman guitarist quits the band
8/8/2004Drowningman news and notes
7/26/2004All Else Failed and Drowningman booking tour
7/24/2004Drowningman news and notes
5/30/2004More info on Drowningman's upcoming release
5/21/2004Drowningman back in action
4/28/2003Black Tie Knife Fight seeking bassist
4/21/2003The Scheme signs with Deathwish Inc.
2/11/2003Black-Tie Knife-Fight signs w/ Revelation
2/11/2003The Scheme (ex-Drowningman/Lifetime) news
12/2/2002The Scheme news, side-project, etc.
10/26/2002Update on ex-Drowningman band, Escapist
10/22/2002Simon Brody and The Scheme
7/24/2002Simon Brody (ex-Drowningman) forms band
7/20/2002Ex-Drowningman band searching for vocalist
7/10/2002The final word on the Drowningman break-up
7/9/2002Drowningman's Simon Brody speaks out
7/8/2002Drowningman breaks up, new band formed
6/16/2002Drowningman to release EP on Deathwish
5/7/2002Drowningman tour update, animal surgery
4/19/2002Drowningman solidifies U.S. tour schedule
3/31/2002Drowningman album notes and tour update
3/27/2002Drowningman gears up for month-long tour
3/11/2002Interesting new info from Drowningman
2/13/2002Drowningman enters studio for new LP
1/19/2002Drowningman news and notes
11/27/2001Drowningman working on new material
10/18/2001Drowningman looking for bassist
9/6/2001Drowningman off Converge tour
8/9/2001Converge & Drowningman to tour
7/24/2001Drowningman cancels several shows
6/7/2001Drowningman news and notes
5/10/2001Drowningman news and notes
4/19/2001Drowningman & Darkest Hour dates
2/3/2001Drowningman now back on track
1/26/2001Drowningman cancels mini-tour
1/16/2001Drowningman looking for drummer
1/16/2001Drowningman news & notes
1/9/2001Upcoming Drowningman dates
11/29/2000Drowningman and Twelve Tribes tour
11/13/2000Drowningman news and notes
9/12/2000New Glassjaw tour dates