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3/13/2024 Deicide to debut new craft beer collab with 3 Flyods at Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest Philly
2/14/2024 Deicide deliver music video for new single "Sever The Tongue", announce new album 'Banished By Sin'
12/25/2023 Deicide drop "Bury the Cross...With Your Christ" video just in time for Christmas
7/18/2023 Deicide sign to Reigning Phoenix Music announce 13th album
7/4/2023 Deicide announce Summer European tour
5/7/2023 Deicide wrap up new album
2/16/2023 Deicide signs new record deal for new album
10/21/2022 Deicide officially start pre-production for their new studio album
3/14/2022 Deicide announce 'Legion' 30th anniversary North American tour
1/19/2022 Deicide part ways with guitarist Chris Cannella, announce replacement
10/22/2021 Deicide to embark on 30th anniversary tour for 'Legion' album
4/19/2021 Deicide, Kataklysm, Internal Bleeding tour announced
12/19/2019 Deicide announce tour of Latin America
7/19/2019 Deicide founding guitarist slams 'scum f-ck' Glen Benton
3/21/2019 Deicide, Origin, Jungle Rot tour dates announced
3/5/2019 Deicide, Origin, Jungle Rot to tour North America
2/15/2019 Deicide part ways with guitarist, announce replacement
7/13/2018 Deicide debuts first single from new album
6/28/2018 Deicide announces new album
6/6/2018 ex-Deicide, Obituary guitarist Ralph Santolla dies
5/31/2018 ex-Deicide, Obituary guitarist in coma after heart attack
2/4/2018 Deicide nearing completion of new album
12/28/2017 Trois-Rivieres Metalfest 2018 announced
3/10/2017 Deicide announces U.S. tour dates
2/28/2017 Six Feet Under announces new guitarist
11/21/2016 Deicide parts ways with guitarist
8/8/2016 Deicide frontman slams Corey Taylor and Slipknot
3/6/2016 Deicide announce 'In The Name Of Satan' tour
12/9/2015 Florida Metal Fest 2016 lineup announced
10/29/2015 Deicide announces 'Death In The Manger' tour dates
10/15/2015 Deicide announces 'Death In The Manger Tour'
6/15/2015 Lorna Shore drops off tour
6/13/2015 Deicide blasts Metal Alliance Tour organizers
6/10/2015 Metal Alliance Tour succumbs to financial issues
6/7/2015 Entombed AD kicked off Metal Alliance Tour
2/18/2015 Metal Alliance Tour 2015 lineup announced
8/10/2014 Deicide, Septicflesh, Inquisition announce tour
7/29/2014 Marduk: we are not touring with Deicide
11/1/2013 Broken Hope and Deicide "make amends"
10/23/2013 Broken Hope kicked off Deicide tour by Glen Benton
10/23/2013 Fan stabbed during Broken Hope show in Texas
9/23/2013 Deicide album set for release
8/22/2013 Deicide to release new album this fall
8/9/2013 Delaware Deathfest 2013 lineup announced
7/29/2013 Deicide, Disgorge, Necronomicon, Broken Hope tour
2/26/2013 Deicide nearing completion of new album
1/17/2013 Deicide, Destinity tour (Europe)
6/11/2012 Deicide tour dates
8/12/2011 Deicide, Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams tour
2/15/2011 Belphegor to miss portion of Deicide tour
2/1/2011 Deicide, Belphegor, The Amenta tour (Europe)
12/2/2010 Deicide album set for release
9/29/2010 Deicide, Blackguard, Neuraxis, Pathology tour
8/27/2009 Deicide, Jungle Rot, Desolation tour
1/6/2009 Deicide signs with Century Media Records
12/12/2008 Deicide, Vital Remains tour
5/27/2008 Glen Benton (Deicide) to resume touring
9/13/2007 Deicide recording new album
5/25/2007 Deicide parts with guitarist
11/9/2006 Deicide victims of vandalization before show
10/30/2006 Deicide completes filming DVD
10/23/2006 Deicide cancels Canadian tour dates
9/20/2006 Deicide tour (Europe)
9/14/2006 "Death Metal Music" on Discovery Channel tonight

News Tidbits
12/23/2020 Deicide launch new hot sauce 'Devil's Dick'
9/14/2018 Deicide releases new music video
8/10/2018 Deicide has unveiled a new track.
12/4/2013 Deicide has debuted their new music video for "End The Wrath Of God."
11/1/2013 Another new Deicide song is available online.
9/30/2013 Deicide has debuted the title track of their forthcoming album.
1/2/2013 Shadow Society, featuring members of Deicide and Into Eternity, have issued their first single.
8/30/2012 Rachel Maddow talks death metal on MSNBC.
2/12/2011 Deicide's new full-length is available for streaming here.
5/9/2008 Deicide's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
4/17/2008 Deicide has posted another track from their new album.
2/22/2008 Deicide has uploaded a song from their upcoming album.
12/18/2006 Deicide's live video for "Desecration" is now online.
12/8/2006 A trailer for Deicide's upcoming DVD release is available online.
7/3/2006 A clip from the upcoming Deicide release is now online.
3/21/2006 Deicide have been kicked off the European Hellfest due to French grave desecrations bearing the name of a Deicide song. Um, ok.
12/13/2005 A preview of Deicide's upcoming DVD release has been posted.

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