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Dead Cross

6/12/2020 Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer) debut Black Flag cover
12/5/2019 Dead Cross recording new album
11/5/2019 Dave Lombardo makes film score debut
9/12/2019 Dead Cross, Retox guitarist Michael Crain battling cancer
1/11/2019 Mike Patton to sing National Anthem at NFL playoff game
5/2/2018 Dead Cross releases new EP, stream available
2/22/2018 Dead Cross to tour Europe
8/22/2017 Mike Patton 'hurt' in 'accident', Dead Cross cancels show
8/16/2017 Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer) detained by police
5/22/2017 Dead Cross announces their first North American tour
4/23/2017 Dead Cross (ex-Slayer, Faith No More) debut LP set for release
4/19/2017 Riot Fest 2017 lineup take shape
3/15/2017 Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer) completes debut album
12/12/2016 Mike Patton joins Dead Cross (ex-Slayer, The Locust)
11/20/2015 Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo in new punk band Dead Cross

News Tidbits
12/24/2020 Dead Cross premiere new video
11/21/2017 A new Dead Cross video has made its online debut.
8/24/2017 Video: Jello Biafra and Dead Cross team up to perform "Nazi Trumps F*ck Off."
7/31/2017 Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer, The Locus) is streaming their debut album.
7/24/2017 Dead Cross has debuted a new song and video.
6/18/2017 A new Dead Cross (ex-Slayer, Faith No More, The Locust) song is available online.
5/4/2017 A new Dead Cross (Faith No More, ex-Slayer) song is now online.
3/17/2017 The first new Dead Cross track featuring Mike Patton is available online.
3/18/2016 The first official recording from Dead Cross (ex-Slayer, Retox, etc.) is now online.
12/28/2015 Here's a preview of new music from Dead Cross, featuring Dave Lombardo.

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