Death Before Dishonor news


2/25/2020Death Before Dishonor issue new video
9/25/2019Death Before Dishonor share new video
7/24/2009Death Before Dishonor's new record can now be streamed in its entirety.
7/9/2009Another new Death Before Dishonor song is available online.
6/28/2009Another new Death Before Dishonor track has been uploaded.
6/10/2009Death Before Dishonor has debuted a song from their upcoming album.
12/17/2008Death Before Dishonor is currently writing a new album.
5/30/2007Death Before Dishonor's new album "Count Me In" sold 1,193 copies in its first week, good for #61 on the Billboard New Artist chart.
5/10/2007Death Before Dishonor has posted another song from their upcoming album.
3/27/2007Death Before Dishonor has posted a track from their upcoming EP.
10/31/2006An ecard for Death Before Dishonor's new album has been posted.
12/3/2004A new Death Before Dishonor MP3 is available here. The track will appear on their upcoming album, which will hit sto


1/27/2020Madball, Death Before Dishonor tour dates
6/15/2019Death Before Dishonor premiere first single from new album
5/20/2019Death Before Dishonor announce new album
2/7/2019Black N' Blue Bowl 2019 announced
12/6/2018Madball, Death Before Dishonor mini-tour
3/4/2015Death Before Dishonor cancels U.S. tour
1/17/2015Death Before Dishonor, Cross Me announce U.S. tour
1/7/2015New England Metal Fest 2015 adds 27 more bands
9/29/2014Madball, Turnstile, Take Offense, etc. tour dates
1/14/2014Ringworm, Death Before Dishonor announce U.S. tour
12/18/2013Today's Mixtape Festival 2014 lineup announced
12/9/2013Tough Love Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
11/19/2013Death Before Dishonor, Betrayal, Seeker tour
12/4/2012Magic City Hardcore Festival lineup announced
10/20/2011Death Before Dishonor prepares new album
10/19/2011Casey Jones, Death Before Dishonor, Hundredth tour
11/28/2010Death Before Dishonor, Mongoloids tour (Europe)
11/12/2010Death Before Dishonor, Casey Jones dates
10/27/2010Death Before Dishonor seeks new bassist
9/29/2010Death Before Dishonor tour schedule
9/24/2010Strife, Death Before Dishonor mini-tour
2/22/2010Death Before Dishonor, Death Threat tour
1/25/2010Evergreen Terrace, Death Before Dishonor tour
1/4/2010Death Before Dishonor tour (Latin America)
8/4/2009Death Before Dishonor, Reign Supreme dates
6/4/2009Death Before Dishonor limited EP announced
4/15/2009Death Before Dishonor, This Is Hell tour dates
3/25/2009Bridge Nine re-signs Death Before Dishonor
3/19/2009Death Before Dishonor tour (Europe)
3/13/2009Death Before Dishonor recording new album
12/10/2008Death Before Dishonor dates (Japan)
4/17/2008Death Before Dishonor tour (Europe)
1/4/2008Madball, Death Before Dishonor tour (Australia)
8/21/2007Death Before Dishonor, Damnation AD, Unholy
8/6/2007Death Before Dishonor, Have Heart tour dates
4/28/2007Madball, Death Before Dishonor tour (Canada)
4/12/2007Death Before Dishonor, Black My Heart, COA tour
4/11/2007Death Before Dishonor shoots video
4/7/2007Modern Life Is War, Death Before Dishonor tour
2/6/2007Death Before Dishonor, Casey Jones dates
2/2/2007Death Before Dishonor completes new album
12/15/2006First Blood, Dead Hearts, DB4D, etc. tour
11/20/2006Death Before Dishonor, Dead Hearts, etc. tour
10/11/2006Ramallah, Death Before Dishonor European tour
10/1/2006Death Before Dishonor, No Turning Back tour
9/2/2006Death Before Dishonor update
5/15/2006Terror, Death Before Dishonor, TTEOTD tour
4/26/2006Terror and Death Before Dishonor tour
12/5/2005Death Before Dishonor and Ramallah tour
10/4/2005Integrity, Death Before Dishonor tour
6/19/2005Death Before Dishonor side-project
6/6/2005Death Before Dishonor recruiting guitarist
4/13/2005Blacklisted, Death Before Dishonor tour
10/7/2004Ringworm and Death Before Dishonor tour
9/1/2004Bridge Nine signs Death Before Dishonor
3/3/2003Death Before Dishonor and Nourish The Flame split