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Dr. Acula

7/25/2022 Varials announce headlining Fall tour
7/1/2022 Dr. Acula announce comeback album, premiere first single
6/29/2022 Dr. Acula sign with Silent Pendulum Records for release of new album
4/21/2022 Dr. Acula announce summer tour dates
3/5/2022 Dr. Acula prepare to release new album
9/15/2019 The World We Knew, Dr. Acula, Bela Kiss reunion show
11/12/2014 Victory Records signs Kissing Candice
10/25/2012 Dr. Acula breaking up
10/9/2012 Dr. Acula, Knuckle Up! tour dates (Canada)
9/19/2012 Dr. Acula adds two new members
8/17/2012 Dr. Acula singer quits band, rejoins My Bitter End
7/24/2012 Dr. Acula drops off tour due to illness
5/1/2012 Legend, Dr. Acula, Delusions, Bermuda tour
3/27/2012 Dr. Acula, Bermuda tour (Canada)
12/16/2011 Dr. Acula, Design The Skyline, Devastated tour
11/18/2011 Dr. Acula, Legion tour dates (Canada)
7/11/2011 Dr. Acula keyboardist quits band
4/1/2011 Aiden, Eyes Set To Kill, Dr. Acula tour
12/10/2010 Legend, Dr. Acula, Monsters tour dates
11/15/2010 Eulogy Recordings signs Life As A Ghost
7/27/2010 Victory Records signs Dr. Acula
7/8/2010 Dr. Acula, We Are Defiance, Ender tour dates
5/5/2010 Molotov Solution, Dr. Acula, I Declare War tour
3/9/2010 Attila, Dr. Acula, Blind Witness tour
12/22/2009 Dr. Acula loses three members
12/9/2009 ABACABB, Molotov Solution, Dr. Acula tour
8/8/2009 American Me, Dr. Acula tour
3/4/2009 Dr. Acula tour schedule
10/23/2008 Dance Club Massacre, Dr. Acula tour
7/29/2008 For Today, WDHR, Dr. Acula tour
5/21/2008 The Banner, The Hottness, Dr. Acula tour
4/15/2008 Liferuiner, Dr. Acula tour
4/11/2008 Uprising Records signs Dr. Acula

News Tidbits
6/9/2012 A new twenty-song Victory Records sampler is now online.
6/1/2012 The title track from Dr. Acula's upcoming album has made its online debut.
1/24/2012 Dr. Acula has unveiled their music video for "Party 2.0."
1/9/2011 Victory Records has debuted a track from the new Dr. Acula release.

10/26/2022 Rob Accardi (Dr. Acula): Six Songs To Die With

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