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10/25/2021 Dragonforce announce North American tour with Battle Beast, Seven Spires
3/3/2020 Dragonforce drummer hospitalized with heart condition
9/16/2019 Kreator add ex-Dragonforce bassist to lineup
6/1/2016 Dragonforce to release 'Best Of' collection
5/20/2016 ex-Slipknot drummer launches new metal 'supergroup'
5/23/2015 Dragonforce DVD set for release
9/19/2014 Kamelot, Dragonforce announce North American tour
8/6/2014 Dragonforce confronted over allegedly bigoted past
6/3/2014 DragonForce announces new drummer
3/31/2014 Dragonforce announces new album; new song online
6/30/2012 Dragonforce, Huntress tour (Europe)
3/19/2012 Trivium, Dragonforce tour (South America)
3/7/2012 Dragonforce, Holy Grail, Huntress tour dates
2/2/2012 DragonForce announces new album
3/2/2011 DragonForce reveals new singer
6/22/2010 Dragonforce to release first-ever live album
3/9/2010 Dragonforce singer leaves band
9/13/2009 Dragonforce, Sabaton, Sylosis tour (UK)
6/11/2009 Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica tour
3/2/2009 Dragonforce tour announced
12/4/2008 Dragonforce, Slipknot among Grammy nominees
8/26/2008 Dragonforce, Turisas tour
6/3/2008 DragonForce set to release new album
4/16/2008 Dragonforce, Turisas tour (UK)
2/19/2008 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival dates
7/3/2007 Trivium, Shadows Fall, etc. tour (Europe)
12/23/2006 Killswitch Engage, Dragonforce, Chimaira dates
12/19/2006 Killswitch Engage, Dragonforce, Chimaira tour
8/30/2006 All That Remains and Dragonforce tour (UK)
8/11/2006 Dragonforce, ATR, Horse The Band tour
4/5/2006 Dragonforce sign w/ Roadrunner Records

News Tidbits
9/23/2019 Dragonforce debut new animated video
5/15/2017 Dragonforce has released a new song and music video.
5/3/2017 Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li: 'I thought metalcore was going to die years ago. It's 2017..."
8/7/2014 The writer who went after Dragonforce yesterday for their "racist, homophobic past" used to handle PR for Anal C*nt.
7/16/2014 Dragonforce is streaming a new song titled "Defenders."
6/18/2014 DragonForce has unveiled their new video for "The Game."
2/18/2012 A new Dragonforce song is available online.

8/7/2014 confronting Kim Kelly about her clients' racist, homophobic past

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